Is euthanasia a sin? What does the Bible say about assisted suicide?

The Bible says that killing is a sin ( Exodus 20:13 ). This includes euthanasia and assisted suicide. Human life is sacred and must be protected. Killing someone is not an act of mercy, even when the person wants to die. Promoting death is wrong ( Genesis 9: 6 ).

Does the Bible talk about euthanasia?

The Bible speaks of a case of euthanasia, in which one person killed another to avoid indignity. King Saul had lost a battle and asked an Amalekite to kill him, so as not to fall into the hands of his enemies. But when the Amalekite told David that he had killed Saul, David had the Amalekite executed because he had committed a grave sin ( 2 Samuel 1: 5-16 ).

Taking someone’s life is an affront to God. He loves each person; all are created in His image and likeness. Death is a tragic event, the result of sin in the world ( Romans 6:23 ). Only God has the right to take the life of an innocent person. To take someone’s life is to put oneself like God.

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And when is the person suffering?

Suffering is a very difficult situation and has no easy answers. But taking life is not the solution. All human life is precious, even the life of a person who is suffering or in a coma. In the Bible, God let Job suffer so much that he wanted to die. But Job never tried to take his life, because he knew it was wrong ( Job 2: 9-10 ).

There are many ways to alleviate people’s suffering at the end of their lives. Killing is not the solution. If the person is not saved, then to take his life will be to send him into eternal suffering! For many, euthanasia is not an act of mercy.

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The danger of euthanasia

A big question of euthanasia is: how to define the limits? There are many difficult questions:

  • Who decides when suffering becomes unbearable?
  • Who decides when a life is no longer valuable?
  • If the person cannot communicate, how can another person decide whether to die?
  • If we can kill people in distress, can we kill other people with “inferior” quality of life (elderly, physically or mentally disabled, poor …)?

The real problem with euthanasia is that it teaches that it is acceptable and even noble to kill innocent people. This is a lie. It seems like a small matter but that kind of thinking is extremely dangerous.


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