How to Put Funny Placements on Instagram

More and more people are encouraged to share stories on Instagram. Practically, it is something that many do frequently, but there are always those who want something new, that makes them stand out . Something that can help you if this is your case are the funny locations on Instagram.

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  1. How can you add a funny location to your Instagram post?
  2. What are the funniest and most popular placements to use on Instagram?
    1. In a fairy tale
    2. Sleeping in the right place
    3. Home Sweet Home

How can you add a funny location to your Instagram post?

In your publications or stories you can capture a memory, a happy or sad moment, a news item or simply promote your product. However, in this innovative and competitive era, people always want to break with the normal parameters to stand out from the others.

On the other hand, there are people who like to share their moments, but keep their location privacy a bit for privacy or security reasons. Therefore, Instagram adjusting to all the needs of its users , constantly adds a variety of elements and actions to give versatility and distinction to each publication.

In this way, it is not surprising that you can use music , filters, effects, among others, in publications. This has become very popular with users. But if you want to make a difference and put a funny location, you must follow the following steps:

First, log into your personal account and track the + symbol on your screen . In the second step, you have to choose between two options to create a photo or video in real time or choose from your gallery . While making the decision on your screen you will see the publications section.

When selecting the content to publish you must click on continue or next. Afterwards, you can choose if you want to use a filter on your content and you must click on continue. This will take you to a window with different options, but the one we are interested in is adding the location .

What are the funniest and most popular placements to use on Instagram?

When you have done all the aforementioned process step by step, that means that you are in the select location section. On the screen you will see a bar where you can write the closest place where you live, if you want to configure a real location. But if you want a fun site that dazzles or makes an impact , the platform also helps you solve this situation.

And it is that many need to solve this matter in order to stand out among others and be able to achieve their dreams of being famous. On the other hand, others like to be different in all facets of their life and putting something different that goes out of the conventional fits them very well.

If you are someone who does not know very well how Instagram works, it is good that you know that this application works with an algorithm that keeps statistics of some variables (dates, likes, filter views , among others). Thanks to this, they can establish which functions and variables can attract the attention of users and suggest them.

The same happens with the location, they calculate or determine which are the most fun locations for users in general. So with a few words in the writing bar, the suggestion of the most used will appear, like the ones you will see below.

In a fairy tale

In the search bar is to type funny places like “A Fairy Tale”. This place is used if you want to convey a magical event in your life. When you write one or two words, the same search engine will give you several options in that field and you can decide if you want a more fanciful site.

Sleeping in the right place

If you are on vacation or have a moment of relaxation, but you cannot stop posting photos and you do not want to reveal your location, you can place in the search bar Sleeping in the right place, so you will convey that you are in a place that is pleasant , calmly and quietly. This will cause the envy of many.

Home Sweet Home

If your moment to publish is warmer, more intimate or familiar, you can place it in the home bar and it will give you the option: Home sweet home. This is one of the most used due to the confinement in our houses . But these are not all the locations you can use, the limit is on your creativity.

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