Guide to enemies in Mini DayZ

Find out which opponents you can face in Mini DayZ survival game

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The Infected are the former citizens of Chernorus who were unable to withstand the terrible infection. These are the most common opponents you will face in Mini DayZ .

There are different types of zombies, which will be discussed below:

  • Normalzombies are the most common type. Enemies you can find everywhere. Their movement speed is about the same as that of the player, but in any case, you can easily “throw them off the tail”, breaking the line of sight. When normal zombies die, there is a small chance of dropping various items or ammunition for civilian weapons. In the later stages of the game, they can appear in flocks, chasing the player.
  • Military– These zombies adhere to military territories and facilities, including bases and roadblocks at intersections. They do more damage than normal infected, and have a slightly higher HP pool (due to armor). Some of them have pistols or rifles.
  • Crawlersare the fastest opponents in the game. They are very similar to regular zombies, but move three times faster. This type of enemy usually spawns in the same places as common zombies.
  • Sleepers– they usually lie in cities and near roads. When a survivor approaches such a zombie or they hear loud sounds, they immediately wake up. Experienced gamers can spot sleepers from afar.
  • Acid(wear scientists’ outfits) – these infected appear in about the same places as regular zombies. When they die, they leave themselves in place of an acid puddle, causing damage and having a high probability of infection for the player. These puddles disappear after ten seconds.
  • Screamers(screamers) – they cannot damage your character, but when they find the main character, they will start screaming, summoning all the other zombies nearby. They are rare. They can wake up sleeping people.

Do not forget that killing a zombie gives you extra experience points, but at the same time you risk getting infected (acid) or getting bleeding.

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