How to talk to a TIM operator from landline and mobile lines

Are you looking for a way to talk to a TIM operator from a landline or mobile from Italy or abroad? Here is a complete guide that will provide you with all the information and procedures necessary to obtain assistance and resolve your needs.

The Telecom company , founded in 1994, has accompanied users for years in choosing landline , public , mobile , cable , internet and much more telephony services . In 2005 Telecom launched a takeover bid (public takeover offer) on TIM and today it is among the most important operators in Italy.

Like every important Italian telecommunications company, TIM also offers many different services, a condition that can lead to technical problems, disservices and everything related to the signed contract. You may, therefore, need technical assistance and speak to a TIM operator , but what can you do?


  • Speak to a TIM Mobile operator
  • Speak to a TIM fixed line operator
  • Talk to a TIM Mobile operator from another operator
  • Speak to a TIM Business operator
  • Speak to a TIM Online operator
  • Talk to the TIM operator via the official app
  • Talk to a TIM operator with WhatsApp
  • Speak to the TIM operator via the social channels Facebook and Twitter
  • Other contact channels

Speak to a TIM Mobile operator

Speak to a TIM Mobile operator

If you have purchased a TIM SIM or eSIM then you may feel the need to call assistance for various reasons, ranging from BTS disservices in your area to information on promotions and unexpected accredited costs . For disruptions you can also consult the Downdetector service in real time , an online platform and application capable of collecting and monitoring all user reports on a specific service.

To contact a TIM Mobile operator directly, simply call the toll-free number 119 , active 24/7 every day. When you start the call, a virtual assistant will answer and list the keys to press to find out information about services and promotions. Usually by pressing button 2 you can talk to a real and not virtual operator . If you encounter problems with your TIM Mobile line from abroad , then the 119 number will not work where it is not permitted, in this case you should call the number +39 3399119 , which is also offered free of charge .

For landlines, call the Tim switchboards at the numbers: +39 0285951 and +39 0636881 who will give you the 187 service .

Maybe you want to call the TIM Mobile operator from a landline , in this case the number is always 119 . The secretariat will ask you to enter the corresponding TIM Mobile line number . We can consider it an all-round solution for Telecom Italia Mobile toll-free number.

Speak to a TIM fixed line operator

By signing a fixed line contract , perhaps where you have also activated fast Internet and VoIP , you can contact TIM assistance by calling the number 187 from the same line on which you need information. Also in this case you can call every day 24 hours a day . As with TIM Mobile, an automatic voice will start which will list the keys to press to activate the desired function. Listen carefully to all the options and choose the one to speak to an operator.

If you prefer to call from a mobile phone, perhaps because the landline is completely unusable, then the number you need to dial on your smartphone is 187 . In this case, however, when the virtual operator lists the keys for assistance, press the number 1 to select the landline, then enter the telephone number when it asks you.

Talk to a TIM Mobile operator from another operator

In case you have another operator, such as Vodafone , WindTre , Iliad or virtual providers, you should call the number +39 3399119 , but the costs are linked to the tariff plan you have activated on the calling line.

Specifically, once you have started the call and listened to the options for choosing virtual assistance, press button 2 to identify yourself as the owner of a line other than the TIM one and press button 2 again to obtain the relevant information. If you can’t find any useful information or the wait is simply particularly long, then you can call the number 800.583.930 , i.e. TIM toll-free number .

We underline again how the costs are linked to your telephone provider from which you are making the call. Unfortunately, not all telephone operators have the same rates for this type of service, so check the costs before making a call . You can check the costs of individual calls by reading the PDF file on tariff transparency, which you can download from your provider’s official website. However, if you have a monthly subscription which includes unlimited minutes or a bundle with many minutes for national calls, then don’t worry as call costs will not be deducted.

Speak to a TIM Business operator

Among the many services offered by TIM there are also those dedicated to companies. Maybe you have signed a TIM Business contract and although it may seem like an option similar to that for consumers, it actually has a preferential line to meet the needs of companies.

In this case the assistance is linked to the number 191 and not 119 or 187 , always accessible every day 24 hours a day . However, if you have a subscription for medium and large businesses then you will have to call the number 800.583.911 ; free solution, but available only from 9:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 15:00 on Saturday .

To speak to a TIM operator from abroad , however, again at no additional cost, you can call the number +39 3344191 or 191 . The times and communication methods are identical, the only difference is the location of the assistance centers, which translates into a call with a foreign operator who speaks Italian . In many cases, operators who respond from locations outside Italy are more efficient and practical in resolving inefficiencies.

Speak to a TIM Online operator

The idea of ​​calling and waiting in line just isn’t up your alley, so you can opt for a more modern and practical solution such as TIM’s online assistance . There are two solutions in this case: assistance via chat and assistance via social networks .

Chat : go to the official TIM website , in the MyTim Customer Area, and once you have logged in with your details you will be able to receive assistance on both the landline and mobile lines. If you have never registered on the site, just go to this page and enter your password and email . Once registered, go to the Assistance item at the top . Just select Start chat and an automatic bot called Angie will launch to which you can explain what your problem is on the line. If you prefer to chat with a physical operator, instead of exposing your problem to the bot, request to speak with a real person, until the Chat with an operator button appears in the chat. If you have difficulty you can directly connect to the TIM Assistance page .

Social : an online alternative is to speak to a TIM operator directly on the company’s social channels . To contact TIM assistance, connect to the dedicated Facebook page , click on the speech bubble to start Messenger and write the message and then send it. The only precaution to underline is the response time, TIM’s social care responds to user requests from 07:00 until midnight every day .

Talk to the TIM operator via the official app

Even more convenient to use is the MyTIM app for assistance from smartphones and mobile devices. Also in this case you can obtain mobile and fixed Telecom Italia assistance simply by chatting with the physical operator . Download the MyTIM application on your Android or iOS mobile device and once you have logged in with your registration credentials, simply select the line (i.e. the telephone number) on which you need help and tap on the Chat item at the bottom of the page. menu.

Even with this mode Angie will answer you , but as already explained previously, you just need to ask the bot to chat with a physical operator . Wait a few seconds and express your doubts to assistance.

Talk to a TIM operator with WhatsApp

Don’t have the time or desire to register on MyTIM? Then you could rely on the WhatsApp messaging application . However, we would like to inform you that this new service is only available to those who have an active TIM SIM , therefore, if you want to contact assistance from Vodafone, Iliad, WindTre or other operators, it will not be possible to do so with WhatsApp.

If you have an active TIM SIM then just send a WhatsApp message to the number +39 335 123 727 explaining what your problem is on the mobile or landline. TIM customer service will be entrusted to a bot , but you can always request communication with a physical assistant.

Obviously to start a chat via WhatsApp you will first have to install this application and register your number. We are sure that you have already installed the App on your smartphone, therefore, simply launch it, tap on the message icon on the homepage, at the bottom right, and press on New contact . Add the number +39 335 123 727 , give it a name, for example TIM Assistance , and immediately after send a message by going back on the screen and selecting TIM assistance.

Speak to the TIM operator via the social channels Facebook and Twitter

As we told you in the previous lines, you can contact TIM online with social channels, for example Facebook . We won’t repeat ourselves on how to talk to an operator via Facebook , since we have already explained it previously, but it is worth underlining that the company also has other social profiles with which you can contact it.

Among the most used is Twitter , currently X. Assistance is activated thanks to the TIM4Angie account where users can report disruptions and problems with the landline or mobile network. To be able to contact TIM via The response is written directly below the tweet or @TIM_Official will send you a private message.

Other contact channels

The solutions listed above don’t allow you to solve your problem with Telecom services? Then you can always rely on an alternative TIM assistance contact channel such as the post office box . You can imagine that response times are much longer, but by sending communications via registered mail you will be sure of obtaining a valid document in the event of a dispute. You can write respectively for disruptions to the landline and mobile lines to:

  • Landline Customer Service – PO Box 111, 00054 Fiumicino, RM
  • Mobile Customer Service – PO Box 555, 00054 Fiumicino, RM

Finally, you can try using the We TIM Community to look for solutions, share experiences and ask for advice or consult this complete guide on How to request TIM assistance for any problem you have.

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