How to unlink your Facebook profile from TikTok?

In the course of our day we usually pick up the phone to check the Facebook profile or we watch a few videos on TikTok . Without a doubt, these platforms make our days a little more fun.

One of the most used functions these days is to link all of our social media accounts with each other. This allows us to easily and quickly enter any of our accounts. In case you no longer trust these kinds of links, you can unlink the Facebook account from the TikTok account in this way.

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  1. What is the process to unlink your Facebook account from TikTok depending on the device you use?
    1. In a computer
    2. From the Android app
    3. On iPhone or iPad
    4. From your cell phone browsers
  2. How to delete your TikTok account forever?

What is the process to unlink your Facebook account from TikTok depending on the device you use?

After we link one social media account that we own with another, it becomes a bit annoying, as we both start receiving notifications from the account we link. This also has to do with the login, since this link allows us to quickly enter our profile at the beginning of the session.

But sometimes this becomes a problem for the security of your personal data. That is why it is reasonable that you are considering unlinking your Facebook from TikTok . Here we are going to show you how to do this process from any device.

In a computer

Unlinking your Facebook account from TikTok on your PC is not complicated. For this you have to enter the official Facebook site and you will log in there. Being already in your account you have to locate an icon of an arrow pointing downwards. When you click on this icon you will click on ‘Settings and privacy’. Now click on ‘Settings’, on that screen there are several options.

Among all those you will have to choose the one of ‘Apps and websites’. From there you will be able to view all the websites and applications in which your Facebook is linked. So next to the name of the TikTok link there will be the delete icon. There you can unlink your TikTok after confirming the action you are doing.

From the Android app

One of the most used phones are those with the Android system. Therefore, if you have the Facebook app installed, you can unlink any other account that is linked to it. You have to enter the app, there on the right side is the menu icon in the upper right, after you press it you will have to look almost at the end for the choice of ‘Settings’.

In this new menu several sections will appear, you will go to ‘Security’ and you will enter ‘Apps and Websites’. In that segment will be all the sites where you are logged in with Facebook, including the TikTok app. Now you are only going to click on delete, which is just below the name of the app or website that you want to delete.

On iPhone or iPad

The configuration processes in the applications created for the iOS system, which is what phones like iPhone and iPad have, are always a little different. Although in the case of Facebook only changes the location of an icon or options and the names of some sections are used with synonyms.

To unlink an app or website on Facebook from your iPhone or iPad you have to click on the three lines at the bottom of the screen. There you will touch ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Apps and web pages’, from there you will choose the links you want to remove .

From your cell phone browsers

If in case of unlinking an account from Facebook you see that it is safer to do it from your phone’s browser, you can do it using the same steps as in the case of the Android application.

How to delete your TikTok account forever?

If after using your TikTok account you don’t like the experience it gives you and you want to unsubscribe and delete your account completely , here you will see how to do it. You will enter the TikTok app and log in and go to your profile. Being already in the profile you will press on the menu and then you will enter the part of ‘Manage your account’.

Among all the options that are there, you will touch the one to ‘Delete account’, after you do so, you will get a warning ad which you will accept. In this way, your TikTok account will be deleted. The process of deleting this account is thirty days, and from the moment you delete it, it will no longer be visible to any other user and its content will not appear either.

From the Instagram application you will also be able to unlink your TikTok account in case you no longer want them to be linked.

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