Dark Legion Event Guide

Dark Legion Event Guide

Why visit the Dark Legion?

For completing this event, you will be guaranteed to receive the following rewards:

  • 400 resource points
  • 400 Fame Points
  • marinites
  • 300 Merit Points

Also, with some chance, you can get Bronze Guardons , Phantom Pearls and Shards of Illusion .

At first glance, it may seem that resource points are needed only by PVP players, but this is a deep misconception. Take a look at Doran , who sells various goods for this currency. You will find a lot of useful things for PVE too.


How to participate in the Dark Legion?

In the current version of the game, this event starts at 20:00 (Moscow time) on Wednesdays and lasts for 20 minutes. It’s easy enough to get involved. During the event, the following icon will appear on the screen:

When you click on it, you will open a map on which the areas in which this event will take place are marked:

By clicking on the icon in the form of swords, you will automatically run to the selected area

You can choose any – the reward will be the same everywhere. The main thing is that there are not too few people on site. Or go to the event as part of a party – it will be much more convenient.

When you come to the place, you will need to destroy constantly appearing monsters. For killing them, you will receive points. Depending on the strength of the monster, you get 1, 5 or 10 points.

To receive the main reward, you will need to accumulate 100 Merit Points. When 15 minutes have passed, a boss will appear, to which we advise you to immediately switch:

Bosses will also have their own icons, clicking on which, you will automatically get to them

For every 3000 damage done to it, you will receive one point. After killing the boss, chests with additional rewards will appear, but you will have to act quickly, since their number is very limited, and there will most likely be a lot of people willing to open them.

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