How to talk to operator 3

Although it is known that to speak to an operator 3 you have to call 133 , unfortunately there are no particular procedures that allow you to skip the voice guide disc and avoid waiting. In this article I’ll explain how to contact a Tre operator to request support through the various channels made available to the telephone operator via telephone, email and social networks.

How to talk to operator 3:

  • on the telephone
  • from abroad and other operator
  • on Twitter
  • from the Customer Area 3
  • by e-mail and certified e-mail
  • by fax
  • by mail
  • Other contacts 3
  • When to contact customer service 3
  • What you need to talk to an operator Three


Talk to an operator 3 on the phone

To find a solution in a short time, all that remains is to call 133 : the official number of the customer service Tre free for those who call from mobile phones 3 and from Telecom landlines. Unfortunately, waiting times are sometimes long and it may take more than 15 minutes to speak to the call center but I will try to provide you with a numerical sequence that you can type even while the voice guide is giving you the various indications, so as to save a few minutes.

To start, call 133 to speak with operator 3 and wait until the end of the welcome message and any information on the privacy legislation; then  dial 2 three times , and then go to the section dedicated to the Customer Area Three by typing key 1 and continuing with the option to speak to an operator 3 by pressing key 9 .

This disc sequence is updated frequently, but if there have been no changes since the publication of this article, the final sequence after calling 133 should be 2-2-2-1-9  although in some cases the sequences would appear to be valid 2-2-1-9 and 2-1-2 .

Also remember that if you need to contact a Tre operator in the administrative, technical or commercial department, in many cases it will be enough to be able to speak to a consultant and then ask to forward the call to the competent department.

The telephone service is active every day 24 / 24h but the operators answer only from 9 to 22 on weekdays and from 10 to 18 on holidays; at night it is still possible to block the SIM in case of theft or loss.


Talk to operator 3 from another operator or from abroad

If your SIM Tre is out of order or you are abroad you can still contact the Tre Italia customer service without limits.

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, 133 can be contacted free of charge only from 3 numbers and Telecom Italia (TIM), therefore if you only have SIM cards from other operators you will have to call +39 3933934077  at the cost foreseen by your tariff plan to calls to mobile phones in Italy. After the indications of the voice guide, press the key 1 to indicate that you are a customer and enter your telephone number Three followed by the key # : to speak with an operator Three, the sequence to be typed should always be 2-2-2-1 -9 as suggested in the previous paragraph.

However, there are those who confirm the possibility of speaking with 3 also from another operator by calling 133 directly.


Talk to an operator 3 on Twitter


If you prefer to  talk to operator 3  without waiting  even a minute, you just have to take advantage of the convenient solutions offered by social services: just follow the very short steps to leave your telephone number and be contacted by a consultant.

The first solution necessarily requires a Twitter account  : follow the @Tre_It  account and send a private message (not a public tweet) briefly indicating your name and surname, the number Three for which you are requesting assistance and a telephone number where you can be contacted. . You will not have to do any other operation: wait for the call from operator 3 on the telephone number you left in the message and explain your problem.


Contact operator Tre via the Customer Area 3

An alternative to Twitter is the Tre customer area or the My3 application Customer area : if you are a Tre user, you should immediately register your SIM on the website or download the My3 application available for free from the Play Store and AppStore . Therefore, I invite you to read the guide on how to use Customer Area 3 from the official application or site without cost and correctly.

However, remember that a response from the operator could be made by telephone or by message that will be delivered directly to the Tre customer area box; response times can be between 48 and 72 hours.


Talk to operator 3 via e-mail and PEC

A method that is certainly easy to use and very practical is e-mail. At one time the address [email protected]  was active to manage customer requests, but currently this channel seems to have been deactivated. Alternatively, there is the certified PEC e-mail, useful for forwarding complaints, withdrawals and important reports.

The certified email addresses of 3 are as follows: [email protected] for individuals and [email protected] for professionals and business users.


Contact customer service 3 by fax

Particularly suitable for reporting complaints, fax is still a very popular method of contact therefore accepted by telephone companies. If you want to contact Tre by fax, the reference number is  800.179.600  for individuals, while business users can send documents to 800.179.800 .


How to contact 3 by mail

Although the postal method is the least used considering the rather long times, you can also contact customer support 3 by ordinary or registered mail. The address to which you can write a letter is:  Wind Tre SpA – P.O.Box 133 Rome Cinecittà 00173 .

While for 3fiber customers the postal address of reference is  Wind Tre SpA – Post Office 14155, Milan Post Office 65, CAP 20152 Milan (MI).

Always remember to specify the request well, indicating the telephone number for which you are requesting assistance, the data of the holder and attaching a copy of a valid identity document.


Other contacts to talk to 3

Finally, in addition to the solutions provided above, this page of the official website of Tre Italia shows a series of alternative numbers and addresses to contact customer service 3, useful for all users who are experiencing difficulties with their line.

Here are other contacts to talk to a Tre Italia operator:

  • 4030– for rechargeable plans (+39 393 393 4030 from abroad).
  • 4034– to request information on subscriptions or make changes
  • 4040– to know and modify rates and options active on your mobile phone number
  • 4077– to change the spending threshold for internet traffic in Europe (+39 393 393 4077 from abroad)
  • 4133– to listen to messages received on the answering machine (+39 393 393 4133 from abroad)
  • 832.323– to promptly block the SIM in case of loss or theft (+39 393 393 4077 from abroad)
  • 179.797– number for assistance on internet services, active exclusively from Monday to Saturday from 8 to 24
  • 133– number to find out about the Tre Italia offers


When to contact customer service 3?

Very often we decide to  talk to an operator 3  even for problems that are not part of their service, so to avoid making a phone call without solution, I list some possible valid reasons for contacting customer support Three :

  • request technical assistance: for absent or intermittent signal, slow internet connection or first configuration of internet services, SMS and MMS
  • request commercial assistance: for a change of telephone plan or promotion, activate or deactivate services (for example, the deactivation of the 4G of 3 for a fee )
  • request administrative information: change of residence address, payment method, invoices, traffic thresholds, etc …
  • block the SIM card in case of theft or loss
  • exercise the right of withdrawal for a new contract or activation
  • activate the blocking of paid services (barring)

In case of technical problems with the device (phone or smartphone) we are using, operator 3 will not be able to give us support unless it has been purchased by subscription.

So before making the call to customer service Tre and avoid wasting time unnecessarily: restart the phone and insert your SIM temporarily in another smartphone, if the problem persists even in the new device then there is a problem related to your number cell phone and talking to 3 can help you.


Talk to operator 3: what is it for?

As is usually also requested by operators, also to contact Tre assistance you must be at least 18 years old and be the holder of the number for which you are requesting assistance. In fact, before providing any type of information, the operator always asks for the telephone number for which assistance is requested and asks some questions on the personal data of the holder to verify the real identity and association with the SIM in question.


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