Divinity Original Sin 2 – crafting recipes (guide)

In this guide, we will tell you about all the crafting recipes in the game Divinity: Original Sin 2 – crafting scrolls, runes, weapons, potions and other items

Weapon crafting recipes

  • A short stick with a bowstring forms a branch with a string.
  • A short stick with a long branch forms a toy crossbow.
  • For a knife on a stick, combine a short stick and rope with any knife or dagger.
  • A short stick with a skull forms a homemade wand.
  • There are three recipes to create a sharpener – a sharp piece of metal can be combined with a handkerchief, rags, or a piece of leather.
  • A long branch with a shell forms an impromptu staff.
  • A sharp piece of metal with a long branch forms a primitive harpoon.
  • Three sharp stones and a long branch allow you to create a homemade club.
  • In the first act, you can take a crossbow without a bowstring from the skeleton on the bridge. Add a bowstring to it and get a natural crossbow.
  • A piece of metal, a hammer and an anvil – a one-handed sword.
  • Sharpening dagger – a sharp piece of metal, hammer and anvil.

Potion crafting recipes

Note . An empty bottle refers to an empty potion bottle. If we are talking about a bottle of souls, then this is indicated in the line.

  • Fire Resistance – Empty Vial and Hepinia.
  • Earth Resistance – Empty Flask and Earthen Tongue (Mushroom).
  • Water Resistance – Empty Vial and Blueberry.
  • Air Resistance – Empty Bottle and Jellyfish.
  • Physical Armor – Empty Vial and Polypore.
  • Lesser Potion of Poison – An empty bottle and a fly agaric or a barrel of poison.
  • Minor Potion of Poison can be obtained in another way – Minor Potion of Healing and Zaikk’s Claw.
  • Small Bottle of Intellect – Empty Flask and Slingshot.
  • Small bottle of physique – empty bottle and pharachnia.
  • Small Cure Bottle – Empty Bottle and Porcini Mushroom.
  • The small bottle of perception is an empty bottle and a raincoat.
  • Small Bottle of Agility – Empty Flask and Caesar Mushroom.
  • Small Bottle of Magic Armor – Empty Vial and Whisper Herb.
  • Lesser Potion of Strength – Empty Vial and Amethyst Deceiver.
  • Small Bottle of Resistance to All Elements – Empty Bottle and Funnel.
  • Small Bottle of Air Resistance – Empty Bottle and Jellyfish.
  • Medium HP Recovery Potion – two minor healing potions.
  • Healing Elixir – Empty Vial and Arnica Flower.
  • Stoneskin Potion is an Empty Flask of Spirits and Essence of Earth.
  • Jellyfish Skin Potion is an Empty Flask of Perfume and Essence of Air.
  • Invisibility Potion – Empty Vial and Chanterelle.
  • Potion of Healing – Poison Flask and Red Cloth Dye.
  • Willpower Potion is an Empty Flask of Spirits and Essence of Fire.
  • Agility Potion is an Empty Flask of Perfume and Essence of Water.
  • Potion of Healing – Poison Flask and Red Cloth Dye.
  • Void Empowered Poison – A small potion of poison and flayer splinters touched by the Void.


To level up any potion, you must combine them with each other – small and small to get medium, medium to medium to create large. Alternatively, you can add a catalyst or high quality catalyst to the potion to get a higher level flask.

HP recovery and poisoning potions are divided into five levels and are small, medium, large, great, and extremely great.

Recipes for crafting pomegranates

  • Combine two ropes to create a fuse.
  • An empty bottle and any item of oil will form an oil bottle.
  • Oil bottle and fuse form a Firestorm Grenade.
  • An empty can and a jellyfish form a fireworks grenade. Same with jar and air resistance potion (any level).
  • An empty grenade and a can of brain parasites form a parasitic grenade that grants a charm for four turns with an explosion radius of 8 meters.
  • Empty Grenade and Essence of Fire – Bundle of Grenades. If you add a source orb to it, you get a bunch of cursed grenades.
  • Holy Hand Grenade is obtained from the Orb of the Ruler and the Starfish.
  • A broken bottle is formed by combining any bottle with any hammer. Vials do not count.
  • Broken bottle and empty grenade – grenade with nails.
  • An empty can and a tormented soul form a dread grenade.
  • An empty can and any object with poison – a poison cloud grenade. You can add rotten eggs instead of the second ingredient.
  • An empty Can of Essence of Air grants a Thunder Grenade.
  • Frosty is obtained by using the essence of water, and shaking – the essence of air.
  • Add any water source to your intestines to create a bubble of water.
  • An empty jar and any poison item will form a poison bottle.
  • If you add the orb of the source to the latter, you get a bottle of cursed poison.
  • A chemical pomegranate is formed from an empty can and guts.
  • Love Pomegranate is an empty bottle of perfume and pixie dust.

Arrow crafting recipes

  • A regular arrowhead is crafted from a sharp stone and any knife.
  • A regular arrow is crafted from an arrow shaft and an arrowhead.
  • By combining a normal arrowhead and essence of fire, you get a fiery arrowhead.
  • The same, but with the essence of air – electric, water – freezing, earth – the tip of a poisonous cloud.
  • Poison Cloud Arrow – The shaft of the arrow and the tip of the poison cloud.
  • Poisoned Tip can be obtained from normal and poisonous items (intestines do not fit).
  • A deceleration tip can also be obtained from a conventional and oil source, an electric one from a knife and a tooth.
  • The enchanting tip is crafted from honey and a barrel of honey.
  • Blessed Water Arrow is crafted from Source Orb and Water Arrow.
  • The Blessed Water Arrow Head can be crafted from a Source Orb and a Water Arrow Head.
  • A burst tip is formed from a source of oil and a fire tip.
  • By adding a fiery source of water, you get a steam tip.
  • A cutting object (for example, a knife) with a horn form a knocking tip.

Armor crafting recipes

  • For fabric armor, add a needle thread to the last.
  • Leather is made according to the same principle, but leather is taken instead of fabric.
  • Plates are made from fragments of armor, any hammer and anvil.
  • The shield is made of scrap metal and chips.
  • Pieces of leather are crafted from any knife or animal hide.
  • A mask of transformation for a gnome is made from a source sphere and a severed gnome head. Likewise for the lizard, elf and humans.
  • A common reincarnation mask is crafted from the Source Orb, Dwarven, Human, Elven, and Lizard Reincarnation Masks.

Runes crafting recipes

  • Stardust – mortar pestle and plant of the same name.
  • Bone dust – mortar, pestle and any bone.
  • Combining the first two runes will give you pixie dust.
  • Perfect Pixie Dust Purse – Perfect Stardust and Bone Dust Purse.
  • A wallet of excellent stardust – excellent stardust and a mortar and pestle.
  • Minor Rune of Stone – Pixie Dust, Stone Item, and Source of Beer.
  • Minor Rune of Poison – Pixie dust, bone, and any source of poison.
  • Minor Rune of Flame – Pixie Dust, Wood Item, and Oil Source.
  • … frost – pixies, any objects with water and metal.
  • … thunder – any objects with water and gold and pixie dust.
  • … mastery – pixie, any object with wine and a log of live wood.
  • The middle thunder rune is a pixie and two minor thunder runes.
  • … of stone – pixie and two small runes of stone.
  • … Mastery – pixie and two minor mastery runes.
  • … frost – pixie and two small frost runes.
  • … of flame – pixie and two minor runes of flame.
  • … poison – pixie and two minor runes of poison.
  • Any large rune is made by analogy with the medium ones – you need two identical mediums and pixie dust.
  • Similarly, for a huge one – two large ones, but instead of the usual pixie dust, you need an excellent wallet.

Note . You can combine any rune with a setting, regardless of type and strength. This way you can achieve a special enhancement, which depends on the selected frame. The stronger the rune, the higher the bonus received from the setting.

Scroll crafting recipes

Any skill book is created on the principle of “an ordinary spell and a blank book of the same school to which the spell belongs.”

A high-level skill book requires a strong spell (which consumes at least two Source points) and a high-level skill book of the same school as the chosen spell.

  • The Bull Horns scroll is formed by combining a sheet of paper, essence of life and horns.
  • A sheet of paper, the essence of life and lived – “Flap of the wings”.
  • … and a chicken foot – “Chicken foot”.
  • … and any metal object – “Heart of Steel”.
  • … and the rat tail – Tentacle Strike.
  • Sheet of paper, essence of fire and fang – “Combustion”.
  • … and the claw – “Wild Flame”.
  • … and a sharp claw – “Fireball”.
  • … and a tooth – “Flaming Daggers”.
  • … and a crab claw – “Peace of mind”.
  • A piece of paper, the essence of shadow and eyes – “Rot”.
  • … and intestines – “Contagion”.
  • … and a white mushroom – “Bloodsucker”.
  • … and the skull – “Shackles of pain”.
  • … and raw red meat – Raise a Bloated Corpse.
  • Sheet of paper, essence of water and flounder – “Blast of cold”.
  • … and herring – “Rain”.
  • … and the blueberry – “Armor of Frost”.
  • … and Red Snapper – Soothing Cold.
  • … and a porcini mushroom – “Recovery”.
  • … and the essence of life is the “Scroll of Resurrection”.
  • … and a flounder – “Blast of cold”.
  • A piece of paper, an essence of air, and a golden object – Blinding Radiation.
  • … and pantaloons – “Tailwind”.
  • … and a rabbit’s foot – “Electricity”.
  • … and flour – “Electric Touch”.
  • … and the pen – “Teleportation”.
  • A sheet of paper, a tormented soul and pepper – “Measurement Lightning”.
  • … and garlic – the Calling Call.
  • … and a wooden figurine – “Totem of the Elements”.
  • A piece of paper, high-quality essence of fire, and a Netherfiend thorn – Flame Whip.
  • A piece of paper, a source sphere and a large fang – “Epidemic of Fire”.
  • A piece of paper, a high-quality tormented soul, and any fish touched by the Void – “Curse.” It’s the same with a piece of paper, an alien soul, and any fish touched by the Void.
  • A sheet of paper, high quality essence of life and sludge – “Poisonous Wave”.
  • A sheet of paper, a rope, and an alien (or high quality) essence of the air – “Displacement”.

Crafting various items

  • To create a lock pick, select any hammer and match with the nails.
  • Boots with nails will yield spiked boots that are immune to skidding on ice.
  • Lockpicks can be made from any key and soap.
  • Sawdust is made from wood chips and any water source (for example, a bottle filled with water).
  • Large forceps are formed from a regular forceps and a piece of leather or cloth.
  • Align the sawdust with the oven to make a sheet of paper.
  • To poison a weapon, choose any piercing or cutting and add a bottle of poison (the bottle does not work).
  • A long branch is formed from logs and any ax. It can also be obtained from a circular saw and a log.
  • Any knife with a long bit will yield a short stick. Can also be made from a long bitch and a circular saw.
  • The arrow shaft is made from a short stick and a circular saw or a short stick combined with any knife.
  • Needle and thread – needle and thread.
  • The thread is formed from two curls of hair or one, combined with a loom.
  • A Honey Keg is created from a Beehive and an Empty Honey Keg.
  • A backpack can be crafted from a piece of leather and rope.
  • A Radiant Rebirth Idol is formed from a Dim and a Resurrection Scroll. Idol allows you to resurrect once per battle. Can be stolen from Dorothea (Spider) in the Driftwood Tavern dungeon.

How to combine skill books and what comes out of it

Note . You must select ANY books from the listed schools to acquire the appropriate skills. It doesn’t matter what skills they give. At the same time, the recipes require a selection of books from the specified schools with skills of a certain level. For example, if you substitute a book with a level 2 skill in one of the recipes below, you will get a completely different result.

To get these skills, it is enough to use books with the skills of the first level:

  • The books of the school of air and necromancy give “Touch of the Vacuum”.
  • … air and polymorph – “Evaporation”.
  • … and military affairs – “Breathing bubble”.
  • … and the hunter – “The Changeable Breeze”.
  • … and murder – “Smoke Screen”.
  • … and the call – “Electrification”.
  • … fire and necromancy – “Explosion of the corpse.”
  • … and the polymorph – “Out of fire”.
  • … and military affairs – “Sparkling swings”.
  • … and the hunter – “Explosive Trap”.
  • … and murders – “Sabotage”.
  • … and the call – “Saturation with fire”.
  • … water and necromancy – “Blood Rain”.
  • … and polymorph – “Healing Tears”.
  • … and wars – “Cleansing Wounds”.
  • … and the hunter – “Cryotherapy”.
  • … and murder – “Vampire Thirst.”
  • … and the call – “Water saturation”.
  • … earth and necromancy – Caustic Touch.
  • … and polymorph – “Turning into oil”.
  • … and military affairs – “Oily shell”.
  • … of the earth and the hunter – The toss of the sand. “
  • … land and murder – “Poisonous Sheath”.
  • … land and call – “Saturation with poison.”

To get these skills, it is enough to use books with second level skills:

  • Note. For the combination to be successful, at least one book must be shining, that is, use the source points.
  • Books of Air and the Art of Killing – Blessed Cloud of Smoke.
  • … air and hunter – “Aura of evasion”.
  • … air and military affairs – “Massive Breathing Bubbles”.
  • … air and necromancy – “Aura of vacuum”.
  • … polymorph and fire – “Blazing Skin”.
  • … polymorph and water – “Ice Skin”.
  • … polymorph and air – “Jellyfish skin”.
  • … polymorph and earth – “Poisonous Skin”.
  • … fire and necromancy – “Massive explosion of corpses.”
  • … fire and military affairs – “Lord of sparks”.
  • … fire and hunter – “Mass of exploding traps.”
  • … fire and the art of murder – “Mass Sabotage”.
  • … call and land – “Acid Saturation.”
  • … summoning and air – “Saturation with cursed electricity.”
  • … summoning and water – “Saturation with ice”.
  • … call and fire – “Saturation with necro-flame”.
  • … summoning and necromancy – “Flask of Blood”.
  • … the earth and the hunter – “Explosion of ashes”.
  • … lands and murders – “Poisonous aura”.
  • … land and military affairs – “Massive oily shell”.
  • … of the earth and necromancy – “Corrosive spray”.
  • … water and the hunter – “Mass Cryotherapy”.
  • … water and murder – “Aura of vampire thirst.”
  • … water and military affairs – “Mass cleansing of wounds.”
  • … water and necromancy – “Bloodstorm
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