What does the blue dot of Facebook stories mean?

It could be said that Facebook was the first social network to be created, since it was after it that they began to see others such as Instagram, Twitter and Tinder. Mark Zuckerberg is the name of the person who created Facebook, this man is also currently the owner of Instagram and even WhatsApp.

At the beginning of the social network ‘Facebook’ it had few functions , but it was still used. Now, Facebook has many more functions than it did before and one of these is the ‘Blue Dot’ warning.

Many people have wondered what the true meaning of this point is and because of this, we will now show how to locate this point , what is the science of the users who have it and how to talk to someone who has the blue point.

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  1. Where is the famous blue dot of Facebook stories usually located?
  2. What is the difference between contacts who have this point and those who do not?
  3. Is there a way to contact a contact on Facebook without the blue dot?

Where is the famous blue dot of Facebook stories usually located?

If this blue dot is still not seen, you have to know where it is. To locate it, you must publish a story on your Facebook profile from the platform app or from the ‘Facebook Messenger’ application. After having published something in the story, you will have to press the blue icon that has the shape of an eye.

When you press this icon, you will notice that you are shown a list of all the people who have seen your story so far. On the right side of that person’s name, you should be able to see a small blue dot . This blue dot will not be all users, but only some.

This is for a single reason, which is that that user is logged into the ‘Facebook Messenger’ application and is connected to you, not only through Facebook, but also through Messenger . This type of information is very useful when you want to chat with a person through Messenger.

It should be noted that you can download Facebook Messenger on your device, but if your mobile has little internal memory then download Facebook Messenger Lite . The Facebook Messenger Lite has almost all the same features of the normal Messenger and the best thing is that it is much lighter.

What is the difference between contacts who have this point and those who do not?

The difference between users who have the blue dot and those who do not have it turns out to be very noticeable. And it is that users who only have Facebook and do not have Facebook Messenger can only enjoy some of the features of this instant messaging client.

Those who use Messenger within the Facebook app can only send text messages, photos, videos, emojis, make video calls, audio calls, send Stickers and see when other people are active . On the other hand, with the ‘Facebook Messenger’ app you can do many other things.

For example, make video calls, audio calls, send voice notes, send images, send videos, send stickers, send emojis, share your location, share web links, place quick emojis, give nicknames to users with whom you talk, change the color of the chat and many other things.

In case a person in Messenger annoys you daily with obscene messages or with things that you do not like, you can easily block it. After a while, you will be able to unblock it from your Facebook or else from the same Messenger. In case, you do not have Messenger on your mobile, you can use the Web page version .

Is there a way to contact a contact on Facebook without the blue dot?

The fact that a user within Facebook does not have the blue dot that does not mean that you cannot communicate with him. Yes you can and this can be used with the ‘Messenger’ section that contains the Facebook application. It is true that with this application you will not be able to enjoy all the Messenger functions, but you will have access to the most essential ones.

It should be noted that to ensure the security of your Facebook account, you can log out after using it. In this way, you will prevent other people from entering your account to see all your personal data . In addition, with this you will also avoid the publication of photos without your authorization.

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