How to use a funny location on Instagram? – Stories and posts

Instagram has become the favorite social network for many. Its design, its functions, the ease of gaining followers and all the possibilities it offers content creators make it an application that cannot be replaced .

How to Use a Funny Location on Instagram? – Stories and Posts

Precisely among all its functions, the most important are stories and publications. You can add a funny location to both of them to make them more fun . Continue reading and discover the process to follow in each one.

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  1. What are the steps to add a location to your Instagram post?
  2. What procedure must be followed to add a location to your insta story?
  3. What are the most popular and funniest locations on Instagram to put in your posts?
    1. in a fairy tale
    2. sleeping in the right place
    3. Home Sweet Home

What are the steps to add a location to your Instagram post?

Let’s start with the posts. While it is true that stories have been gaining ground, regular posts are still the most frequent and numerous on Instagram . On the other hand, by adding a location, it is shown available to everyone, and it is easier for them to locate you.

The procedure is quick and the same for all publications . The only requirement is that you have the Instagram application installed on your mobile. If not, download it, and follow these steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Locate the “+” button (which is at the top) and press it.
  • In the options that will appear choose ‘ Publication’.
  • Find the photo to which you want to add the funny post, and click on it.
  • Click on the arrow in the upper right corner. You will be sent to the filter list.
  • If you like, choose one of the available filters.
  • Click on the arrow from before again.
  • In the options menu click on ‘ Add location’.

After you have done all that, Instagram will show you an address search bar. Therefore, the only thing left is for you to write something funny on it. Remember that there are many options. When you’ve finally settled on one, just click on it. It will automatically be added to the post . From then on, the only thing that will be needed is that you publish the image.

What procedure must be followed to add a location to your insta story?

Now that we have seen how to add the locations in a normal post, we can move on to see what the procedure is like in insta stories, which are also one of the great attractions of Instagram .

To do this we have an option that directly allows us to add the location of our stories , a function very similar to showing the time and other interesting data. Thanks to this, we will not have to resort to other tools. These are the steps:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click on the ‘+’ button.
  • Among the options choose ‘ History’.
  • Find the photo or image you want to add and touch it.
  • At the top, click on the button with a smiley face.
  • In the list of options, click on ‘Location’.
  • Write the location you want in the search engine, and press it as soon as it appears.
  • The location will be added to the image. You just have to find where to put it.
  • To finish, click on ‘ Your stories’, and the photograph will be published with the location you chose.

What are the most popular and funniest locations on Instagram to put in your posts?

We said above that the Instagram app shows you a bar to search for addresses. We also point out that you can choose any. However, it should be mentioned that the algorithm of the application will help you a bit in the process. What the algorithm does is order the placements based on their popularity . That is very useful, in case you are not sure which one to choose or come up with a funny one.

Now, as time has gone by, three funny locations have remained among the most sought after . For that reason we are going to explain them here, so that you know them and see if any of them fit what you have been looking for.

in a fairy tale

This funny location is currently the most searched for by Instagram users. It is designed for when you want the posts on yourInstagram account to have a magical and mystical aura .

If you want to take advantage of this location you must write ‘in a story’ in the location search engine . The option will instantly appear, accompanied by other very similar ones, such as ‘in a happy place’. Be that as it may, click on the first one, and it will be added to your post.

sleeping in the right place

In this case we found a location that is not only funny, but also comforting. It is ideal for those days when you feel happy in someone else’s home , in yours or in a place where you have decided to stay.

If you want to share that joy, this is the perfect location. To find it, type ‘sleeping in the indicated place’ in the search engine . Then select the first option that appears in the results.

Home Sweet Home

This location has gained special fame during confinement, since it alludes precisely to the idea of ​​being at home. Users have learned to use it not to remember the quarantine, but to make their posts more homey .

To use this option, all you have to do is put ‘home sweet home’ in the search bar . You will be shown several options, some of them with emoticons or similar elements. Find the one that convinces you the most, press it, and that’s it!


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