How To Remove Silicone From Hands;5 Proven Tips

Here’s how to remove the silicone from your hands.It is normal that when you work with silicone, remains stick to your hands. And it can be very uncomfortable if we do not remove it in time.In this post we show you how to remove silicone from your hands, with some homemade tricks so that you do not spend money on expensive products and you can do it quickly and safely. Silicone dries completely in about 24 hours.

How To Remove Silicone From Hands;5 Proven Tips

Silicone is one of the most used materials when making crafts , as well as in various DIY tasks, since what it offers is undoubtedly very interesting. Today we tell you how to remove silicone from your hands , which can be a hassle in many cases but is not as complicated as it seems.

It is widely used in schools to make crafts, although it is not convenient for children to handle it directly, they should always be supervised by an adult. Without a doubt it is a very versatile and interesting product.

Homemade tricks;How to remove the silicone from your hands.

With a handkerchief.

One of the best ways to remove silicone from your hands is by using a tissue , or a sheet of absorbent paper. Ideally, do it as soon as the silicone reaches your skin, so it will be easily removed. Throw the paper away quickly to prevent the silicone from reaching more parts of your skin, clothes, the ground, etc.Silicone is a very sticky material , so try to remove as much of it as possible with each pass and do not pass the same side of the paper twice in the same place.

With plastic.

Another way to remove the silicone from your hands when it is fresh is to use a plastic bag, rubbing the skin with it like a towel . As the silicone is still wet, it will stick to the bag easily, so you can get rid of it effectively. When you’re done, wipe your hands with a tissue or wash them to remove any residue.

With acetone.

If the silicone from your hands is already dry, one of the most effective methods to remove it is to use acetone, moistening absorbent paper with it and then wiping it over the area where the silicone is. Rub the dry silicone lightly , only on it as the skin can be dried with acetone. Wash your hands with soap and water when you’re done.

With a hair dryer.

Another way to remove the dried silicone from your hands is the hair dryer, since its air makes it soften and you can easily remove it. Select the lowest heat level of the dryer and move it a certain distance over the areas with silicone, increasing the power progressively but without reaching the maximum . When you notice the hot silicone you can rub with a sponge to remove it, and then wash your hands with soap and water.


This stone is an excellent material for treating the skin, and in this case it will come in handy to remove dry silicone as it performs a very effective sanding , although you must be careful not to damage the skin. Rub in the areas where there is silicone so that the friction makes it fall.


Moisten absorbent paper with a little white spirit and apply to the areas where the silicone is, always using gentle touches and trying not to touch the skin directly . When you have finished removing silicone from your hands, wash them with soap and water to restore their texture.

With any of these homemade tricks you can remove the silicone from your hands without problems. Whichever you use, when you finish wash your hands with soap and water and apply your usual moisturizer, as the contact of the silicone on the skin may have left it dry or in poor condition.

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