How to mute stories and posts on your Instagram?

One of the largest social networks, without a doubt, is Instagram. With its enormous reach, its variety of content, and myriad tools. Instagram has proven to be a very complete platform to generate followers by publishing posts, videos and stories with different effects and filters .

Fortunately, the platform has a series of options where you can choose what to see and what not to see . In case you have one or more in a row that upload content that does not interest you. Instagram has the option to mute them. So below we will explain how to mute the posts of a follower on Instagram.

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  1. What are the steps to mute stories or posts on your Instagram?
    1. Directly from the story or publication of the follower
    2. From your follower’s profile
  2. How to know if the stories and posts of your followed have been silenced?
    1. Update your Instagram APP
  3. Why can’t you mute stories or posts from your followers?

What are the steps to mute stories or posts on your Instagram?

Instagram has among its settings, the option of being able to mute groups , as well as mute the different followed that you have in your account. This so that the user has more control of the content they want to enjoy on the social network. In order to mute someone’s posts there are two easy ways to do it:

Directly from the story or publication of the follower

From your device (either with Android or iOS operating system), the way to silence a follower consists of doing a series of steps. It can be achieved by entering the app and entering the person’s story. In the corresponding Storie, you have to press the three dots in the corner of the screen and then press on ‘mute story’.

After completing these steps, the stories published by this profile will no longer be visible in the stories section at the beginning. Rather these will be blurred and at the end of the list of stories. So you still have the option to see the stories after being silenced, only they will be hidden.

This procedure can also be achieved from a post in the feed of the follower. To do this, you have to go to a publication and press the three dots that are in the upper right corner of it, and among all the options click on ‘mute’ . Next, you can choose whether to silence only the publications or also the stories.

From your follower’s profile

There is an easier and more comfortable way to silence users on Instagram and it is by going to a user’s profile and pressing the three points in the upper corner. Among the options, you must choose ‘mute’ and in a pop-up window it will give you to select if you want to silence the publications, the stories, or both .

Once the desired option is chosen, the publications will no longer bother you on your Instagram start. Even so, there is the option to override this option and be able to see the posts again. For this, you have to enter the person’s profile, go to the three points and enter the mute option to deactivate the configuration in the publications and stories.

How to know if the stories and posts of your followed have been silenced?

After silencing a person on Instagram, all the content they will post will not be visible on your app start. As explained above, every time a user is silenced, their stories will be shown opaque and without any color , so with this it can be verified if the profile was silenced correctly.

Update your Instagram APP

If in some way, the option to mute is not present in your Instagram app, it is most likely that you have an old version . To solve this, you simply have to go to the mobile store of your device and update the Instagram app. With this you can execute the option to silence people.

Why can’t you mute stories or posts from your followers?

If the case arises where you cannot silence the profile of a follower, there is no need to worry, one way to solve this problem is to clear the cache , this can be done within the application as well as in the manager of applications within the mobile device settings .

On the other hand, if the problem or failure persists, one way to find the resolution is by going to the Instagram help service page . The different ways to fix the problem will be available on this page.

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