Divinity Original Sin 2: Unique Items at Fort Joy

Where to look for various unique items, weapons and armor on the territory of the first game location, Fort Joy – their purpose, location and much more

In our next guide to Divinity: Original Sin 2, we decided to look at the location of the unusual items of the first act that you can find when performing certain actions. We will not take into account those unique items that are on sale from merchants in one or another part of the Fort of Joy. These items can come in handy in combat, dialogue, and other aspects of the game.

How to get the Saheila Crest amulet?

Location : directly on the territory of Fort Joy.

You will receive this item after helping the elf Amiro escape from the cage of the chef Griff. It’s about the “Captive Elves” quest. Complete it, return the oranges with drugs, or just kill Griff along with his twisted, then release Amiro and learn from him about Saheila. He will give you her amulet.

How do I get the ring and Migo cuirass?

Location : directly on the territory of Fort Joy.


You can get these items by completing the Geist Assassin quest. But this can be done only if you finish off Migo, located a little further than the “Caves” of Saheila (passage to the left of the entrance). On the other hand, Migo can give you the ring in the event that you first pick an arnica flower (this is the name of his daughter, and the flower itself grows, for example, in the ruins to the right of the central entrance to the fortress of Joy itself) and show it to the monster. The ring grants the useful skill “Heal”. But if you decide to complete the quest, then the item will have to be given to Arnica. And you will only get a cuirass if you do kill Migo.

Breastplate of Migo

Where can I find teleportation gloves?

Location : Outside the territory of Fort Joy, but still on the accessible side.

This is perhaps the most useful item in Fort Joy. Its importance, I would compare with the same “Ghost Sight”, a skill that you get on the Reaper’s Coast and which is necessary to complete many side quests.

Location of salamanders and gloves

A character who wears gloves gains a new teleportation skill. He cannot teleport himself, but he can do so with any ally. True, unlike the pyramids of teleportation, in this case, the movement takes place over limited distances. For example, if you need to get over a cliff.

To get the gloves of teleportation, you must take the quest of Gavin, wandering around the territory of Fort Joy, not far from the entrance and the altar of wanderings inside. Next, go to the beach in the western part of the island and kill three salamanders. However, you can not take the quest at all, but go to the beach of your own free will.

The gloves will remain with you even after completing the quest. They will be needed in order to complete various side quests and get into secret areas.

Where can I find Gavin’s robe?

Location : Outside Fort Joy, through a hidden alcove closer to the starting point (where you will find Fein).

Rob Gavin

You may not even know about the existence of this item. You need to go through the quest “Teleport”, which gives Gavin, and help the character get to the other side of the cliff – or lower him to the beach below. One way or another, Gavin will leave you. But you can follow him by teleporting your other characters. Fly to the other side of the cliff and in the harbor you will find the killed Gavin. True, there will also be masters (five people), so they will have to be killed (if you are noticed). Search the body and take the robe.

Where can I find the spear of King Brakk?

Location : directly on the territory of Fort Joy, inside the cave with Saheila.

Spear of Brakk

You will receive this spear only when you use a character whose strength is more than 10 points. Finding the spear is not that difficult – enter the caves with Saheila and find two children playing. Chat with the blonde boy and agree to play hide and seek. Find him three times, after which he will show the place where the hatch is buried, leading to the cave below, where Lord Withermoor is. Pull the spear out of the wall to get it at your disposal, as well as take the additional quest “Jug of Withermoor’s Souls”. If you complete it, you will also receive a Withermoor belt.

The spear is not part of the Brakk set. This means that unlike them, you can wear it without any negative effects.

Where can I find the “Common Amulet”?

Location : in the prison of Fort Joy.

Common amulet

You can find this amulet inside the chambers of the Fort of Joy, where there is a passage to the cave of fire slugs, as well as a chair on which the magisters torture their own person. The amulet is located in a chamber with a blocked entrance – you will have to use the teleportation or the stairs, which originates from the room with the masters. But in this case, you will have to kill the enemies, but in the first scenario, everything will go quietly and imperceptibly. Search the body of the Master Hound to retrieve the ball. This ball will allow you to distract the dogs located above (if you did not take the Druzhka running around the Saheila caves quest).

Where is the Retribution hammer?

Location : directly on the territory of Fort Joy.

To get Retribution, you will need to fight in a difficult battle and defeat Dallis. But for this you will need to defeat her at the entrance to the Fort of Joy. She has a huge supply of HP, there is Master Alexander and two defenders. There are many videos on YouTube that focus on the destruction of Dallis at the start of the game.

To do this, you will need to pump your character to the fifth level. Dallis will be located near the entrance to the fort until you try to get out of it. It is best to kill her with an Archer class character. Or collect several allies. A ranged character can attack Dallis while on the wall. If someone rises to you, then just teleport him back down using a skill from a book or a teleportation glove.

If you defeat her, then Dallis, along with Alexander, will leave the Fort of Joy. For the victory you will receive the two-handed hammer “Retribution”, which is perhaps the best weapon on the first island. In addition, this opens a separate achievement.

Where to look for the face cutter?

Location : On the other side of Fort Joy, after escaping from the fortress.

This item allows any character of the undead class to remove the face from the corpse and use it to transform into a human. You can find it in Fort Joy, when you find yourself in the main part of the fortress, from where you can move to the basement or sail by boat to another part of the island. We are talking about a separate, spacious room where the mad master is located. Talk to him. It will be possible either to agree and get a face cut as a gift, or to kill the enemy. The Lycerese can be found in other parts of the game, but at a later stage.

Chastity and Abstinence Dagger Set

Location : On the other side of Fort Joy, after escaping from the fortress.

These daggers are a great gift for Sebilla or any other character that specializes in agility and quick kills. You will find them in the same place as the face-cutter. But in this case, the flayer will have to be killed for sure.

Where can I find Fein’s mask of reincarnation?

Location : On the other side of Fort Joy, after escaping from the fortress.

When you successfully leave the Fort of Joy, you need to follow to the top point of the map, along the left bank, in order to meet the very witch Vindego, who set the fire on the ship of the Masters. Kill her, and then take Fane’s mask from the body. After you have this mask, you no longer need face-cutting – with the help of it you can transform into any character of a particular race. Moreover, you not only take the form of, for example, an elf, but you can also, like him, eat the remains of corpses in order to study the memories of dead creatures.

Note. If you use Fein’s mask and want to keep his appearance, then you will have to wear it instead of a helmet, thereby depriving yourself of precious protection points.

Where to find the Brack’s Ring?

Location : On the other side of Fort Joy, after escaping from the fortress, inside Brakk’s vault.

Brack’s ring

This ring belonged to the cursed King Brakk, who was trying to subjugate the Source to his will. You can find him in Brakk’s hideout. The entrance to the cave is on the other side of Fort Joy, on one of the beaches. Inside the vault, the Trickster is waiting for you, who will have to be defeated. In addition, you will need to move along illusory bridges, through walls, etc. But if you put on the ring, then it will also “reward” the character with a curse that cannot be removed even with the help of “Blessing”.

How to assemble a complete set of King Brakk’s armor?

The King Brakk Armor Set includes five items, namely a helmet, armor, gloves, pants and boots. This is a complete set of the cursed Source King. You will not receive any bonuses for a full set, but you will save yourself from negative effects that are imposed if the character wears one, two, three or four pieces of the set.

To get the Tyrant’s Leggings , you must visit the Soul Jugs Hideout that Lord Withermoor spoke of. Follow from here to the next room, through the corridor where the statue of King Brakk is located. Interact with her, but it takes at least 15 perceptions to notice the chip to be successful. In this chip, you will find the very pants that you can get.

Tyrant’s Boots can be found on the other side of Fort Joy when you overcome it in any known way. On the beach on the left side, where you found the face, there is the witch Vindego. Kill her, but go even further along the beach to find a huge tower with a destroyed top. Electrical discharges still sparkle inside it. You must move there with the help of teleportation gloves or a skill from the book of any hero, quickly collect everything that is on the character, and then go down the vines. This is where the Tyrant’s boots are.

Tyrant’s chestpiece is located in the same place as Brakk’s ring. Go to the very end of the cave to see the room with the jugs of souls. The armor rests on one of the pedestals.

Tyrant’s Gloves are the hardest to find. You will have to make your way through the labyrinth of Gargoyles, then enter the tower and get to the tomb in the far part, where the sarcophagi are located. The gloves are inside one of them. So, if you have the “Brakk’s Ring”, then you can put it on in advance and talk to the gargoyle at the entrance. Show the ring through the dialogue phrases, and the gargoyle will give you a direct route to the tower.

To open the passage to the inside of the tomb, you need one Source point from any character. As you can imagine, this requires removing the collar from one of the characters. To remove the lid of the sarcophagus, you need to have a character with a strength of at least 18 units. The gloves are inside.

Note . There is another way to get your hands on gloves. If earlier you brought a jug of Withermoor’s souls and broke it, then the lord will be grateful to you and will appear in front of the energy barrier that blocks the entrance to the tomb. He will destroy it and then disappear. But you still need a character with a strength of at least 18 units to open the sarcophagus itself.

The Tyrant’s Helmet is located in the King’s Armory inside the ruins in the swamps. There you still meet Gareth, who needs to be protected from the masters. In order to get into the armory, you will have to spend two Source points. In addition, you will need an active Blessing spell and a collar removed from any character. Use “Blessing” on the cursed lever near the door, and spend the second Source point to open the vault with the helmet.

With the help of Brakk’s helmet, you can kill the Screaming, which is necessary to escape from the island (although special wands can help with this, as well as the Winter Dragon, which you can free from the witch). The helmet takes one lead point, but you can remove the curse. To get started, kill several Screamers using this helmet, after which you will see the demon. Kill him to get the helmet back. Unfortunately, now you cannot use it to destroy the Screaming, but it will no longer be cursed. The skill “Shackles of Pain” will also appear.

What is Bloody Rose Oil for?

Location : On the other side of Fort Joy, after escaping from the fortress.

This potion will allow you to increase each stat of the character who drinks it by one point almost forever. You need to find a bloody rose and combine it with an empty bottle of potion. Rose lies inside a cave near the ice beach with the Winter Dragon. But you will have to kill the witch Radek, as well as the living dead who help her in battle. Jekhl, which drops from Radeka, is used to save the Winter Dragon or destroy the Screaming.

If you eat a rose, then the increase in stats will last no more than ten moves. If you connect it with a flask, then it will last until this character dies.

Where are the teleportation pyramids and how to use them?

Location : on the gallery “Mistress Revenge”.

To get the teleportation pyramids, you will have to practically complete the first act by walking through the entire Fort of Joy and defeating Alexander and the Nether Fiend. After that, talk to Illness and move aboard the Lady Revenge.

Head down to the lower level and go to Dallis’s cabin. To do this, you need to solve the puzzle with the doors – talk to them, using the conviction to find out the password – “Word”. The left door should tell you the password at your request to remind it, and the right one will need to provide it.

The first pyramid will be found on a long table in the corner of Dallis’s cabin, where Tarkin is sitting. The second pyramid is hidden in a secret room. To do this, you will need to open the hatch at the end of the cabin, in the opposite part from the table, and go into the room where there are two opponents. Kill them and take away the pyramids.

There are a total of four such pyramids in Divinity: Original Sin 2 . You will find the first on the Reaper’s Coast graveyard, and the second on Bloodmoon Island.

To use the pyramids, hand them out to all your companions. Ideally, you need to have one at a time, but, as practice shows, in most cases the third and fourth are not needed. First, move one of the characters to any point on the island, while leaving the rest in the opposite direction. If you need to reunite with the group, then open the inventory, right-click on the pyramid and select “Apply”.

After that, a window with several pyramids will open – select the pyramid of the color that is in the inventory of the second character to which you are moving. So, your other squad members located in a group with a teleported character can automatically move to a new location.

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