What is Intranet For?

Intranet is a computer network that is exclusively accessible to a company or corporation. The intranet is used by companies to store information and is an important vehicle for communication between their employees.This term was first used in 1995, in a technical article by Stephen Lawton , published in Digital News & Reviews .

What is the intranet for?

The intranet is a computer network used for internal communication by a corporate team . When accessing a company’s intranet, employees receive communications, exchange information with other departments and consult data necessary for the performance of their activities.

The intranet facilitates communication and centralizes company information in just one environment, providing greater agility in processes and in the interaction between employees.

Companies can make information available on their intranet on: the company’s routine, payment of employees, opening of internal vacancies, events promoted by the company and guidance on processes and workflows, for example.

It is also possible to create a chat on the intranet for instant conversations between employees, making the business environment more dynamic and agile.

As large amounts of information about the company are stored on the intranet, there are security standards to prevent the network from being accessed by unauthorized people and employees need a login and password to access the network.

The intranet may or may not be connected to the internet. If it is connected, in addition to being accessed on the company’s premises, employees can access it from other computers, provided they have the necessary permission.

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Difference between intranet and internet

The internet and the intranet are computer networks that use the TCP / IP protocol, a protocol for sending and receiving data. This is a language used so that the different connected machines can communicate.

The internet is the world wide web of computers , it is public and can be accessed by everyone, all you need is a device with internet access. The intranet , in turn, is for restricted use , as only company employees will have credentials to access it.

Difference between intranet and extranet

The extranet can be understood as an extension of the intranet , as it is a network that uses data and information from the intranet and allows access by third parties, such as suppliers, customers and partners.

The extranet aims to assist in the communication and exchange of information between these different agents, facilitating the sales, distribution and purchasing processes, for example.

The extranet is an environment with a limited amount of information. For security reasons, not all information contained on the intranet is extended to the extranet, only that which is necessary for the relationship with third parties.

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