How to Remove Self Tanner;10 Proven Ways You Must Know

How to remove the self tanner. Just before the summer season, you decided to experiment with a DIY method to make your skin more amber. But the results weren’t very satisfying? In this case the best idea would be to try to remove the self-tanner so that the skin tone returns to its original color. Below we will propose different methods to understand how to remove the self-tanner quickly and effectively. Let’s clarify first of all that there is no way to completely remove the self-tanner but there are some tricks to limit the damage of a badly ended tanning session. Let’s see how to remove the self-tanner.

How to Remove Self Tanner;10 Proven Ways You Must Know.

How to Remove Self Tanner;10 Proven Ways You Must Know

What are the steps to take to effectively remove the self-tanner? First of all it is necessary to observe the damage produced by a not very effective self-tanner. Assessing the severity of the damage is the first step in figuring out how to remove the tanner without making the situation worse. The tricks proposed below are suitable if there are streaks of color or patches of color that are not homogeneous; therefore, in case you are faced with a similar situation it is possible to put into practice various advice. Below we will propose the use of some products commonly found in any home, very useful for counteracting the presence of stains and streaks.

  • the lemon.

This product is able to remove skin spots making them lighter. It can be used to remove stains from the skin and can be used mixed with another ingredient, such as baking soda. In this case it is possible to create a mix of lemon juice and baking soda so as to spread it on the affected areas. Another way to use lemon is to cut it in half and rub it over the stained area.

  • stain remover toothpaste.

Another functional product is toothpaste. You can use this product by applying it on the affected areas in the case of small areas. The advice is to apply the whitening toothpaste exclusively on those areas and massage it gently using your fingers.

  • use acetone.

This method is slightly more invasive. Using a cotton ball you can rub the acetone on a specific area. Obviously, in this case the advice is to let the acetone act on parts of the body that are not too sensitive to avoid other damage. After this step, apply plenty of moisturizing and nourishing cream.

How to remove the self-tanner: other methods.

How to remove the self-tanner

The advice given above allows you to limit the damage caused by a poor quality self-tanner that has created streaks or very accentuated spots. If, on the other hand, you want to act on the tone by trying to uniformly lighten the color of the entire complexion, you can do it by following as many tips:

  • hot bath

A hot bath with lots of foam might help. By soaking in water for an abundant hour you could benefit a lot and observe how your skin changes color. In the case of too aggressive tanning, the use of foaming agents could be of great help.

  • use a gentle scrub

The scrub is certainly one of the most suitable products to be able to remove the superficial skin layers. After a nice hot bath, you might think about using a homemade scrub and applying it all over your body. The advice is to mix sugar, honey, and lemon juice. In this way you will get a compound that can exfoliate the skin without irritating it excessively.

  • baby oil

You may want to use baby oil to reduce post self-tanning skin tone. It is a product that can soften, soften and lighten the skin. In this case all that needs to be done is to apply the baby oil all over the body and let it work for about 30 minutes.

If none of these home remedies have produced the results you were hoping for, you can try purchasing a specific product that can remove the tan. In fact, there are some beauty products made specifically to remove the tan by lightening the skin and giving it a uniform and sweeter shade:

NB If you do not want to risk further damage to your skin by trying these do-it-yourself remedies and tricks, the advice is to contact a beauty salon that is able to offer you really satisfying support and advice regarding your problem.

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