10 Best Sites to edit videos

You’ve been thinking about making a video montage for some time now to post on your social media profiles or show your friends and family. However, you would like to avoid installing particularly complex programs on your computer and would rather have access to an online resource that is easy to use and, if possible, even free.

Not being particularly familiar with this kind of services, you decided to look for a tutorial that can show you how the best sites to edit videos work and finally here you are, on my blog. Well, I have to tell you that you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In fact, it will be enough for you to dedicate only a few minutes of your precious time to reading this tutorial, in which I will explain in detail how to edit a video using what I believe to be the best platforms available on the Internet. So, are you ready? Perfect, in this case I just have to wish you good reading and have fun.


  • Sites to edit videos for free
    • Clipchamp
    • Mastershot
    • Other sites to edit videos for free
  • Sites to edit videos with photos and music
    • Magisto
    • Wevideo
    • Other sites to edit videos with photos and music

Sites to edit videos for free

If you are looking for sites to edit videos for free , do not worry: there are several solutions you can refer to, but in the next paragraphs I will explain in detail the operation of some resources that I consider particularly complete.


To begin with, I suggest you absolutely try Clipchamp : it is one of the best sites to edit videos online , as it allows you to create and edit excellent quality movies through a rich set of particularly intuitive tools. I must warn you, however, that only the basic version is free, while if you want to take advantage of premium features there are three types of subscription starting at $ 9 per month.

To start using the service for free, connect to the Clipchamp main page and perform a quick registration by pressing the Try for Free button , located at the top right. Then select one of the proposed registration methods: you can choose to associate your Microsoft , Google , Facebook or Dropbox profile by clicking on the relevant button (you will be sent back to the respective authentication form), or to create a new account by clicking on Use my email .

In the latter case, just type in your email address in the next step and click on the Sign up button : an email will be sent to the address indicated containing a link which, once clicked, will redirect you to a page where you only need to enter the information Name and Last name .

Then, press the Continue button , then select the category of use to which you belong among Education (teachers or students), Content (for professionals in the sector), Business and Corporate (for companies) and Personal (for fun).

Once this is done, you immediately access the home page of the platform for creating videos. Press, therefore, on the Create video button located at the top right, in order to open the editing interface. To load a movie, press the [+] button located at the top left, then open the folder with your multimedia files on your computer and drag them while holding down the left mouse button inside the appropriate box, as shown in the image.

To complete the operation, move the cursor over the preview of the video just loaded in the aforementioned panel and click on the small [+] symbol located in the lower right corner of the relevant box, in order to add the movie to the timeline , that is the bar time that is located at the bottom of the main interface screen.

Now, to move the various elements within the timeline and arrange them in the desired order, just click on the single track and proceed by dragging, as shown above.

If, during editing, you find that you need to cut a portion of the video , I recommend that you proceed as follows: move the progress bar (the white line that runs forward during playback) with the mouse to the point where you want to perform the cut, then click on the scissor symbol located a little higher, on the left and you will see that the selected frame will be divided into two parts. To delete a video clip, instead, click on it, then press the nearby trash can symbol .

At this point, once all the elements have been placed in the desired order, to play the video simply click the  button in the player located in the center of the main screen.

Now it’s time to define some salient aspects of your creation: click on a track you want to edit within the timeline, then focus your attention on the top of the screen and locate the bar with the Layout , Transform , Filters , functionalities. Adjust Colors , Fade , Speed and Audio , which will allow you to modify some fundamental parameters of the project.

To do this, simply click on the item relating to the aspect you want to retouch and select by pressing the option you prefer in the box that is displayed at the same time. For example, if you want to apply a black and white filter , just click on the Filters item and then on the Black & White mode : you will see that the preview on the player will be immediately modified accordingly.

Finally, you can enrich your creation with one of the many templates present in the vertical bar on the left of the screen. If you want to try to add a text , click on the Text functionality inside the aforementioned bar, scroll through the various options proposed in the panel to its right and press the [+] button inside the box containing the type of writing you want to apply.

A new dedicated frame is thus created on the timeline, which you can drag to the point you prefer, or even extend and reduce using the special handles located at its ends: in fact, when you move the mouse over, the cursor takes the shape of a double-headed arrow. and just hold down the left mouse button and move it to the right or left to adjust the duration.

Now, click on the Text function , which is contextually made available at the top of the screen, to edit the text and define its font . In the same way, use the Transform button to position the text within the video and on the adjacent Colors button to apply a color to the font and background.

I suggest you also experiment with the Filters and transitions function , which allows you to apply transition effects within the video by dragging the chosen one in the timeline between one segment and another in the points marked with the green [+] symbol . Also in this case, as for all the other functions present in the left bar, a dedicated menu will be generated in the upper part of the interface for the configuration of some simple parameters.

As soon as you are satisfied with your creation, to export the video you simply have to press the Export button , located at the top right and, acting on the box that is shown, define the title and resolution (in the free version it is possible to export only at 480p ).

Finally, choose one of the methods proposed on the next page, which include the possibility to save on your computer ( Save to you computer ), create a link ( Create video link ), or use services such as Dropbox , Drive , OneDrive , Pinterest , LinkedIn or YouTube .


Another completely free online video editor I want to talk to you about is Mastershot : it is a very simple resource, with a particularly intuitive interface, which I recommend you experiment if you want to prefer the possibility of exporting a video in high resolution , giving up instead of using special filters and effects.

To access it, connected to the main page of the service , then press the Register item located at the top right, proceed to create an account by entering your email and password and press the Register button again . Alternatively, you can choose to associate your Google profile via the button below.

The first screen that is shown allows you to immediately start the project: press, therefore, on the [+] button to activate the editing interface . Now, load the contents you want to mount by pressing the Add Files button , located on the left, then select the movies, images and audio files you want to edit. Finally, to perform the import on the Mastershot server, press the Open button .

The content section is consequently populated with the newly uploaded items. Now, to add them to the timeline , move the cursor over the relevant box and press the [+] symbol that appears at the bottom right.

At this point you can act directly on the timeline to manage the various elements. You can move them to a different position by simply clicking on them and, keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag them wherever you like. If you want to reduce its extension, press on one of the ends of the track and, as soon as you see the symbol of an arrow with two points , always with the left mouse button pressed, move it to the right or left according to your needs.

To split a movie in two, instead, select the latter on the timeline by pressing, then move the progress bar (the black vertical line that follows the temporal evolution of the video) to the point where you want to cut and press the scissors placed a little higher left. To delete a piece, then, select it and press the trash can button next to the scissors button.

On the left vertical panel is another useful feature that allows you to add text to your montage. To proceed, press the Text button , then click on the Add Text item and press on the new element that is generated at the end of the timeline (which, of course, you can move where you want as shown above).

In the panel located to the right of the player it will then be possible to edit the text and its parameters: type the textual content in the Text content field , value its size in the Font Size box , define the font using the Fonts drop-down menu below and, finally, choose color via the latest Colors feature .

To finish editing the video, I would like to point out the Separate Audio utility in the right panel: the latter allows you to divide the original audio from your movie in case, for example, you want to remove it to make another stand out. music background.

Once you have finished editing, you can proceed to export your creation: press the Export button in the left panel, then, in the next step, assign a title to the project, choose the resolution between 480p , 720p and 1080p modes and press the Continue button . Wait, now, for the rendering of the video, the progress of which will come to you through a special progress bar and, at the end, press the Download button to download it locally on your computer.

Other sites to edit videos for free

If the proposals of the previous chapters did not satisfy you at all, don’t worry, I have selected other sites for you to edit free videos that I consider particularly valid.

  • Kizoa– one of the easiest to use free video cutting and editing sites you can find on the Internet. Thanks to it you can, in fact, load different types of content and implement some characteristic transition effects through an extremely intuitive menu.
  • Videotoolbox– this is another completely free resource that I highly recommend you experiment with if you want to edit your videos with just a few clicks. However, bear in mind that a watermark will be applied to your project when the changes are complete.
  • Adobe Spark Video– if you are looking for a reliable, simple and well-structured resource, be sure to check out this fun and creative free service from Adobe as well.

Sites to edit videos with photos and music

The project you have in mind involves the integration of movies and songs and, therefore, are you looking for sites to edit videos with photos and music ? Well, even in this case I have some very good resources to suggest to you.


Magisto is certainly one of the most stimulating and feature-rich video and photo editing sites that the Net can offer, and is particularly suitable for creating formats that can be adapted to different publishing needs.

To access Magisto, connected to the main page of the service , then press the Get started button and choose whether to register with your Google or Facebook account , or create an account from scratch by filling out the form below.

Once this is done, select the plan that best suits your needs (prices start at $ 4.99 per month ), or press the relevant Start Free Trial button to take advantage of a 7-day free trial . At the next step, in any case, you will have to enter the data relating to the chosen payment method or use the PayPal service to start using the service.

Once this phase is complete, you can immediately start creating your video: then click on the Add Media button and then on the Upload button located at the top right to upload files from your PC. To continue with the assembly, then, click on the Add item located at the bottom left.

Alternatively, if the content you want to edit is uploaded to Google Photos , press the Connect to Google Photo button to link the account and draw from your images stored through the service in question.

Once the images have been uploaded, press the Next button located at the top right and define the style of the project by selecting one of the options proposed there, divided into the various categories indicated above, then press the Next button again .

Now it’s time to add music : you can select one of the contents proposed by the platform in the categories Recommended , All music and Recent , or upload a file from your PC using the Upload your music function .

At this point, click on the Preview button located at the top right, then assign a name to the project and click on the Save button . Wait for the preview to be prepared which, once ready, will automatically be played.

If, at this stage, you realize you want to further edit the video, press the Edit button below and you will be sent back to a special interface that will allow you, through the aggregated functions in the left panel, to add new contents or replace those that are not. you like them, insert text and stickers , change the previously chosen style , or even set a different format , change the predefined color palettes and add a logo .

To confirm the changes, just press the Save & preview button , which you can always find at the top right, in order to see the new version of your video. As soon as you are satisfied with the result, press the Save button and select, in the next step, in which album of your Magisto profile to save the project.

Afterwards, you can share the project, using the Share function , on some social media such as Facebook , Vimeo , YouTube , Twitter or via Email , or download the video in HD on your computer by pressing the button of the same name.


Another option that I would like to offer you is Wevideo : it is an excellent site for editing videos with music and, moreover, you will be pleased to know that even in this case it is possible to evaluate the service by taking advantage of the free version .

However, I must warn you that, in the free version, there are some limitations, such as the ability to export a maximum of 5 minutes of movies per month and the application of watermarks on the final project. If you want to opt for the paid version, however, you can choose between different subscription solutions starting at $ 4.99 per month .

To access for free, therefore, connected to the platform’s home page , then press the Try for free item in the banner at the top. On the next page, choose whether to associate your Google or Facebook account , or whether to create a new profile by filling out the form below.

You will be immediately sent back to the starting page for creating the new project: click on the Create New button and select the Video option to load the online editing interface, then, first of all, load the multimedia files by dragging them into the section Media from the folder they are stored in, or press the Add button to import them from your computer.

At this point, arrange the various contents in the timeline below by dragging them one by one into their respective Text , Video or Audio categories . If necessary, you can also create a new track by pressing the [+] button located on the right.

To resize a content, select it by pressing, then move the cursor to one of the ends and, as soon as the symbol of an arrow with two points appears , hold down the left mouse button and move to the right or left to the desired point.

To cut a track, on the other hand, after selecting it, move the blue progress bar to the point where you want to perform the operation and press the scissors symbol located at the top of it. To delete a segment, instead, use the trash tool present in the black box that is shown just above the track.

Now I want to show you how to apply a transition effect between one clip and another: just press the Transitions button in the toolbar at the top, choose the effect from those proposed in the panel below and drag it into the space between a track and the next one.

If you are satisfied with the result, which you can always view using the player on the left, proceed to export the project: to do this, click on the Finish button located at the top right, assign it a title in the following window, then press the Set button . Now, in the screen that loads, keep the settings granted by the free version of the service, then press the Export button : you will be notified by email as soon as the video is ready.

Other sites to edit videos with photos and music

Have you tried the solutions mentioned above but you are still not completely sure if you have found the right tool for your needs and would like to evaluate other sites to edit videos with photos and music ? In this case, try your hand at editing on one of the following resources, which I have personally tested and which I think are perfectly suitable for the purpose.

  • Fastreel– this site is an excellent free solution if you are looking for a platform that allows you to add music and enrich the project with effects and transitions of great impact.
  • YouTube Studio– maybe you are not aware of it, but the YouTube platform also offers a very valid editor that allows you to make changes to your videos by also inserting audio content, photos and text.
  • Apowersoft– even this online editing tool made available by Apowersoft integrates a series of useful tools to perform an editing with attention to the smallest details.
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