What does a blue dot mean in a Facebook

Like all social networks, Facebook wants to compete with innovations on its platform. One of the updates you already have is on Facebook Messenger and the blue dot , to learn more about this we invite you to read this article.

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  1. Is there a difference between contacts that have the dot and those that don’t?
  2. Is it possible to contact a person on Facebook without the blue dot?

Is there a difference between contacts that have the dot and those that don’t?

In Facebook we can find several interesting functions. Among them the stories in which you can post photos or videos with a duration of 24 hours, this content can be shared both in the story and in Messenger, group stories, pages or events.

With stories you can attract a large audience and if a contact has a reaction or sends you a message you will be able to see it. Facebook Messenger feature is a messaging application that allows you to communicate with others.

With this feature you can make voice or video calls with one or more people. In order to enjoy this application you must have it downloaded on your mobile or PC . After this, if you want to enter, enter the email with which you opened your account on Facebook or the phone number and password.

If you want to enjoy the new Messenger update, you should know how it works. In it, the new menu and the customization of the application stand out. Another thing that stands out is the blue dot or circle. When you upload a story and someone has a reaction or wants to contact you, the app will let you know.

But right next to some contacts a blue dot will appear. This indicates that this user, in addition to being part of your friends on Facebook, is also connected through the Messenger application , but those who do not have the blue dot are because they do not have the Messenger application. on their electronic devices but instead access Facebook through the website.

This prevents them from sending you a message directly until you download the mobile app. You have to keep in mind that this blue dot is very different from the green dot that appears next to each contact, since the green circle shows you that a contact is online and you can talk in real time with him.

Is it possible to contact a person on Facebook without the blue dot?

When you open an account on a social network, it’s usually because you want to connect with people you’ve met and current friends. And when you publish a story it is because you want to receive a reaction from those who follow you.

Sometimes it works and other times not so much. But on those occasions where there are several reactions and messages you will be able to see it and as we already mentioned, those with the blue dot is because they have the mobile application and can send you a direct message.

If you frequently use this application you will have noticed that the logo has changed color to be more attractive, modern and dynamic. But not only has it made this change, if you visit the official page you will see that it has very useful functions.

If you want to initiate contact with a friend but they don’t have a blue dot , you know they don’t have the mobile app. But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them, especially if you need to. If you want you can write to them from Facebook in its Web version. They will receive a direct message from the platform. This person from their browser will be able to talk to you normally and without any problem.

Then you will ask what is the difference? Although for some this does not represent a major inconvenience, but for others it does. Why? Because once the person turns off the computer or walks away from it, you will not be able to contact them until they are back in front of their computer. So if you need to talk urgently you will have to wait.

This does not happen with those who have the application from their phone , because in general we have it with us 24 hours a day and if you receive or need to send a message, you can do it. No matter the place, day and time with the mobile application your communication with those who do not have conditions, but if you do not have it you must wait to have access to the computer, so it does have conditions.


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