How To Remove Ads From Google Chrome;Proven Tips

How to remove ads from Google Chrome. In this simple guide that we have designed for you, we will explain what Google Chrome is, how to install it and most importantly how to remove advertisements.

How To Remove Ads From Google Chrome

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a browser, born in 2008, among the most used in the world and able to guarantee fast, dynamic and secure web browsing.To install it, you must first check that it is compatible with the operating system you are using. As for use on a PC, it is necessary to download the .exe version to be installed directly by connecting to the official Google Chrome site. While, for the mobile versions just download the App.

Set Google Chrome as your default browser

How to remove ads from Google Chrome. If you are comfortable using this browser and therefore want to set it as default, in order to find it as the home page, you will simply have to follow these simple steps that we report below:

For Windows :

  • Go to Settings
  • Open the Applications section
  • Click on System
  • Click on Default Apps
  • Select the browser you are using
  • Click on Choose an App
  • Choose Google Chrome

For IOS:

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on the three dots
  • Click on More
  • Select Settings
  • Choose   Make Google Chrome your default browser .

Google Chrome functionality.

In this section we will discover the different features of Google Chrome. Some will surely appear to us to be discounted, while for many who may not often use the PC they will be new functions. Let’s find out together.

  • Download pages  to be able to read them comfortably and even without connection later with a tap on the three dots at the top left and on the download icon;
  • Saving of  previously visited pages to speed up loading;
  • Automatic compilation  of forms, for example personal data or with personal info;
  • Incognito browsing  to leave no trace in the browser therefore without saving cookies and history. It is accessed from the three dots at the top right;
  •  Browser synchronization on all devices in order to import favorites, passwords and customized settings, just log in with your Google account with a tap on the three dots at the top right, Settings;
  • Touch to search  is accessible from every page to be able to access your favorite content in a simple way with a tap;
  • Voice search  thanks to precise recognition for safer hands-free use, activated by pressing the microphone key in each text entry box;
  • Safe Browsing  to protect your device with warnings if you are visiting potentially dangerous sites or downloading malicious files. It will therefore be possible to consent to the alarm to avoid risks;
  • Integrated translation  to be able to visit any site in the world even if in an unknown language or alphabet. Once the page has been opened, you are asked whether to proceed with the translation, in a few moments and with good quality;
  • Save data usage by  deleting up to 60% of data without compromising browsing quality, an automatic feature.

One of the functions of Chrome most used and appreciated by users is the integration with  Chromecast , a device that allows you to browse from a PC or mobile phone directly from the screen of your TV.

How to remove ads from Google Chrome

Google does a great job of keeping pop-up windows in its Chrome browser under control. Here’s how to remove ads from Google Chrome.A sea of ​​pop-up windows invading your traditional browsing experience indicates a problem, that your default settings are messed up.

How to remove ads from Chrome

Thankfully, we have some helpful Google Chrome tips   for dealing with these annoying advertisements, and you can barely run them at any time.

Below we list a number of detailed methods on how to block pop-ups in Chrome, including running malware scans and creating an exception list. The easiest way to get started, however, is to make sure Chrome is up to date.

Go to chrome: // settings / help and run any available updates, as Chrome closes pop-ups originally tied to a specific setting, so they will be blocked in any case.

However, managing pop-up blockers in Chrome Browser starts with five basic actions.

  1. Select Settings from the Chrome menu.
  2. Search for “Pop”
  3. Click Site Settings.
  4. Click Pop-ups and Redirects.
  5. Turn Pop-up to Blocked or delete exceptions.

Enable Chrome’s pop-up blocker

  1. Click on the icon to the Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the browser and  you  click  on Settings
  2. Select “Pop” in the Search Settings field.
  3. Click Site Settings.
  4. Under Popup it should be “Blocked”. If it says “Allowed”, click Pop-up and change it. 
  5. Disable the flag next to “Allowed”.

Check your list of approved sites

How to remove ads from Chrome

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 above. 
  2. Scroll down to Allow and click the three-dot icon.
  3. Select Remove. Advertisement
  4. Repeat 1 to 3 as necessary.

Look for malware

  1. Search Google to find and install an antivirus program such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, as the pop-ups may not come from websites you visit. They could come from annoying software causing a bit of a problem for your system. Download it, install it.
  2. Run a full system scan, preferably in Safe Mode if possible. 

If you don’t find anything, try another app or two just to be sure – Avast is another good option.

Using extensions to block ads on Chrome

JavaScript Popup Blocker

JavaScript Popup Blocker only blocks pop-ups generated by JavaScript. To install it on PC go to Chrome Web Store>  Add  >  Add extension .If you want to allow pop-ups to appear on some sites, click on the JavaScript Popup Blocker icon> Add this site to popup whitelist .

If you want to add multiple sites to whitelist at the same time, right-click on the JavaScript Popup Blocker icon> Options  > Whitelist (with the tick enabled)>  Add > type the addresses of the sites on which you want to allow pop-ups in the text field below >  Save  to save the changes.

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker allows you to block all javascript pop-ups and all advertising windows. To install it, connect to Chrome Web Store>  Add  >  Add extension . To access the Poper Blocker settings and configure the extension> right click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar>  Options >  Show a notification on the page when a Popup is blocked  and  Show a badge on the toolbar button when a popup is blocked.

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