8 Location Sharing Apps;Send Your Real Time Location

Location Sharing Apps;Send Your Real Time Location.All modern smartphones are equipped with GPS which it is possible to obtain a precise geolocation wherever you are.If, for example, we have to be found by friends and relatives, it is no longer necessary to give a complex series of indications and reference points, but just share the position with them with the help of our smartphone.In this article we will explore all the most practical ways to share your location on Android and iPhone through the most popular apps.

Location Sharing Apps;Send Your Real Time Location.

Location Sharing Apps;

A warning before proceeding: sharing the location in real time consumes a lot of energy, so it will surely lead to an accelerated drop in the battery , make sure you have enough charge before proceeding (possibly you can equip yourself with a powerbank ).

If the battery does not have a lot of charge, it may be worthwhile to save energy .
In this case it is preferable to send your position on time to the desired contact on an occasional basis rather than sending your position in real time.
To do this, simply activate the location via GPS only to detect your position, send your exact position to the contact and then disable the GPS.

Sharing your location

And now let’s see how to share the position with the most used smartphone apps : WhatsApp, Telegram and Google Maps (counted among the best navigators ).

Share your location with WhatsApp

If you want to share your location information with WhatsApp you can do it with simple steps. In fact, a few taps are enough and once you have learned the procedure it will be difficult to forget.

With WhatsApp it is possible to share both your own precise position , that is, the one in which you are at that precise moment, and your position in real time for a certain period of time .

It is clear that the second option is very useful if we intend to move, for example to always be easy to find for a short period of time.
This option is certainly very practical when traveling with a group of friends by car or motorbike.

The procedure is practically the same between the Android and iOS versions of the app, just:

  • start the app by pressing its icon;
  • enter the conversation with the person to whom you want to send the position, then press the button in the shape of a paper clip;
  • then tap on the green ” Position” button;
  • at this point a dialog box will show us our position and all nearby points of interest (monuments, bars, shops, supplies), and the accuracy will also be indicated;
  • if the accuracy is low, for example greater than 30 meters, it is better to wait a few seconds, it should improve, at this point it will be possible to choose whether to share one’s ” Current position” or whether to press on ” Real time position “;
  • if you choose the position in real time, a screen explaining the function will appear by clicking on ” Next“;
  • you will then be led to the dialogue screen that will allow you to choose the duration of the sharing between (15 min, 1 hour and 8 hours), you can conclude the procedure by clicking on the green button.

To stop sharing just : open the chat, and then press on ” Stop sharing ” and in the confirmation screen tap on ” Stop “.

The privacy of those who use this option is not in danger , because the messages are encrypted and the location will be shared only with the contacts or chats of your choice.

Sharing your location with Telegram

Even Telegram, the excellent messaging app competing with WhatsApp , offers the possibility to send your position, both the current one (punctual) and in real time.

Again, it takes longer to write than to do, just:

  • open Telegram;
  • go to the chat where you want to send the position;
  • press on the paper clip icon, and select the green “ Position” button;
  • if the app requires access to the ” Allow” selection position ;
  • then you can choose whether to click on ” Send my current position“, an option characterized by the blue icon, or whether to choose ” Position in real time “;
  • the second will lead to a warning window where you will touch to press on “ OK“, then again we will receive a request to access the position, touch to choose “ Allow “;
  • finally we can choose the duration by clicking on ” Share“.

Communicate your position with Google Maps

Google’s well-known navigation app also has a full location sharing feature.

The procedure is quite simple, the most practical method is to share a link through the messaging apps, which will allow you to systematically send the position for up to 72 hours.

Here are the simple steps:

  • open Google Maps ;
  • press at the top right on the circle in which your account is;
  • then tap on the item “Location sharing“;
  • a window will open explaining the function, you have to press the blue button ” Share position“;
  • then in the dedicated screen choose how long you want to share the position and then the contact contact who will have to view your position, or directly send the link via Messages, WhatsApp, or any other messaging app.

Through the link, the recipient will be able to see your position in real time on each platform (even on the Web version of Maps) for the time you have chosen.

Stopping sharing is very simple, just:

  • Go to the location sharing screen.
  • At the bottom there will be the active shares, by clicking on them we will be able to see the information and press the ” Stop” button .
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