Why is your Instagram profile active when you’re not inside?

The ‘Active Status’ feature has been added to the Instagram platform so that people who follow you can see when you are connected to Instagram. With this type of information, other users will be encouraged to write to you and they will also know if they can write to you at that moment.

However, while this feature is beneficial in some ways , for other people it turns out to be a complete nuisance. In short, we’ll show you how to stop your profile from showing on ‘Active Status’, how to solve all the problems to turn off ‘Active Status’ and the best way to set up ‘Active Status’ on your Instagram.

Why is your Instagram Profile Active When You’re Not Inside?

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  1. What happens to your Instagram account so that it shows that you are logged in when you are not?
    1. You have not closed the application correctly
    2. Updates have internal issues
    3. The platform registers problems
  2. How can you solve it effectively from your mobile application?
    1. Clear cache
    2. Force stop the app
    3. restart your cell phone
    4. Uninstall Instagram
  3. What is the way you can configure Instagram to hide your last connection?
    1. with the app
    2. From the official website

What happens to your Instagram account so that it shows that you are logged in when you are not?

Through social networks you can do many things thanks to the fact that the platform has impressive functions. However, one of the most used and prominent features of this platform is sending messages . Along with sending messages, the ‘Active Status’ feature was added.

It is possible that you have previously disabled the ‘Active Status’, but now you have realized that the said function is working and is active. This can happen for various reasons associated with the app . Some of these problems turn out to be complex and others are easier to fix.

You have not closed the application correctly

When the Instagram application is working in the background, it is as if it did not close. So, it is normal for your Instagram profile to appear in an active state when you leave the app working in the background. To close it you have to press the button on the mobile that shows you all the open applications and then close the Instagram app.

Updates have internal issues

Some of the Instagram updates have had some glitches in the past and the same is happening at present. That is why due to some internal problems in the app, the ‘Active Status’ is possibly not working as it should. However, to fix this fault you can’t do anything other than try to get a fresh installation of the application.

The platform registers problems

Some time ago the Instagram servers had failures and none of the users could access their accounts. Due to some failure in the servers of the Instagram platform, perhaps the deactivation of the ‘Active Status’ of Instagram is not enabled and works as it should.

It should be noted that if you do not have an Instagram account or want to create another, you can create an Instagram account using a mobile or a computer .


How can you solve it effectively from your mobile application?

The issue with disabling ‘Active Status’ on Instagram can be fixed in a number of ways. Now, there is nothing to worry about because these solutions are relatively simple and can be used by any type of person regardless of whether they know how to use their mobile well.

Clear cache

Cache data sometimes causes errors in the execution of some processes within the application and when this happens you have to delete such data . To delete Instagram cache data, you have to enter the mobile settings and go to the ‘Applications’ section.

Being there in the ‘Applications’ section you will look for the Instagram app. When you find it, press it to see its settings and click the option that says ‘Clear cache data’. By clicking there, this data will be deleted immediately and any failure that the application had would be solved instantly.

It should be noted that once you have solved this ‘Active Status’ problem, you will be able to explore the extra features of Instagram . One of these extra functions is to share Instagram Reels in stories .

Force stop the app

By forcing an application to stop, it ends each of the processes it was running and then starts them again. With this, some of the failures that could be present in an app are solved. To force stop an application, you must enter its settings and look for the ‘Applications’ section.

Within the ‘Applications’ section you will look for the Instagram app, when you find it, click on it and click the ‘Force stop’ option. By clicking there, the Instagram application will close and start again. The only thing you would need to do is now check the application to see if the problem has been solved.

restart your cell phone

After you have tried to do the aforementioned and not get good results, you will have to try at least two more things , which are: ‘Restart the mobile’ and ‘Uninstall the application’. Restarting the phone will refresh it and if you have problems working with some applications, this problem will also be fixed immediately.

Uninstall Instagram

In the event that even restarting the mobile does not solve the problem with Instagram, the best thing you can do is uninstall the application and reinstall it from the Play Store . Another thing you can do is update the Instagram app on your Android mobile or else on your iOS mobile.

If, due to things in life, you do not have a mobile or it has been damaged, you can choose to download the Instagram application compatible with Windows. Also, you can use Instagram with your PC from the official page of the platform.

What is the way you can configure Instagram to hide your last connection?

Another of the problems for which the ‘Active State’ is enabled, could be because you have not disabled it . Perhaps, when you were going to deactivate your internet connection it was not good, your mobile did not save the changes or you never pressed the ‘Deactivate’ option to disable the ‘Active status’.

In that case, all you have to do is find a way to disable this feature again. If you do not know how to do it, you should not worry at all , since in a few moments we will explain how to deactivate this function.

with the app

To deactivate this option from the application, you have to open the Instagram app, log in and then, while in the main window , press the icon with the three little lines or enter the ‘More options’ section. Now, pressing that icon will display several extra options.

Within those options there must be one called ‘Settings’, when you find it, click on it and then look for one called ‘Active status’. By clicking on the ‘Active status’ option, you can decide to deactivate this function and if it is deactivated you can activate it again.

From the official website

From the official page, the process to carry out is almost the same. Log into your Instagram account, find the settings section and look for the ‘Active Status’ section. Now, go in there and turn off that type of status so that other people can’t see when you go online on Instagram.

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