How to make your Reel with several photos for Instagram?

On Instagram, all users can upload content of different types. There are the stories, the videos that can be published on Instagram TV and the reels. For a short time within Instagram there is the possibility of creating Reels with multiple photos that all users within Instagram will be able to view.

Maybe you have some doubts about this whole thing and you don’t really understand what is needed. You do not have to worry about anything at all, because shortly we will show you the things that are needed to make a Reels of multiple photos , how to make a Reels of this type, how to improve the elaboration of this Reel and many other things.

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  1. What do you need to make a Reel for Instagram?
    1. Get the Instagram App for Android or iOS
    2. Check how long a Reel lasts
  2. What is the way to make a Reel with many images for Instagram?
    1. If you are going to take the photos
    2. With images from the gallery
  3. How to improve your Reels within Instagram?
    1. Add music to your reels
  4. What alternatives do you have when making a Reel for Instagram?
    1. Use Quik for iOS
    2. Download FilmoraGo for Android

What do you need to make a Reel for Instagram?

Within Instagram, when you want to carry out a certain process, you need to have some things. Even to make a Reels with several photos you need to have certain requirements before starting and know the details of the Reels that you want to upload in your account. By having these two things, you can proceed with the creation of the project.

Get the Instagram App for Android or iOS

Instagram has a web page from which people with mobiles of any type of system and users with computers can access their profile . However, it is true that the Instagram website has almost the same things as the app, but to make a Reels it is necessary to download the application.

In the case of people who have a mobile with an iOS system , they will have to download the App from the App Store. But those who have a mobile with an Android system, will have to download it from the Play Store .

Check how long a Reel lasts

Knowing the duration limit of a Reels is important, since this way you will know if it is necessary to trim the video. In case you didn’t know, the Instagram platform recently changed the duration of this type of content.

Before, Reels had the same length of stories, which was only 15 seconds. However, Reels can now last up to 60 seconds or less.

It should be noted that with the Instagram platform you can change the duration of the songs in the stories so that they are longer or much shorter .

What is the way to make a Reel with many images for Instagram?

There are at least two ways to upload Reels within Instagram. These two ways are taking photos from the application and with the photos you have in the gallery . To use the creation of Reels with either of these two ways the process will change, so it is necessary that you follow the instructions that we will give you.

If you are going to take the photos

When you have not yet taken a single photo for the Reels, you will have to take them at this time. If that is the situation, enter the Instagram application and follow these steps:

  1. Look for the camera icon that the application has.
  2. Take all the photos you want or if not record a portion of video.
  3. Trim the length of that video or image.
  4. Modify the background to the photos before uploading them.
  5. Save the changes and proceed to upload the Reels.

The Instagram app offers you multiple functions and various types of Reels to upload. Before uploading your Reels you must decide which one you are going to choose. It should be noted that in case you want to combine a video together with a photo , you will be happy to know that there is a way to place a video over an Instagram photo .

With images from the gallery

If at the time of making the Reels you have remembered that you have previously taken some photos that turned out well, you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app, log into your account, look for the ‘Reels’ section.
  2. When entering that section, press the icon in the form of a gallery, choose the photos and videos.
  3. Arrange each of the photos prepared for the creation of the Reels so that you finish everything by uploading it.

At this point you would finish the whole process to upload a Reels of several photos within Instagram. There is a way to improve each of the Reels you want. With this, they will be more entertaining and professional.

How to improve your Reels within Instagram?

The best way to improve a Reels within the Instagram platform is by placing music on it. By adding these types of details, the publication will be more entertaining and depending on the song you play, you will transmit good vibes.

Add music to your reels

On Instagram, you can place music on photos to make it more entertaining. It would be convenient for you personally to use such a feature of the platform to attract more followers and also to acquire more reactions . Once you have finished making the Reels in your account, if you want you can share that Reels in your story.

What alternatives do you have when making a Reel for Instagram?

The features that Instagram brings to create Reels of several photos with music, may seem a bit difficult to use . If that is the situation, you can switch to using some applications that have nothing to do with the Instagram app.

Use Quik for iOS

Quik is a video editing and video creation application that is compatible with iOS system mobiles . The Quik app is also visible for Android system mobiles, but the iOS-compatible version has many relevant functions and is easier to use.

Download FilmoraGo for Android

FilmoraGo is a well-known application that can be used to edit any video regardless of the format, and it can also be used to create videos from scratch . The Android version of FilmoraGo is much better than the iOS one. Therefore, if your phone’s system is Android, you should download this application.


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