Best sites to download free books legally

If you have a Kindle or an e-ink ebook then you will definitely want to make the most of it by reading a good novel. You can also use an Android mobile or tablet to read EPUB, MOBI or PDF files, although an electronic book always has that extra convenience.

If you normally read books from an Android device, don’t forget to take a look at the post ” The best apps to read books for free on Android .” Now let’s see which are the best pages to download ebooks for free and legally.

The best sites to download free books legally

The first thing to keep in mind with these content repositories is that most books are works in the public domain. Many of the ebooks are in English, but there is also space for books in Spanish, Amazon being one of the best places to get free ebooks, since many new authors use this platform to make themselves known through offers or by giving away their book directly to attract new readers.


If you have an Amazon account you can download hundreds of free books, without having to have Amazon Prime or any type of paid subscription. The store offers different digital books for Kindle that vary depending on our country (if we look at we will see that there are certain titles, different from those we see in Amazon Mexico or Amazon USA).

  • See list of free books on Amazon Spain.
  • See list of free books in Amazon Mexico.
  • See list of free books on Amazon USA.

 Kindle Store

Amazon also has its “Kindle Store”, where we can consult the best-selling books on the platform. The good thing about this is that it also has a section called “Top 100 free”, where we find the hundred most downloaded free books of the moment.

Here novels of all kinds of genres, from romance novels, thrillers, self-help books, mystery, historical and a long etcetera. All of them available at zero cost.

See Free Top 100 from the Kindle Store

Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited

As incredible as it may sound, there are still more ways to get free books to download on Amazon. If you have a Prime account you will be happy to know that you can download hundreds of books and even comics without spending a single cent within the Prime Reading service included in the Amazon Prime subscription (if you do not have Prime you can access the 30-day trial period for free). free, both on and ).

If we want to go one step further, we can also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited , a premium service that offers more than 1 million ebooks for € 9.99 per month. Kindle Unlimited has a 30-day trial period that we can take advantage of to test the service and read a few novels for free.

Try Kindle Unlimited at: |


Bubok is another platform from where you can self-publish your own books, as well as download a large number of titles that are available for free in ePub and PDF formats mainly. The page is aimed at the Spanish public, so you will not find any type of language barrier here.

Enter Bubok


Kobo is Rakuten’s ebook platform, and although many of its books are paid (logical considering that they are novels that have just been published) it also has several ebooks in Spanish that we can download for free.

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In Elejandria more than 1000 books are collected that have already become public domain. Classic works by authors such as Cervantes, Calderón de la Barca or Shakespeare. The ebooks can be downloaded in PDF, ePUB and MOBI formats.

Enter Elejandria


Wattpad is one of the most popular platforms to read free books in Spanish. It has a wide catalog of genres ranging from thriller, through romance, science fiction, cyberpunk and many others. In essence it is like a social network, since you can read but also write and upload your texts for the other readers of the platform to read.

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Gutenberg Project

Project Gutenberg is a website that offers more than 60,000 free ebooks for download. Its library does not require registration or payment of any kind, and it has a large collection of titles mainly in English, although there are also quite a few books in Spanish.

One of its source points is the search and classification options offered by the page, being able to search by genre, language, ebook format and more. Here we will find novels by Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and many other well-known titles.

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Smashwords is another page where we can buy ebooks, but it also offers a remarkable number of free books to download. All the books are self-published, and are in different languages, from mainly English, through Portuguese or Spanish.

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The Manybooks website is another excellent repository to download free books. It allows you to search by genre (romance, adventure, children’s, horror, biographies, etc.), and in total it has more than 50,000 books available at zero cost.

Although most of the catalog is in English, it has hundreds of books in Spanish, most of them public domain novels. We can read them online from the browser or download the corresponding file in epub, pdf, azw or mobi format.


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