How to talk to Iliad operator

Have you switched to the new virtual telephone operator Iliad and do you need to speak to assistance? Do you want to know how to pass your number to Iliad ? You don’t know how to talk to an Iliad operator and want to know the assistance number and the numerical sequence to follow to get in touch with support? I’ll explain in this short guide how to talk to Iliad on the phone and how to contact assistance by mail.

There are many cases in which we try to speak by phone with our operator but the procedure is so long and tortuous that even after minutes of waiting and correctly typed sequences, we are unable to get in touch or the procedure starts from the beginning making us waste a lot of time. . Fortunately all this does not happen if you have to talk to the Iliad operator , in fact, this new telephone company seems to have organized the system for contacting Iliad by telephone in a very easy and correct way.

How to talk to Iliad operator

Obviously, as happens when you have to talk to Tim or talk to operator Tre , even in the case of Iliad it is necessary to listen to the guide voice and type the correct sequence to get in touch with a real assistant but you will find that the procedure is much faster. is simple.

First of all, you must know that the Iliad customer service number is 177 : the call is free if you call from an Iliad mobile line, instead it follows the tariff plan of your operator if you are not yet a customer. You can speak with an Iliad operator every day at the following times: from Monday to Friday from 8 to 22 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 to 20.

Talk to Iliad: operator sequence 177

As for the sequence to be typed to get in touch with an operator, we must distinguish the different types of intervention that you need: if you need to speak to an Iliad operator to find out about the offer or sign a new contract, you must enter 1 and then 0 .

If you already have an Iliad SIM and you need to manage your offer and payment methods, the sequence to talk to Iliad in this case requires the typing of 2 and then 0 .

In case you need to block a lost or stolen SIM, or want to know the delivery status of the new SIM purchased, type 3 followed by 0 .

Finally, to speak by phone with Iliad for technical assistance, press 4 and then 0 to get in touch with an operator who can help you configure your devices or give you explanations in case of problems with calls or data connection.

Obviously, the menus of 177 also offer the possibility to reload an Iliad number or to retrieve the username and password credentials to access the Iliad Personal Area : in this case, the sequence to be typed to reload is 2 – 2 while to retrieve the user and password press 2 and then 3.

At the moment Iliad telephone assistance is not yet ready to offer a 24-hour service every day, but this limitation will undoubtedly be unlocked during the coming months. Furthermore, an official application for Iliad SIMs is not yet available but it is hoped that it will soon arrive in digital stores during the coming months.

Contact Iliad by mail

Another valid alternative to talk to Iliad is by ordinary mail, especially if you have to withdraw from the contract, request a refund or want to obtain more important and detailed information from the operator.

You can send a letter to Iliad to the following address:

ILIAD CP 14106 20146 MILAN

It is advisable to send the package by registered letter with return receipt if you need a receipt of delivery or if the request sent contains sensitive data, requests for withdrawal, refund or legal information.

Finally, I invite you to visit the official website if you want to know all the details on Iliad rates , contractual conditions, Iliad Store locations, obtain the Iliad configuration parameters and much more: the online assistance area offers answers. in a clear and precise way to the most frequent questions posed by customers.


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