How to put Music inside ROBLOX?

Discover How to Put Music on ROBLOX

Maybe you did not know that in ROBLOX there are more than 2 million songs that you can listen to as in your favorite games. The platform hides many secrets and here we are going to tell you how to get music inside ROBLOX with our simple step-by-step guide.

Before you start you should know that if you have not listened to these songs until now, it is because to activate them you need the IDs of each of them.

⭐ Find out what an ID is within ROBLOX

The IDs or identifiers are numbers that are used to classify the different songs hidden within ROBLOX. In some games there is the possibility of being able to put music in and play in the background while having fun with your favorite game. If you have ever approached a music player within the game, you will have noticed that it asks you for a code. Well! Well, this is the ID that must be located, copied and written within this place. For this you will only need to have a radio or find a world where it is available to all players.

⭐ How to put Music inside ROBLOX?

In the following step-by-step guide you will discover that putting music into the game is easier than it seems. Remember that you can always consult it again if at any time you forget these steps.

Find the music inside ROBLOX

This step is very simple. Log into your ROBLOX account and go to the CREATE option in the top menu.

Once inside the «Library» you must select the option «Sounds» which is at the end of the list within Category. If you can’t find the Audio Library, don’t worry, at Mundoblox we have prepared a link so as not to complicate your life.


Select the Music you want to listen to in ROBLOX

You can then choose the songs you want to listen to in your ROBLOX games. Use the search engine to find songs faster so you don’t waste time browsing through the millions of tabs that exist.

The ROBLOX community is very large and most of the songs available are in English. The reason is easy to understand, the video game being developed in the United States makes it have a large base of songs in this language. However, if you do an intense search you will discover your favorite songs in Spanish.

Copy the ID or identifier of the music in ROBLOX

The next step is very simple, once you choose the song you want you have to copy the ID code of the chosen song. To make this process easier, we show you an example.

In the following image you will see that in the address bar there is a URL with the following address:


If you notice, all the URLs within the Audio Library have the same structure. So the ID is the numbering between the library / and / song_name.

Select the ROBLOX Music ID and copy it into the game. For this you will need an essential element and it is none other than the radio.

How to buy the Radio within ROBLOX?

In ROBLOX it is extremely necessary to have a radio to be able to enter the identifiers of each of the music that exists within the game. You should bear in mind that the radio is priced at 300 ROBUX in the game. Although do not worry, we have prepared a complete guide on how to get Free Robux Easily that will help you to be able to buy the radio in the blink of an eye.


Enter the code or ID on the radio to listen to music on ROBLOX

Some games within ROBLOX have the radio built- in by default and we can use it for free. So we just have to enter the copied ID as explained in the previous step and start dancing. Use dance commands to be the coolest Avatar in ROBLOX!

⭐ List of the BEST Music within ROBLOX

Here is a complete list of the most popular songs within ROBLOX royalty-free. So you can listen to them completely free of charge while having fun with your friends.

Name Song ID ROBLOX music
Pew 2578125671
You’re WeLcome 2232185283
you gonna be sorry 2733053836
Old Town Road 2862170886
dat boi [600+ SOLD!] 410806544
Maroon 5 – Payphone 131396974
We got to have… money .. 130763583
Ya Na Koto Ni Wa Genki-Dama !! 3291366970
Roomie-It’s Muffin Time [9,000+ Takes!] 190475759
I’M BEAN, MR. BEAN SONG 947518032
Albert Screaming (ALBERT SAW THIS!) 2562510225
This is Halloween REMIX 517273860
Lady Gaga – Applause 130964099
ZEROTWOOOOO 3951847031
Marshmello – Alone 413514503
Let it go 189105508
Clean Bandit ft. Demi Lovato – Solo remix 2106186490
Starring star 3624423117
It’s Raining Tix [Remix] 398475084
Smosh – Milky Milkshake 3333+ takes! 142422036


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