How to add an exponent inside Word | Fast guide

The Word word processor contains multiple tools that make it easier for us to create and edit the documents we work with, whether it consists of writing a simple text, or going further by including dates in this program , times, images, graphs, equations, symbols and much more.

How to Add an Exponent Inside Word | Fast guide

That’s right, in Word you can also work on numbers and mathematics without problems, however, not everyone knows the shortcuts and ways to include these elements in a document. Therefore, thinking of those who require a little help to manage all the Word options, today Learn How to Do It brings you this guide to add exponents.

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  1. Where are exponents commonly used?
  2. What are the ways to put an exponent inside Word?
    1. Try an equation for math formulas
    2. Write it from your computer keyboard
    3. With the Superscript function in the font section
  3. How to create a shortcut to place some exponent?
  4. How do I change the color of the exponent?


Where are exponents commonly used?

When working with documents that include mathematical, geometric, square or cube root , and graphic operations, among others, the use of equations and exponents is very common, so it is necessary to handle Word perfectly.

What are the ways to put an exponent inside Word?

As it happens with many Word tools, there is more than one option to add them in the document , from the toolbar, combining keys or using functions you can put the exponents that are necessary.

Try an equation for math formulas

To the right of the Insert section on the ribbon is a Symbols field with a button for Equation , from which Word allows you to insert mathematical equations.

A list of built-in equations is displayed by pressing the bottom of this button. In the same way, at the end of the list is the option Insert new equation , with which you can add only the exponent you are looking for, such as adding cubic meters , for example, as well as functions, matrices, fractions and other elements that will allow you to create your own fractions.

Write it from your computer keyboard

It is also possible to add the box for equations by combining some buttons on the computer keyboard. For this to be possible, you must press the ALT+ =y, or ALT+ = keys , depending on the version of  Microsoft Word program you have installed.

With the Superscript function in the font section

In the font section at the start of Word , from which you can change the writing style, color, underline words, among other options, you can also put exponents.

To do this, press the Superscript or Superscript button and continue typing the exponent. This function needs to be active for exponents to be written. To deactivate it, you just have to press it again and you can continue writing normally.

How to create a shortcut to place some exponent?

Activating the superscript is also possible through keyboard shortcuts from the Insert Symbol section in the ribbon of the Word toolbar. First, we must display the symbols. We will see a small box where the employees are recently. In the lower area of ​​the box we will also see the option to insert r More symbols .

Pressing will pop up a window with all the symbols available in the Word program, where you can configure the font of each symbol, add special characters and even change the subset. There it is necessary to select the option of superscripts and subscripts. This will be added to the symbol box.

The next step would be to go to the keys button, at the bottom left of the window. This will bring up another window where you can designate a key combination to create a shortcut . After filling in the boxes with the keys and assigning, the shortcut will be created and ready to be used when the time is right.

How do I change the color of the exponent?

Changing the color of the exponent may help to make it stand out, or may be necessary depending on the document you are working on. Doing so is also extremely easy, from the Font space on the ribbon.

At the bottom right there is a button with the letter A underlined with the font color we are using. To change the font color of the exponent, we just have to select it on that button before pressing the superscript. This way, when you add it, it will be the assigned color.

Another way to do it is to select the exponent with the mouse after having added it and change its color in the small options window that is displayed before this action, thus achieving the desired exponent.


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