Dreame Bot L10 Pro review

My passion for technology is certainly not a mystery. I love everything that has to do with the world of electronics and information technology, and this passion of mine does not stop at work or personal leisure. I like to use smart products even when I have to take care of my home, so you can imagine how much I have welcomed Dreame ‘s invitation to try his Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber to make a review .

Dreame is a partner company of Xiaomi that manufactures household appliances dedicated to cleaning the house, such as robot vacuum cleaners and wireless vacuum cleaners, all characterized by affordable prices but with cutting-edge components: many of its models are in fact defined ” flasgship killer ”, a term borrowed from the smartphone world that distinguishes products capable of offering technologies that are normally the prerogative of top-of-the-range products but at mid-range prices. Obviously, some renunciation compared to models that cost twice as much must be done, but on the whole we are talking about extremely valid products.

But now let’s not get lost in chat further and let me give you some more information about this Dreame Bot L10 Pro, its features and how it works. I will then tell you my final impressions on the product, so that you can make your evaluations and understand if maybe it is also for you. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read.


  • Features and price of Dreame Bot L10 Pro
  • How Dreame Bot L10 Pro works
  • Final evaluations

Features and price of Dreame Bot L10 Pro

If you agree, I’d say go straight to the point and talk about the features of the Dreame Bot L10 Pro . As already mentioned in the opening bars of this review, we are talking about a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber that concentrates a lot of technology in a product priced below 400 euros: we are therefore in the mid-market range.

Among the flagships of the model there is certainly the camera with LiDAR sensor , which is able to perform a 3D mapping of the surrounding environment and effectively identify over 100 obstacles, including objects, walls and protrusions of various kinds, in order to avoid them during the cleaning works and to avoid falls and collisions. The two driving wheels and the fall arrest sensorsthey do the rest, allowing the robot to avoid obstacles up to 2 centimeters high and not to fall down the stairs (it can map houses with a maximum number of three floors). The ultrasonic sensor is missing, which in some top-of-the-range models helps the robot to recognize when it is on carpets, but I can already anticipate that the effectiveness of Dreame Bot L10 Pro, despite this lack, is more than good even on this type. surface (there is also a specific mode that increases the suction power automatically when the robot is on the carpets).

As for performance, Dreame Bot L10 Pro has 4 adjustable suction levels , with a power up to 4.000PA , and is animated by an integrated 5.200 mAh battery that guarantees up to 150 minutes of autonomy (indicatively, it can clean up to 250 m 2 in standard mode with each recharge). When the charge is about to run out, it automatically positions itself on its charging base and resumes work as soon as possible. The dust tank is 570ml and is capable of retaining 99.9% of the particles.

It also has a 270 ml smart water tank that allows you to moisten the supplied cleaning accessory according to the user’s needs. The cleaning tool, combined with the intelligent use of water, ensures that you also effectively get rid of dirt deposits that can form on the floors (especially those in the kitchens, where it is easy to get dirty while preparing the various dishes).

Dreame Bot L10 Pro is also very simple to use. Just install the Mi Home app , for Android or iOS / iPadOS , pair the robot with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi network and you can immediately start cleaning your home, even remotely .

Thanks to the advanced SLAM algorithm , at the first cleaning the robot performs a 3D mapping of the house (Dreame Bot L10 Pro can distinguish up to 3 floors), after which you will have the possibility to control the cleaning (with, if desired, also the washing of floors) throughout the house or only in certain rooms, with also the function to set safe areas where the robot does not have to operate and to manually control the device. Also to underline the support for Alexa , which gives the possibility to operate and stop the robot with the voice.

From an aesthetic point of view, Dreame Bot L10 Pro presents itself with a look not too dissimilar to that of other robot vacuum cleaners and with an elegant finish. It is available both in black color (the one I tried, which perhaps tends to hold fingerprints a little too much, but it is certainly not a big problem!), And in white color . On the front it has three buttons (on / off which also acts as a start / stop for the cleaning works, stain cleaning mode and return to charge) and the LDS laser sensor .

In front, however, there are the anti-collision buffer, the aforementioned LiDAR sensor and the edge sensor, which allow the robot to effectively avoid any obstacle and accurately map the house in 3D. On the back, on the other hand, there are the air outlet and the loudspeaker (through which the robot provides vocal information on what it is doing, in English). By lifting the lid , you access the area where the Wi-Fi light , the reset button and the cleaning tool are located .

Finally, below there are the drop sensors , the omnidirectional wheel , the charging sensors , the main brush , the side brush , the main wheels and the release button to extract the main brush.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro is available on Amazon with prices generally between 330 and 390 euros and a 2-year warranty .


In the sales package, in addition to the robot, there are the charging base with its cable , the cleaning tool , the water tank , the cloth for washing , the side brush and the instruction manual (also in Italian).


Dreame L10 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Suction 4000 Pa, Alexa …

See offer on Amazon


Dreame L10 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Suction 4000 Pa, Alexa …

See offer on Amazon


How Dreame Bot L10 Pro works

Let’s now turn to the practical side of the matter and see how Dreame Bot L10 Pro works . As soon as the product arrived, it took me very little to set it up: once the robot was unpacked, I removed the protective films , installed the side brushes and positioned the charging base by connecting it to the power supply with the supplied cable (you have to make sure that there are no objects 0.5 meters away on both sides and 1.5 meters away from the front of the base).

Having placed everything, I downloaded the Mi Home app (available for Android and iOS / iPadOS ) on my smartphone and after giving it the necessary permissions, I set the Country / Region to Italy . Then I logged in with my account (if you don’t have an account, you can quickly create it by pressing on the appropriate item or by authenticating via Facebook or Apple account ) and I established the connection with the robot.

Once logged in, to connect the Dreame Bot L10 Pro, just press the + button located at the top right of the app and choose whether to scan the QR code present in the robot packaging or to start the automatic search for the device. In any case, it is important that a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is available and that the smartphone / tablet in use is connected to it. To make Dreame Bot L10 Pro “visible” to the device, just turn it on and hold down the Spot and Dock buttons (the two side ones) for three seconds, until the central power button flashes slowly.

Once this is done, you must wait for the robot to be detected, confirm the connection on the smartphone / tablet and wait a few seconds for the communication to be perfected (the robot also connects to the home Wi-Fi network at this juncture). At the end, you need to set up a room in the app (it will then be used to manage the smart devices of the ecosystem and configure the various automations available), assign a name to the robot and choose whether to share the house or the device with other family members (to allow them to use the smart devices of the Mi ecosystem in the house).

Once this step has been passed, you must accept the license agreement and the privacy policy and consult the quick initial tutorial which explains how to organize the house for cleaning and optimal mapping by the robot (essentially you must not leave scattered objects for home and you must not obstruct the passage of the robot with your presence), how to position the charging base and it is proposed to activate the function to resume cleaning automatically in the event of interruptions due to the lack of sufficient residual charge and whether to activate the mode not disturb (to reduce the noise emitted by the robot, which in any case is very low even in standard operating mode).

Finally, if firmware updates are available for the robot , the app notifies it and allows you to download and install them in a couple of taps.

At this point, everything is ready for the first cleaning of the house, which will also allow the automatic mapping of the environment , which is then useful for carrying out / programming the cleaning in individual rooms. I directly pressed the central button of the robot and left the device to its work, but I could also have started the cleaning from the app by selecting the name of Dreame Bot L10 Pro and then the ▶ ︎ key (since this is the first cleaning, only the All option , then the options are activated to clean a single room or a single area , to be outlined on the map).

Also from the app you can adjust the power and cleaning mode : by pressing the Cleaning mode button you can choose between 4 power levels ( Silent , Standard , High power or Turbo ) and the water flow settings ( Slightly dry , Standard or Wet ). In my experience, Standard and High Power speeds were enough to thoroughly clean the floors in the house; for washing, the Standard mode also seemed sufficient to clean the house well.

To use the washing function, you must moisten the supplied washing cloth , wring out the excess water, slide the cloth all the way into the compartment of the water tank (until it is firmly positioned), then remove and fill the robot tank with water (by opening its lid), insert it back into the space provided (on the back of the Dreame Bot L10 Pro). In the manual it is recommended to vacuum the dust at least three times before using the washing function for the first time, so that’s what I did.

Once cleaning is complete, the robot automatically positions itself on the charging base ; as already said before, it automatically returns to the base even in the event of insufficient residual charge to complete the work, and then resumes cleaning once loaded (always if you choose to activate the special function).

During cleaning, you can pause Dreame Bot L10 Pro by pressing the ▮▮ button within the app or return it to the base by pressing the Reload button . Furthermore, you can choose to manually control the robot by pressing the ⋮ button (top right) and tapping the Remote control item .

At the end of each cleaning day, it is advisable to extract and empty the dust collection tank from the robot (located under the front cover); It is also recommended to remove excess dust from the filter and rinse both the tank and the filter with running water, then let them dry and install them again in the robot. Obviously, the brushes and the surface of the robot must also be cleaned , with particular attention to where the sensors are located. As for the washing module , it is recommended to empty the remaining water in the water tank and let it dry, clean and dry the washing cloth and possiblyclean the air vent on the tank lid.

Still as regards the maintenance of the robot, I found the Service Program section of the app (accessible from the ⋮ menu) really handy, which shows real-time updated information on the status of the filter, brushes and sensors, so you know when they are from. clean / change.

Once the house has been mapped (in the case of a house with several floors, it is possible to create the mappings of a maximum number of three floors by going to the Map Manager , activating the Multi-floor Maps function and pressing the button to create a new map ) , it is possible to start or schedule the cleaning works by selecting specific rooms and / or areas in which Dreame Bot L10 Pro must operate.

To start immediate cleaning in a certain room of the house, just select it from the app’s Room tab ; to clean, instead, one or more customized zones, select the Zone tab , outline the zones of interest on the map, then press the button that appears on the screen to indicate the number of times to perform the cleaning and start cleaning.

It is also possible to set forbidden zones in which the robot must not operate: to do this, just press the Forbidden zone button , choose whether to set a virtual wall , an absolutely forbidden zone for the robot or a no-mop zone (i.e. a zone to inhibit the floor washing function only) and use the indicators on the map to specify your preferences.

Alternatively, you can set a scheduled cleaning by going to the app’s ⋮ menu and selecting the appropriate item. It is therefore possible to create various schedules by setting the cleaning radius (whole house or individual rooms), start time , number of repetitions , cleaning mode (power) and water flow settings .

The smart scenes , always accessible from the app’s ⋮ menu, instead allow you to set situations in which to automate the behavior of Dreame Bot L10 Pro and other smart devices of the Xiomi ecosystem based on various conditions (if this happens, do this What). To give you a practical example, it is possible to trigger the cleaning or pause the Dreame Bot L10 Pro after a timer expires, but the possibilities are so many.

Finally, I would like to point out a “gem”: by installing Dreame’s skill in the Alexa app (as I explained to you in my tutorial on how Alexa works ) I was able to command Dreame Bot L10 Pro with my voice simply by saying things like “turn on robot Dreame ” to my Amazon Echo (you can rename the robot to make voice commands easier to pronounce).

For the rest, I don’t think there is much to add, also because the Mi Home app is very intuitive. In fact, by going to the ⋮ menu you will find all the functions at your fingertips: in Device settings it is possible to activate or deactivate robot functions such as high-precision 3D obstacle prevention, carpet reinforcement (to increase the suction power on carpets automatically ), resume cleaning after interruptions for charging, do not disturb mode, automatic mop cleaning, volume adjustment and more.

Also in the main menu it is possible to consult the history of the cleaning carried out, locate the robot in case of “loss”, update its firmware and so on.

In short, all the functions are close at hand and sufficiently intuitive to be used even by the less accustomed to new technologies. I don’t think you will need my help to use it, in case you decide to buy a Dreame Bot L10 Pro too!

Final evaluations

At the end of my trial, I can only promote Dreame Bot L10 Pro . In the past I have had the opportunity to test both robot vacuum cleaners / floor cleaners belonging to the same price range, and robots from higher market ranges, and I must say that the “comparison” holds up well in both cases.

Compared to the mid-range robots, with which the Dreame Bot L10 Pro directly collides, there are features such as the LiDAR sensor and the effective scrubbing function that make it a product certainly worthy of note. Compared to the top-of-the-range models, for obvious reasons a direct comparison cannot be made, but I can say that for normal home use the differences in terms of cleaning effectiveness are minimal. Of course, washing floors, being a 2-in-1 model, does not completely replace what can be done with the classic mop or with a robot dedicated solely to this function, but overall we cannot complain.

The autonomy of the battery seemed to me more than sufficient , but not having a house structured on several floors I could not “stress” it properly; for the same reason I have not been able to properly test the behavior of Dreame Bot L10 Pro on long stairways, even if I have a couple of steps at home and it has always overcome them without overturning . Same goes for the carpets: I only have one on which I tested the robot and, at most in a couple of passes, it removed all the crumbs that I had voluntarily placed on the surface.

On the “smart” front, I have little to say , since we are talking about a product that is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and therefore with an app made more than worthily (perhaps with some imperfect translation of the Italian menus, but little stuff) and easy to use for everyone.

In short, if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner and do not want to spend crazy money, I recommend that you keep an eye on this model, also because with the right offer you could take it home for less than 350 euros and, also considering the function of integrated floor cleaner, it is not easy to find better at these figures!

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