How to put two videos together inside CapCut

In social networks, the videos that many users upload to share predominate, the CapCut application being the tool par excellence to edit these videos like a professional. In the article we tell you everything about how you can put two videos together within the App.

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  1. What factors must be taken into account to join two videos with CapCut?
    1. The resolution and light of each video
    2. The length of the videos
    3. CapCut Compatible Formats
  2. What is the procedure to put two videos on split screen with CapCut?
    1. Add a video
    2. Add an overlay
    3. Adjust videos to the desired size and style
  3. Where is the final result of the video checked?

What factors must be taken into account to join two videos with CapCut?

CapCut video editor tool is a very important application to edit two quality videos and play them simultaneously. But you must take into consideration certain factors to carry out this procedure.

The resolution and light of each video

The final finish of the video is essential and has to do in part with the resolution and light of the clip. These two factors can be adjusted . Therefore, while editing the video make sure to apply the necessary changes to choose the appropriate brightness that you can get in the options of the Settings bar. And when you have the video almost ready, choose the resolution, which is convenient to choose the highest resolution, that way you get to raise the quality of the video .

The length of the videos

Putting two videos together within CapCut is ideal, but you should take into account that when joining the two clips, they do not exceed the duration limit of the social network where you will publish it. However, there is no need to worry, you can modify this with the CapCut application. When editing, you view the timeline of the videos and proceed to trim , using the buttons located in the toolbar located at the bottom. This is how you adjust the duration of both videos.

CapCut Compatible Formats

If you still do not have the CapCut App, proceed to download it on Google Play, since with this video editor tool you can modify the formats of the videos, in such a way that it is compatible with any app, where you can reverse the orientation of a video . To do this, click on the Format section, choose the same one and modify it to vertical or square.

What is the procedure to put two videos on split screen with CapCut?

To carry out the action of joining two videos on a split screen with the CapCut tool is very easy, but like any procedure it must be carried out by following a series of steps that we will instantly show you:

Add a video

You open the CapCut application , click on New project to create one or choose one that you have in your gallery, be it photos or videos. Then, you make the selection of the content to upload and touch the Add option. Next, you go to the toolbar options and choose Overlay and then Insert Overlay. You apply the settings on the screen and finish the process.

Add an overlay

The first step is to open the application, select the video and click Add. Then, you go to the buttons on the bottom bar and tap on Overlay and choose the Add Overlay option . You will have the option to choose the next video that you will upload over the other video and click on Add.

You will be able to see both videos, you go to the arrow and click on Format, you proceed to make the changes in that section. The result will show you the reason why CapCut is one of the best video editing programs .

Adjust videos to the desired size and style

Using the settings bar you can adjust the first video to a desired size by clicking on Crop. Then you do the same procedure when overlapping the second clip. That way, you make sure to adjust the dimensions of both videos well so that they fit together.

Where is the final result of the video checked?

This is the part that everyone wants to see, it is important to check the final product of the edition. To do this, you go to the arrow icon and click on it to Export . Depending on the length of the video and its content, this action may take a while. On your screen you will see when it has been exported. It only remains to open the video in your gallery and see the finished video with all the settings applied.


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