How to talk to a Lycamobile operator

Lately you have been experiencing some problems on your Lycamobile line that, despite all your efforts, you have not been able to solve. You would therefore like to contact an operator of the well-known telephone company but, being a customer of the latter only for a short time, you have no idea how to do it.

That’s the way it is, am I right? Then let me show you how to do it. If you dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, I can explain how to talk to a Lycamobile operator by listing all the solutions available to you. In addition to the detailed procedure for calling the customer service of the telephone company, you will also find directions to contact an online operator, either via chat or by sending a message via email or social network.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? So let’s not dwell further and see how to proceed. Make yourself comfortable, set aside five minutes of free time and dedicate yourself to reading the next paragraphs. By following the instructions I am about to give you and trying to put them into practice, I assure you that you will be able to contact a Lycamobile operator and get the assistance you need. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to speak to a Lycamobile operator in Italian
    • By telephone
    • Through chat
    • By email
    • Through social networks

How to speak to a Lycamobile operator in Italian

To speak with a Lycamobile operator in the flesh, you can use the contact channels made available by the telephone operator: by doing so, you can request information on a specific offer or, if you are already a Lycamobile customer, ask technical questions and obtain assistance in case of problems. How to do? I’ll explain it to you right away!

By telephone

The first solution that you can consider to speak with a Lycamobile operator in Italian is to call the customer service of the telephone operator, available from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00. The call is always free.

If you are already a Lycamobile customer, then take your smartphone, open the dialer (the app you use to make calls), call up the numeric keypad , dial 40322 and start the call by pressing the appropriate button (usually the icon of the handset ).

At this point, press key 1 to choose the Italian language and, after listening to the welcome message, carefully follow the instructions of the voice guide and press the combination of keys suggested to get in touch with a real operator.

For example, if you want to report network problems, press key 6 and then key 1 if you are unable to make and receive calls, 2 if you are unable to send and receive messages, 3 for network coverage problems and 4 to problems affecting roaming. In any case, your call will be transferred to the first available operator who will provide you with all the assistance you need to solve your problems.

Please note that you can also contact Lycamobile customer service from another operator. In this case, the number to dial is 06 45 21 2322 and the cost of the call varies according to the tariff active on your line.

Through chat

If you are wondering if it is possible to speak to a Lycamobile operator via chat , you will be glad to know that the answer is positive. In fact, by connecting to the official website of the telephone operator it is possible to obtain assistance in real time from a Lycamobile operator in the flesh.

To proceed, then connect to the official Lycamobile website and click on the cloud icon located at the bottom right. In the new screen that appears, enter the required data in the Name and Email address fields and, if you wish, also specify your phone number .

Then put the check mark next to the option I have read and accept the Lycamobile Terms and Conditions and click on the Chat now button , to get in touch with a Lycamobile operator.

At this point, type your message in the Type here field and click on the paper airplane icon (or on the Enter key on your keyboard) to send it. To end the chat, however, you can simply close the conversation window. The chat service is active from Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00.

Please note that it is not possible to chat with a Lycamobile operator using the operator app for Android and iOS / iPadOS . However, you can do it using the browser installed on your device (eg Chrome on Android and Safari on iPhone / iPad) and the procedure is identical to what I just indicated to contact a Lycamobile operator via chat from a computer.

By email

To speak with a Lycamobile operator you can also fill in the contact form available on the official website of the telephone operator with your details and your request, in order to obtain assistance by email .

If you think this is a valid solution to get in touch with Lycamobile customer service, connect to the official website of the operator and enter your data in the fields Title , Name and Surname . Then specify your email address , your telephone number and an additional telephone number and select the department you wish to contact ( Customer Service , Marketing , Careers , Product, etc.) using the appropriate drop-down menu.

Once this is done, enter your message in the Request Details field and click the Send button to send it. In the same way you can also proceed from smartphones and tablets.

Alternatively, you can send an email directly to [email protected] . In case you have already contacted Lycamobile customer service without receiving a satisfactory response, you can write an email to [email protected] attaching any previous emails sent and any replies received. If so, my guide on how to send an email might be helpful .

Through social networks

Among the solutions to talk to Lycamobile operator that you can consider there are also social networks . In fact, Lycamobile has both a Facebook page and a Twitter profile through which it provides assistance to its customers.

To contact Lycamobile via Facebook , grab your smartphone or tablet, launch the app of the social network for devices Android (also available on alternative store for devices without Google services) or iPhone / iPad , and, first of all, make sure you’ve done access to your account .

Then connect to the Lycamobile Italy page , tap on the cloud icon to open Messenger (the Facebook application to send messages), enter your message in the text field at the bottom and press the airplane icon of paper , to send it.

From a computer, on the other hand, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg. Chrome , Egde , Firefox and Safari ), connected to the Lycamobile Italy page , click on the Message button , enter your request in the Aa field and press the Enter key of the keyboard, to send your request.

If you prefer to talk to a Lycamobile operator via Twitter , start the social network app for Android devices (if you have a smartphone without Play Store, you can download it from an alternative store ) and iPhone / iPad and log in to your account.

Once this is done, press the + button , at the bottom right, enter the account to which you want to send your request ( @LycamobileIT ) followed by your message in the What’s new field and press the Tweet button to send the message. Alternatively, connected to the Lycamobile profile , press the + button visible at the bottom right, enter your message in the appropriate field and tap the Tweet button .

From your computer, instead, click on the Tweet button , type @LycamobileIT and your request in the What’s new? and press the Tweet button to send the message. Again, you can connect directly to the Lycamobile profile page , click on the Tweet button , enter your message in the appropriate field and press the Tweet button to send it.

In both cases, do not enter any private data in the first message , as it is a public tweet. As soon as you receive a response from a Lycamobile operator, you can continue the conversation privately and enter all the information and data you deem appropriate.

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