How to use a funny Instagram location

Instagram is an application that has many fun and varied functions, such as Stories with effects, which have many interactions, for example, stickers that move, filters of all kinds, music, and many more.

How to Use a Funny Instagram Location to Use in your Stories or Post?

It even allows you to change the color of the letters on your profile and place the most curious and fun locations in your posts. In order to differentiate yourself from the rest and have more variety in your Instagram profile, we show you how to place these hilarious locations that are so unusual.

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  1. What steps do you need to follow to add a location to your Instagram post?
  2. What are the most popular and funniest locations to use on Instagram?
    1. shining as always
    2. in a fairy tale
    3. Home Sweet Home

What steps do you need to follow to add a location to your Instagram post?

To be able to place these locations, it is very simple, we will explain it to you step by step so that you do not get confused and you can easily place your location. First, you must access the Instagram application from your mobile phone , then you must touch the symbol ‘ +’ which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Next, the ‘publication’ option appears in the lower bar, which you must choose, and then select the photo you want to post with the funny location. Once the photo is selected , you choose the filter you want to apply and click on the arrow that appears in the upper right corner to continue. And finally press where it says ‘add location’.

What are the most popular and funniest locations to use on Instagram?

In the ‘add location’ option, a search bar will appear. The Instagram algorithm places the locations that are most popular in the first options, if you want to choose the location you want , you just have to click on this search bar and search for some funny location by name. Don’t you know what they are? Do not worry, here we leave you the most frequent and popular on the platform.

shining as always

Apart from being a popular meme phrase, on Instagram it appears as a location. If you search in the search bar of the add location option for the word ‘shining’, you will see the fun option of the phrase ‘shining as always’, also when you search for ‘shining’ other similar ones appear, such as ‘shining on stage ‘.

in a fairy tale

Another of these fun and funny locations is ‘in a fairy tale’. If you want to give a fanciful and magical touch to your publications, there is no better option than this to place it, you just have to enter the sentence  ‘in a story’.

By entering this sentence, other similar options will also appear, for example ‘in a happy place’ or ‘like in a story. If what you want is to give the impression that you are in a magical place within a fairy tale, you can also search for the ‘princess’ option and many more fun options will appear.

Home Sweet Home

Also if you want something more warm and homely, you can put the option ‘Home sweet home’, perfect for posts at home, quite useful in times of quarantine. And for those days when you get home from work late.

But this is not all the locations, but to share your feelings with your followers and friends on Instagram in the best way, you can also place locations of how you are feeling, there are melancholic ones like ‘I miss you’ , happy ones like ‘happy ‘ or ‘happy’ and there are also those to ask for help, ‘help me’ for example.

And if you don’t really want people to know where you are, you can do that too, and it’s as easy as preventing apps from accessing your Android phone’s location, but in the Instagram app, you can put locations like, ‘somewhere from planet earth’ to feel somewhat like you’re from another world, or ‘somewhere in the world’.

When you finish selecting the best location that seems to you, you can check it and it will be published. That way you can give your Instagram profile an original and very fun touch , we hope you use these tricks and that they have been very fun and entertaining for you.


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