Online phone top-ups: how to top up Iliad

One of the innovations that have made the fortune of mobile telephony over the years is the linking of this world with that, however decidedly contiguous, of the Internet. Since about the early 1910s of this century, the link between telephony and the web has assumed the characteristics of a real fusion, our mobile phone has ceased to be a simple telephone device, reconfiguring itself into a complex, albeit compact, multimedia device , capable of moving nimbly through various digital environments.

There are countless examples of privileges that this expansion of global connectivity has brought to users. But perhaps the most significant one, at least from a symbolic point of view, concerns precisely the primary and primordial use of smartphones , i.e. the telephone.

Let’s think about the possibility of recharging online, and let’s try to examine the advantages that this opportunity has brought compared to the first years of diffusion of first generation cell phones. When, just to refresh the memory of the users of the time and make the younger ones aware that at the time they weren’t there yet or were too young to own a mobile telephone device, to top up one’s credit it was necessary to go to specialized retailers or tobacconists, purchase a top-up card and carry out the same through a somewhat cumbersome telephone procedure.



  • The advantages of online phone top-ups
  • How to top up your phone online

The advantages of online phone top-ups

Among the most significant benefits of online top-ups we can include the following, at the top of a hypothetical hierarchical pyramid.

  1. Possibility of recharging at any time and from anywhere. Both with “classic” mobile phone providers and with the latest generation ones such as iliad top-upand credit checks are available 24 hours a day. Furthermore, using a simple wi-fi Internet connection, top-ups can be done from anywhere: bars, restaurants, service stations, even numerous parks and public offices. It seems a trivial fact, but in reality it is probably the most significant conquest of contemporary mobile telephony, since it implies a total and definitive disengagement from the sedentary nature of the telephone device. In a hyperconnected world, even having the possibility to top up one’s credit at two in the morning, in a completely impromptu parking place, can make the difference.
  2. Possibility to carry out constant monitoring of one’s credit. In the past, keeping an eye on the residual credit could be problematic, or in any case cumbersome: just remember when the main operators in the sector (in an era in which new market players such as Iliad had not yet arrived, with their load of novelties , both technologically and economically) used to send a free SMS with traffic information still available when a user called a specific number. However, a phone call in international roaming was enough to send the economic management of the recharge “out of caliber”, and many users risked finding themselves “in reserve” without even realizing it. Today, however, providers such as Iliad offer a practically real-time credit monitoring system,

How to top up your phone online

There are Internet portals not directly dependent on telephone providers, which offer fast and intuitive top-up services. For example, on the app and/or site, with just a couple of clicks, it is possible to top up one’s telephone credit, or even that of others, as long as one knows the telephone number one intends to benefit from, quickly and intuitively, choosing the preferred payment method among over 30 available.

The service is available practically all over the world, and so far boasts over 5 million customers, moreover with a trend of dizzying growth in the last two years. Owners of an Iliad or other provider phone card will therefore find it particularly convenient and easy to use this service to make their top-ups. is strongly recommended for those who use the mobile phone for work reasons, for those who travel often and use the phone assiduously even from abroad, for those who need to be constantly updated on the status of their phone credit.


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