How To Deactivate the Iliad Voice Messages

In this article we will illustrate the ways to get the Iliad answering machine . As for the other operators Tim , WindTre and Vodafone – of which we have already spoken – the steps to follow are very easy. In case you want to deactivate the answering service offered by the Illiad offer, all you have to do is follow the following steps. The answering machine is a very useful service for many. Thanks to it it is in fact possible to record voice messages in case of no answer. In any case, however, if you no longer want to use this service you should be able to deactivate it easily!

Iliad offers the free service to leave voice messages , but not everyone likes it or uses it.

Remove the answering machine with codes

The first method is to get rid of the service by opening the phone keypad and after typing the code ## 002 # press Enter.

Deactivating the answering machine also disables the “I searched for you” service .

In case you change your mind and want to reactivate both options you will need to open the keyboard, type the code ** 62 * + 393518995012 # and press Enter.

Deactivate the Iliad answering machine;How To Deactivate the Iliad Answering Machine

Iliad allows you to remove the service only for some functions, leaving the others active . The operation is always the same as before, that is to open the telephone keypad – as if you wanted to make a call – type a code and press Enter.

Let’s see specifically the codes to type based on the circumstance:

  • ## 21 # to disable the answering machine for incoming calls;
  • ## 62 # to remove the service when the phone is turned off or unreachable;
  • ## 61 # when the call is not answered;
  • ## 67 # if you are engaged in another conversation.

After entering the desired code and pressing Enter, a confirmation SMS will arrive.

Instead, to check the active features on your Sim you must dial:

  • ** 21 * + 39 phone number #;
  • ** 62 * + 39 phone number #;
  • ** 61 * + 39 phone number #;
  • ** 67 * + 39 telephone number #;

based on the option you are interested in referring to the first list of codes.


Iliad allows you to choose after how many seconds of call the answering machine should be activated . To carry out this operation, type on the smartphone keyboard ** 61 * + 39 telephone number * 11 * number seconds before activation # and then give the Enter command. The maximum limit of seconds is 30.

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