How to mute the keyboard sound

How to mute the keyboard sound. Typing the various words on the keyboard a super annoying sound is emitted and you don’t know how to prevent this from happening? In this guide we will understand how to remove the sound from the keyboard of PCs and smartphones. In both cases, you can turn off the keyboard sound by muting it. Below we will understand how to mute the keyboard sound from different devices: iPhone, Android, Windows PC and Mac.

How to mute the keyboard sound from mobile devices


How to mute the keyboard sound

Let’s start with a first mini guide that will explain how to remove the keyboard sound from iPhone and iPad. To manage this option you will need to go to the system settings section of the device. Before proceeding explaining how to act from the settings we remind you that it is possible to manage the volume of iOS devices through a physical lever on the side of the device. By raising and lowering this lever you can activate / deactivate the volume. This procedure should be necessary to turn off the keyboard sound, but only from iPhones as iPads do not have such a lever. In any case it is possible to act from the settings section, let’s see how to do it:

  • reach the system settings
  • tap on the voice sounds
  • lower the volume by moving the lever to the left

In this way you can bring the volume of the device to zero, but also simply decide to lower the volume. Please note that this will silence the device, therefore notifications, calls, messages and anything else will not be provided with sound.

In case you just want to mute the keyboard you can do this by going to settings> sounds> keyboard click> OFF

Turn off Gboard keyboard sound on iPhone

How to mute the keyboard sound

Gboard does not offer a dedicated audio setting on the iPhone. But if you follow the above method for the Apple keyboard, it should turn off the click sound of the Gboard keys as well. Simply restart your iPhone after turning off the keyboard clicks setting.

In case even restarting your phone doesn’t help, you need to revoke the “Allow Full Access” setting and grant it again. To do this, open Settings on your iPhone and go to “General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards”. Tap “Gboard”. Disable the switch for “Allow full access”. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on.

Turn off the sound of SwiftKeys on iPhone

How to mute the keyboard sound

  • Open the SwiftKey app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Settings. Turn off the switch for “Key Click Sounds”. To turn off the vibration, turn off the switch for “Key haptic feedback”.


There are several things you can do to mute the keypad sound of an Android tablet or smartphone. Surely the simplest way to do this is to turn off the sounds and volume of the devices. Unlike iOS products, Android devices do not have any physical lever with which to enable or disable the volume. Alternatively, however, it is possible to act in maximum practicality directly from the device screen.

  • swipe down
  • so reach the notification center
  • click on the bell-shaped icon
  • tap on it

This will activate the vibration if the ringtone was previously set. Doing so, however, will not only disable the sounds related to the keyboard, but all the sounds of the device. So if you want to proceed by deactivating only the keyboard sound, do as suggested below:

  • reach system settings
  • then select System> Language and input> SwiftKey keyboard (or the name of the keyboard in use)
  • go into sounds and vibrations
  • move the lever next to the key sound volume to OFF if it is enabled

Disable the keyboard sound on the Samsung keyboard

How to mute the keyboard sound

The steps to disable sound or vibration for a Samsung keyboard are different.

  • Launch Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Tap “Sounds and Vibrations” followed by “System Sound / Vibration Control”
  • Turn off the switch next to “Samsung keyboard” in the Sound section. If you also want to disable the vibration, turn off the switch in the Vibration section for “Samsung keyboard”.

If you have second thoughts, you can turn on the keyboard sounds at any time: go back to the Settings menu> General management> Language and input> Android on-screen keyboard, access the sections Samsung keyboard and Drag, touch and feedback> Tactile feedback and move the lever corresponding to the Sound option goes from OFF to ON.

The menu items relating to the keyboard settings vary according to the typing application in use: for example, if you use the Google Gboard keyboard, after calling up the menu relating to its settings for use, click on the item Preferences and moves the lever corresponding to the Key sound item, located in the Key pressure box, from ON to OFF.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen to use the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard, access its settings and tap the Sounds and vibration item: in this case, you can choose to keep the sounds active and lower their volume, by acting on the key sound volume adjustment bar, or turn off the sound feedback completely by moving the corresponding switch from ON to OFF.

To turn off the sound of the Samsung keyboard for typing phone numbers, access the device dialer settings.

Start the Phone app, click on the button  ()  located at the top right and choose the Settings item, located in the menu that appears. Once you have reached the next screen, click on the Call notifications and ringtones item and move the switch located next to the Resume item from ON to OFF. keyboard touch sound.

In case of second thoughts, you can re-enable the sound by going to the Phone app Settings, then to the Call alerts and ringtones section and turning the lever next to the Resume item back to ON. keyboard touch sound.

How to mute the keyboard sound from a computer

On Windows

Here is now a guide to disable keyboard sound from Windows. A first idea could be to turn off the sounds:

  • reach the volume icon located at the bottom right
  • click on it twice to mute the sound

You can also reach the volume control panel by right clicking on the icon in question:

  • click on Open Volume Mixer
  • go to system beeps
  • and bring the lever to zero

In this way it will be possible to disable its keyboards even if only temporarily; this is because, when we reactivate the audio, all the system beeps will be activated.

If you want to act directly on the keyboard sounds, you need to reach the control panel:

  • click on start
  • search the control panel item in the appropriate box
  • select Accessibility> Change keyboard behavior
  • edit Enable filter keys
  • click on OK and then on Apply

On Mac

Finally, let’s understand how to disable the keyboard sound from Mac. In this case, the sound is produced only if the Slow Keys option is enabled, which allows you to adjust the pressure and speed. Let’s see how to turn off the sounds:

  • access the system preferences panel from system settings
  • reach the voice Sound
  • remove the check mark next to Play sound effects in the user interface

By doing this, you will no longer be able to hear sounds coming from the keyboard but not even those related to other activities. To avoid this and act only on the keyboard, do the following:

  • go to the system preferences panel
  • select Accessibility> Keyboard
  • go to Options
  • find the item Slow Keys
  • check the box Use sounds when typing
  • press OK to confirm

Restore Keyboard Sound on Android

How to mute the keyboard sound

You can use the toogle present in the notifications menu, which allows you to activate / deactivate silent mode or vibration, or you can act directly from the operating system settings.

Start the Settings app by clicking on the gear icon located on the Home screen or in the drawer of your device. Then select the word Sound, locate the section dedicated to advanced settings and click on the Sound Effects item.

In the screen that opens, locate the wording relating to the sounds of the keyboard you want to activate (eg. Sound of the keyboard, Sound of the dialing keyboard, etc.), move the lever of the switch located next to it to ON, so as to enable sound playback when using the keyboard.

How to turn on keyboard sound on iPhone

If you want to know how to activate the keyboard sound on iPhone, in this case, you have various options that you can try: use the Ring / Silent key or act from the iOS settings.

The easiest way to activate the keypad sound on your iPhone again is to use the Ring / Silent key which is located on the left side frame of the device.

If the key is moved to OFF, you should see the iconic orange switch indicating the activation of silent mode. When this mode is active, all iPhone sounds are automatically muted.

To reactivate them, therefore, you need to set the iPhone back to sound mode, by moving the switch lever to ON, so that the orange switch is no longer visible. To confirm the operation, you should see the word Ringtone on the iPhone screen.

As you try to type on the keyboard, you should notice that the keyboard sounds are reproduced without any problems.

The second method is to open the Settings app (by clicking on the gray icon depicting the gears which is located on the Home screen), then you must select the Sounds item, scroll the screen that has opened at the bottom and move to ON the ‘switch placed in correspondence with the wording Click keyboard.

The keyboard will resume making sounds when you use it to type something, as long as you are not in silent mode on iOS.

Change keyboard sounds or vibrations

How to mute the keyboard sound

To change the vibrations and typing sounds, you may need to change the keyboard settings. For example, to change the sounds of Gboard:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap System Languages ​​and input.
  3. Tap Virtual keyboard
  4. Click on Preferences.
  5. Enable or disable the following options:
    • Key sound
    • Haptic feedback when pressing keys
      Note: If you don’t see the Haptic feedback when pressing keys option, tap Key vibration.

If you have activated Gboard’s “Haptic feedback when pressing keys” option, make sure to also activate the “Vibrate on touch” option.

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