10 sites to download funny videos for WhatsApp

Are you looking for where to download funny videos for Whatsapp ? Here is a guide on where to find free videos for WhatsApp and how to download them from PC and smartphone.

More and more people love to use instant messengers to send text, audio, voice and attachments to friends and colleagues. Among the most versatile applications from this point of view is WhatsApp , an excellent solution that allows you to communicate quickly and in different ways.

But, in addition to text messages for work and daily activities, WhatsApp is also the ideal tool for sending funny videos, triggering laughter and moments of hilarity throughout the day. The web is full not only of funny photos for WhatsApp or phrases for WhatsApp , but also of videos and hilarious content. That’s why having landmarks could help you speed up the research process.

In the next lines we will see where to share funny videos for WhatsApp. You can safely browse the sites indicated by both web browsers and smartphones or tablets.

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  • 10 sites to download funny videos for WhatsApp
    • Cracked
    • 9GAG
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Imgur
    • VideosHub
    • Buzzfeed
    • YouTube Kids
    • BastardiInside
    • Out of Head

10 sites to download funny videos for WhatsApp

Below is a list of 10 websites where there are thousands of funny videos for WhatsApp , but you need to understand how to copy the videos to this application and if they need a registration. Let’s see these platforms in detail.

  1. Cracked

One of the most popular online platforms for downloading hilarious videos is definitely Cracked . This website allows you to view content from films, TV series and access dedicated sections such as the most recent videos or fashion ones.

Although Cracked is in English it will not be difficult for you to view the various contents, by going to the page dedicated to videos you can first view them and then share them.

You won’t need any registration to copy the videos; in fact, you can share them by clicking on the desired content and then pressing the Share icon at the top right . The video URL will appear on the screen, you just have to copy and paste it into your WhatsApp chat, sending it to whoever you want.

  1. 9GAG

An absolute value alternative to find funny videos for WhatsApp is 9GAG , a platform completely in English that is currently among the most famous in the world for finding funny content on movies and TV series. However, you must not imagine it as a website where you can search for videos according to name or date, but more a constantly updated system in which the funny videos of the moment are inserted.

By accessing the 9GAG video page, you will not have to register or log in, to share the video just press on the icons right below the video, specifically that of Facebook , Pinterest or the Share button with which to choose WhatsApp from the options of sending.

  1. YouTube

When you imagine a funny video, the first thought is for YouTube right? You will surely have received one or more videos from this platform, the number of contents is so varied that it is difficult not to come across a funny video. Although with the registration you can access more features, to share a funny WhatsApp video, just choose the desired video and press Share , present at the bottom right of the video. From the options select WhatsApp and that’s it. If you are also registered you can also download the video by clicking on Download .

  1. Vimeo

Those who love videomaking know very well the qualities of Vimeo , a platform that is mainly aimed at those who are looking for particularly spontaneous content. This platform also offers you a section dedicated to comic videos, where there are amateur videos that are unique in the world.

To access the nicest videos, just type “ funny video ” in the search bar, on the homepage, to find a good number of videos among the results. You can expand your search with filters. In fact, on the left, you can choose the type of video, the origin and many other useful information to find the desired video.

Once you have found the perfect video, click on it and log in, with Vimeo you must necessarily be registered. You can also log in with Google Gmail which will connect automatically. If you do not wish to register, scroll down the page and click directly on Share . Here you can copy the URL and send it via chat on WhatsApp.

  1. Imgur

Another website completely in English to download and share funny videos for WhatsApp is Imgur . The platform offers you both a search bar where you can start searching for specific videos, and different sections where you can directly view the most popular and requested content.

When you find the funny video you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp, just click on it and press on the small icon on the left called Share , you will find it immediately under the heart icon and above that of the message bubble .

Clicking on it will open the sharing window, you will have to select the last one on the right to copy the URL to insert in the WhatsApp chat.

  1. VideosHub

If you love websites where categories are the stars, then VideosHub is the solution you are looking for. By accessing the official page you can find an infinite number of fun solutions by clicking on the different categories on the left.

Once you have chosen the category and immediately after the video, to share it on WhatsApp you will not have to click on any icon, but copy the URL directly from the web browser within the chat.

  1. Buzzfeed

An alternative of great interest, especially if you are someone who loves original funny videos, is Buzzfeed . This website, in addition to being graphically curated, allows you to access a section dedicated to funny videos, without any registration.

Go to the official page and choose the video you want to share. At the bottom right of the video you will notice icons, precisely those of Facebook , Twitter and the one called Copy Link . You will need to click on Copy Link and paste the URL into the WhatsApp chat to send it to the desired person.

  1. YouTube Kids

We pointed out that YouTube is one of the most popular sites for sharing funny videos to send on WhatsApp , but the children’s version also has its own why. Maybe you have a desire to send a video of the little ones to another parent, creating a fun and carefree chat.

To share a video from YouTube Kids you will need to go to the main page and choose between You are a parent or You are a child . By clicking on I am a parent you will access a small guide that will let you enter the date of birth and will explain how the channel works.

After the tutorial and choosing the age of the child, you can share funny videos for children by clicking on them and copying the URL in the web browser. Unfortunately, there are no direct buttons for sharing.

  1. BastardiInside

One of the most beloved websites for irreverence is BastardiDentro , here in addition to videos you can find cartoons , images and lots of funny material. Access the section dedicated to videos and select the one to see. BastardiDentro is associated with YouTube, therefore, you can start the video directly on this platform or click, at the top right, in the video on Share . From here choose WhatsApp and forward the message.

Again you will not need to register on the website, but if you want to download other content it is advisable to do so.

  1. Out of Head

Last website on the list, but certainly not the worst, is FuoridiTesta , container of thousands of funny videos for WhatsApp. Access the dedicated page and select the video you want to share, you can also perform a search with the bar at the top center.

Click on the video and it will start automatically, to share it just press the icon above the video called Send on WhatsApp . A window will open explaining how to complete the submission.


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