+100 Original and funny names for Instagram

To gain followers and achieve a very attractive profile, it is necessary to have an original name on Instagram , a social network in which many millions of people are already registered. The service is used for more than just hanging photos, many people get a professional performance from this application.

Finding a perfect name to attract attention will be enough to gain popularity, either by using yours and giving it a personal touch. Therefore, the original names for Instagram is essential if you do not want to be one more within this already well-known popular network.


  • 1 How to choose a good name on Instagram
  • 2 Names for original Instagram accounts
  • 3 Creative names for Instagram
  • 4 English Names for Instagram
  • 5 Names for Gamers on Instagram
  • 6 Names for fashion accounts on Instagram
  • 7 Generate names with pages
  • 8 Series names
  • 9 Business Names on Instagram

How to choose a good name on Instagram

Before recommending good names for your Instagram account , it is essential to take into account some tips. Knowing how to choose a name for a boy or a girl, we give you some keys. In the end, the important part is to gain followers and, thanks to this, to have a great network of contacts.

  1. The username must match the name of the profile. This will make it easier for any user looking for you to find you.
  2. Try to have a simple name to remember, it becomes important to your followers.
  3. Try to avoid sexual terms in the name. Instagram bans many users for this reason, it is not advisable to put yourself, for example, Josevicioso or anything similar to it.
  4. Avoid a long name or alias, this will not help at all, the shorter and easier the better.
  5. It has your personal stamp, this is essential to not be a clone of another account. People eventually get tired of following these types of people who are looking to achieve fame at the expense of others.

Names for original Instagram accounts

A clear example to succeed is to have a nickname or alias similar to your name but putting it a little differently, if your name is Luis, for example, a variable and striking one would be @luisasecas. If in this case your name is Adam, you can use @andadan , if you bet on fitness you could use @alefit and if you are an architect, @maferarq. @Matiman can be ideal if your name is Matías.

Antonio’s name is quite common, so you can use @naitoon , Carmen that of @mancer, Lucía that of @acilu and Natalia that of @laitana. Other different ones could be that of Raquel, who could use that of @Lequar and Isabel that of @lesiba or that of @lebasi, the two are striking and different.

In summary, the ideas to put an original name on Instagram would be:

  • Your name + to dry.
  • Your name + man / woman.
  • Change the order of the letters in your name.
  • Introduce something that distinguishes you by hobbies, such as “fitness.”

Creative names for Instagram

Another important detail is to choose names and nicknames with grace, this will also reach the general public, imagine putting yourself @elbuenoelfeoyyo. Other appropriate names for the social network are @tristejoker , @filmreelsinbetweens, @instaguedon, @eldemonioexterminador or @instaguedon.

The key here is not to simply use the name of a series or the protagonist, but to add some more term. For example: “jokertriste” or “sherlockpedro”.

If you like movies, you can choose other quite appropriate ones such as monkscafes for Seinfeld, @overlookhotel for The Shining, @laestrelladelamuerte for Star Wars, @hawthornegrill for Pulp Fiction, @katzdelicatessen for the movie When Harry met Sally and @palacinkascafe for My Blueberry Nights.


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If you have a business related to books, a bakery or being a film blogger, these could serve you, @libroslibres, @pinpanpon and @cecine. You can also choose others, including @pandeldia, @todosloslibros and @somoscine , they are clear examples that there are many who can give you a good boost on Instagram.

English names for Instagram

Choosing a name in English is another alternative to be able to reach everyone , whether they are Spanish-speaking or from outside the European territory, something that some have done. Among them, highlighting @lovelykat, @scarytom, @ablazeabe, @darklau, @cynicalcynthia, @ghostlymarie, @cutiepam and @happyholly, are just a few examples of the various that can result.


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The person pronouns You, I, They and We are quite useful for both boys and girls, in the case of them, @isabelforyou, @isandra , @theyknowbella and @wearesarah would be fine. In the case of men, the best are IJavier, YouJose, TheyAlex, among others.

That is, you would have to put:

  • Your name + for you.
  • i + your name.
  • You + your name.
  • They + your name.

And even put it in Spanish:

  • I am + your name (@soypatricia).
  • I am + your name (@yosoymonica).

You can also wear colors:

  • Blue emilio
  • SergioYellow
  • MonicaPink

Names for Gamers on Instagram

To put an original name gamer you can use the following terms in your nickname:

  • gamer
  • gaming
  • play

In this way, we find some ideas such as @couchmaster, @expertoensofasymandos, @gaminggolden , @markattack, @mamigamer, @gamerbois, @undergroundgamer, @gamergoesout, @bloodygamer, @maestrodelsofa and @eatplayrepeat. Other appropriate ones can be @ Gamer + tualias, you can also choose @ Gamerpro + tualias and @ ProGamer + tualias.


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Names for fashion accounts on Instagram

If your thing is fashion, it is best to choose a good name to want to be an influencer , @texturatextiles is one of the best available right now, also @slowfashionistas. Others who adapt to this are @paletadestilo, @glamourvelvet, @armarioverdeyrojo, @calleschic, @armarioperezoso, @estiloembriago and @estiloyestilas.

If you do not like the proposed ideas and want to find your own, you can take advantage by placing the following terms in your username so that it remains something cool and original:

  • fashion
  • style
  • fashion
  • beauty
  • cool
  • style

Generate names with pages

Using a web page generator has given us up to a total of 30 different alternatives , many of them are possibly usable on Instagram. JollyDani, LuckyDani, IslandDani, DaniDawk, DaniStroons, IncohDani and more than 20 available that can be really important.

Series names

Many over time have chosen names of users of the most famous series, whether they are cartoons or series of different types. @MadMen, @TheWire, @TheDailyShow , @Deadwood, @SesameStreet, @ 30Rock, @TheShield and another that comes to mind can be worth it, as long as they are not in use and busy.


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In this case it is best to try to reach them, it is best to try to occupy it or put a sign to take it. In many cases they are usually occupied by the different production companies, although it is best to use the names of the actors and actresses.

Names for businesses on Instagram

If you have set up a costume shop, one that can come in handy is @desperateclowns , if you are a journalist another appropriate one would be @ascaryreporter, for a bar-cafeteria «@makecoffeenotwar», if you are an athlete, one that can come in handy is @painandgamestudio, for a restaurant @eatprayeatagain

The brand name is another option, if you open a profile, try putting the full name with the domain, for example @androidguias or @androidguiascom may be the best for this page . Sometimes keeping it under the domain will allow a quick search for all users looking for your profile.

If you have a clothing boutique, the one that best suits you is @ boutique + nombredelatienda , also @boutiquederope, using French to make it look better and be quite searching on the social network. Other important ones would be @ropadeprimera, @ ropan Número1 and @lamejortiendaderopa.


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