Heroes & Generals Guide: Strategy Mode

What to do in strategic mode? Where to send troops? Where to get them from? You will find answers to these questions in this guide.

The strategy game is an endless war that takes place on Heroes & Generals servers . It is presented as a schematic map in the corresponding section. A war is considered won when one of the sides reaches special conditions: capture 15 major cities or capture the opponent’s capitals. Germany has Berlin and Rome, the USA has London and Edinburgh, the USSR has Moscow and Leningrad. Each player decides for himself in which city to place his assault group. The rest of the major cities are neutral and can be captured.

Heroes & Generals

Strategic map

The period between the start of the war and the first contact with the enemy by fire is called the start of the game. It is of high strategic importance, since at this time all forces are thrown into attack or defense, taking as many territories as possible. There are many large cities in the game, and if you capture them, then you can land your assault groups there.

The main part of the war is the middle of the game, when armies fight for cities and capitals and try to achieve victory conditions. The last stage is considered to be a part of the war, when it has a clear advantage on the side and will definitely win it.

When you are fighting a war, the fight is not just for pointless points. You are really fighting for control of the territory. The main goal of every war is to push back the enemy troops and capture the capitals. Small dots in red and blue are potential battle spots. The very tiny points around cities are called hotspots. All these points are connected in the so-called supply lines, and the battles for them are called “skirmish”. If you click on a city, but you can see all the access points by letter from A to E. To attack a city, you must first capture at least one point at the end of the supply line. If you send an assault group along a line on which the enemy has no assault groups at all, then there will be no battle for the point, and the battle for the city will begin automatically.

There are assault teams in almost every game. If you have already completed the training missions, then these assault teams are made up of real players. However, if in the game you notice that the enemy has a lot more resources, then this is due to the fact that he has more supply lines to the city than you. Therefore, before starting a battle, first check what you have in this city at all and what supply lines have been drawn to it.

Heroes & Generals

Assault groups

Assault teams are not cheap at all. They are bought for special resources called Warfunds. At first, they are earned in the main game in the first person for completing important tasks: attack, defense, destruction of equipment, and so on. The first assault group can be bought after level 12, if, of course, you have collected a sufficient number of Warfunds. Now you can start earning resources using your assault team.

There are five assault groups in total: Guard, Recon, Pathfinders, Light Armor, and Fighter Recon. As always, you need to remember that the base of any battle is the regular foot soldiers. What’s more, these Assault Teams are the best earning Warfunds yet they are very inexpensive.

Assault groups need time to level up, and quite a long time. To reach the first level, you will need to win about 12 games, each giving eight percent of the experience. After the first rank, each win gives only one percent of experience. You yourself understand that further everything will be rather slow. After obtaining the next level, you have the opportunity to improve the assault group for a one-time fee.

But, if you want to get enough Warfunds as soon as possible, it is recommended to start with the Guard Assault Team. Upgrade them to the first motorcycles, and your soldiers will be able to move around the map quickly enough. Rebuilding them is also not that expensive. However, in order to replenish stocks of aircraft, tanks and other things, you need the help of the cheapest assault group – infantrymen.

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