Walkthrough Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline

Detailed walkthrough of the first story add-on for Watch Dogs Legion: main and side missions, all improvements and gadgets

Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline (Legacy) is the first story expansion of the game, the events of which unfold between the destruction of the London unit of DedSec and the beginning of the resistance (that is, between the prologue and the first story mission). In London, the heroes of the previous games in the series, Aiden Pearce and Wrench, appear, who confront another rich man who is trying to become even more powerful.

Absorption object

Watch the introductory video in which Aiden Pearce takes on a job in London, where his nephew Jackson also lives. Arriving at the location, you will receive the first story mission. You need to infiltrate Deep Labs, Brock Tech’s labs, and find out why Rempart refused the deal with this corporation, although he could have made millions, and now he faces a trial. It is recommended to act in secrecy.

Let’s remember management together. For movement according to the standard, the WASD keys are used . Shift lets you run. When hovering over a person, pressing Q will distract the target by sending them a message on their mobile phone. When you hold down the mouse wheel, you will receive complete information about the person. The F key allows you to hit melee. By holding Z , you can select an emote, but this is for multiplayer. The X key (hold) opens the weapon wheel. Key C – sit down, V – scan the area. At the moment, Aiden has access to the Fatal Failure hack (look at the icon in the lower right corner of the screen). It shows the number “3”… The fault is activated by pressing the corresponding key. You can try it right now, it will be funny to watch the chaos that vehicles and other equipment are sowing.

Follow the marker and enter the building through the front door. The guards will not be in place. Climb over a side wall of the terminal with a laser detector, and climb the stairs to stun crept behind and pressing the F . Interact with the elevator control panel. After taking the elevator, examine the door ahead and go to the room on the right. Download the data from the computer to find out that Rempart needs a certain “Broca-bridge”. Go deep into the complex through the opened door. Disarm two guards, acting covertly, and take two photographs (there will be four objects, but two photographs are enough). The “9” key allows you to pick up the camera. Then aim the lens at the target. The inscription “Target in sight” should appear. Only then click on the F .

When you take two shots, the target is updated. Go deep into the complex and take the data from the table. They are marked with a yellow marker. These will be clues that indicate that “Broca-Most” is needed by Rempart in order to independently produce the security robots “Mark-2”. Move on and see a locked door. Look at the terminal nearby and hold down the mouse wheel to see the path to the device that will allow you to jailbreak it. Move through the door on the left, head up into the room and create a trap on the wall panel to immobilize the enemy. On the table on the right will be a document that indicates that Rempart’s people threatened some guy who created a bipedal robot. This is how the Mark-2 design appeared. Interact with the terminal and head back. We’ll have to fight the enemy. Use Space to dodge, and LMB for a melee attack. In the end, you will need to finish off the enemy by pressing F. The E key is needed to break through the defense of the defending opponents.

Go through the next door and take the audio recording from the table, and then download the evidence from the data block on the left (marked with a marker). Fight off enemy attacks using your revolver. Reload your weapon in time to activate the damage boost (press R again when the slider is in the orange area). Continue driving, get to the camera and take a photo of the chair. Go inside and watch the video. Pursue Rench, who has stolen the Broca-Most. When you hit the locked door, press V to see the cameras behind the wall, hack them and download data from the laptop in the corner. The next locked door will prompt you to solve the puzzle. There was some kind of error when I first interacted with it, so I reloaded the game. Back at this point, I was still able to interact with the panel by clicking on the mouse wheel. Then rotate the nodes so that so that all lines turn blue. It’s pretty straightforward. Watch a lengthy video.

Red king

Aiden was held captive by Rempart, but someone managed to gain access to the systems. Wait, when the opportunity arises, cause the robot to overheat, and then connect to the camera in the next room and hack the server. This will free Aiden.

After a moment, you will control Pierce. Climb the stairs up, go around the robot and hack the ctOS terminal marked with a marker. You will find out that there is a reconnaissance robot here. Follow the marker to the robot and steal it. Hide behind boxes near ctOS. There, the robot will not notice you. Then select the drone and drop it to the ground. Connect with the Q key. Use C to switch to Air mode. Fly down the marker and get close to Aiden Pierce’s equipment crate. Position yourself directly over it to attach it to the drone and fly back. Drop the box on the LMB next to Pierce, disconnect from the drone (ESC) and collect your gear.

Now we need to deal with the Rempart robot. First, use the weapon wheel (key X) to select a taser. Shoot somewhere, immediately reload so that the “Shooter” ability works (press the R key again when the slider is on the orange area). This will strengthen the shots from your current weapon for 15 seconds. Attack the robot suddenly, but don’t get too close to it. You need to accumulate a red scale for it to get overheated. You will have to recharge several times. After that, switch to a regular revolver, sneak up to the robot from behind and shoot at the glowing battery located on the back. By the way, you can go down yourself to get your equipment. On the way to it, there are “headphones” on the box. They are marked with a “loudness / horn” marker and contain audio recordings. Take it and listen to it.

After killing the robot, go downstairs and run into the locked door. Start the drone, fly into the room, which is guarded by cameras with an alarm system (red detectors). Inside, there is a terminal on the wall to the left. Hack it. Follow there with Aiden. An alarm will go off and you will have to kill several enemies. There is a text entry inside that terminal room. Go down even lower into the central courtyard and take the second audio recording (be guided by the white marker “loudspeaker”). Then hack the terminal and open the main gate to leave the facility.

Reward : 750 credits.


Aiden decides to visit Jackson’s nephew, who does not return calls. Open the map on TAB and right-click on the yellow marker. Get in the car. The route will now appear on the road. Head there and try to open the front door. Then go around the building, moving counterclockwise, and go to the courtyard. Go up the annexes to the ctOS terminal and hack it. Listen to the recordings on the computer and laptop, located on the table and bed, respectively. Then turn off the security system using the wall panel. You will be disconnected from the server. Hack a cargo drone located next to you, climb on it and take control. Climb higher and climb into the apartment through the window. Watch the long cutscene. You will receive Aiden Pierce’s Cap.

You need to get to the Count’s Treasures pub. Moreover, this can now be done with the help of fast travel. Open the map and move to the white marker in the form of a crossed-out circle. Go inside and talk to Connie. You can also pick up two text documents.

People everywhere

Follow the marker and talk to Freddie. She will agree to help if you can sort out her problem with Albion. Also not far from her shop is a text document. Follow the marker to find the Albion base. Penetrate from the beach side, where there is a square with a van and three containers. Three loads should be placed in these containers. The first is in a parking lot with a lone opponent. Eliminate the target, take out the drone (rotate the wheel to switch between gadgets) and switch to Air mode. Grab the container, as you did in the second task, and fly to the van. Drop the load onto the LMB. Go to the pier, eliminate all opponents. The guard near the container can be distracted through the Q key. take the second container. Then go up to the roof. There will be many enemies here but they all look in different directions, so you can easily eliminate them. Having done this, grab the third container and fly down to the van. Hide on the van from pursuers, and then deliver it to the underground parking lot. After that, follow the marker and talk to Connie to complete the task and receive a reward. By completing the side missions of the resistance, you will unlock new gadgets and improvements. We’ll talk about them below, after the storyline. you will unlock new gadgets and improvements. We’ll talk about them below, after the storyline. you will unlock new gadgets and improvements. We’ll talk about them below, after the storyline.

Reward : non-lethal weapon “Goblin” (automatic) and 1000 credits.

Weapons for battle

Press the I key and switch to the “Improvements” tab. Read the content carefully. You will be able to unlock 13 improvements – some of them through the plot, another through the side effects.

  • The main skills(unlocked by the plot): “Support mode” (you can access the auto turret mode, stunning enemies and disabling drones), “Hacking robots” (allows you to temporarily disable robots or block their weapons), “Sound charge” (allows you to manually activate sound a charge that stuns enemies and disables drones).
  • Connie: “Interference” (to unlock the ability, you need to complete the “Matters of Resistance” quest; allows you to neutralize the enemy for a short time by hacking him Optik), “Camouflage: Shroud” (allows you to hide neutralized targets with the help of a cloaker; help Conny)
  • Freddy: M-590 (powerful shotgun, effective at short range; complete the side mission “Sparks are pouring out”), “Hacking turrets” (allows you to disable / deactivate turrets, gain control over them and turn them against their allies), Negev (light machine gun with large store).
  • Claire: “Blocking weapons” (allows you to block the enemy’s weapons, preventing him from firing until the blockage is removed; complete the additional task “Oath of the Hypocrite”), “Attract attention” (lure enemies to a prepared trap), “Dart” (when hitting the head instantly deprives human opponents of consciousness).
  • Angel: Hacking Hound Drones (allows you to disable / deactivate Hound Drones, gain control over them and turn them against their allies; complete the Blood Fists side task), Hacking HE Drones (allows you to disable / deactivate HE Drones, receive control over them and turn against their allies), AK-47 (simple and reliable assault rifle, effective at medium and long distances).
  • Another branch will be blocked. She is related to Wrench.

Open the “Aiden” tab, select the cell with the revolver and install the “Goblin” non-lethal rifle in it. Or in an adjacent slot. After that, the task will end.

Aiden Pearce leads the investigation

Follow the marker to the black market. Get into the territory in any convenient way. For example, if you run in a circle, you can find a wall with a yellow pipe. Then eliminate as many targets as possible. To get into the upper building, you need to hack the terminal at the far gate. The upper room will also have a terminal for accessing the lower room, which contains an optional text document. In any case, you will have to inspect all three points of interest. In addition, you can wait until the “Albion” destroys the smugglers and leaves the territory, and then calmly explore it. When you do this, the task will appear – to destroy the truck with bomb components. There is a gas cylinder behind the van. Blow it up and the truck will be destroyed as a result of a chain reaction. Leave the territory and hide from pursuers.

Jackson will offer to meet. Move to him on the marker, and listen. The task will end.

Reward : Improvement “Support Mode”, 750 credits.

American in London

While Jackson is looking for information, you can pass the time by completing side missions. In order to move further along the plot, it is enough to complete 3 tasks from the list of additional quests at the end of the article. After that, Jackson will say that he was on the trail. This mission will end, but a new one will begin, described below.

Stick in wheels

Move to Rempart’s object. Get into the territory and use the side door. Inside, you need to inspect the marked robots. One of them will contain the required data. Then go to the penultimate floor and try to download the data from your computer. You will fall into Rench’s trap, but he prepared it for Rempart. So, watch Rench’s footage to the end, then drop the drone and connect to it. Fly up to the glass, behind which is the server. There is ventilation in the wall. Open the grate, fly there and connect to the server. When you turn off the security system, it remains to leave this area.

Drive to Brixton, climb the building dealing with Kelly’s men, and download the hideout data. Destroy all the drones that appear, after which Rench confesses that this is his real hideout. Get to the door and interact with it to see the video.

Reward : Improvement “Hacking Robots”, 750 credits.

Dark pattern

Go to the Rempart company building and take the elevator upstairs. Stand in front of the office, and then deal with the guards and go inside. After the cut-scene, destroy the robot and move through the corridors. The doors will be opened by Jackson, but in one of the places you will have to activate the drone and get through the ventilation in order to hack the server. Having done this, follow along. In a large room with red lighting you will have to destroy several robots and soldiers. Proceed with caution and do not forget that you can cause overheating on the Q key (significantly increases the overheating scale for robots). Eventually you will reach the elevator. Watch a lengthy video.

Fox hunting

Finally, we will have the opportunity to play as Rench! Explore the hideout. You can answer the call on Aiden’s phone to hear the voice of a familiar character. Also check the three audio recordings, and then go outside. Go to Connie’s in her Earl’s Treasures pub and listen to the woman’s proposal.

First, let’s go to the Thorn warehouses. It is best to summon a drone through the weapon wheel, go up to the roof and go down a little lower to find the doors inside. Download the key marked with a marker and go through the door that leads to the monitor. Steal the item and get out of the area.

Then follow to Rotherhit Docks. Go to the territory, climb inside the building and clear it. At least the first floor. Open the large gate on the side of the river, hold X and select Sergei’s drone. Jump on it and take control with the Q key . Fly close enough to the container to secure it, and then follow to the indicated point. Relieve the load by clicking on the G .

Go to the hospital. Use the drone to get directly to the roof. But be careful, as there are security robots flying there, so you need to try to land so that no one will notice you (on the opposite side of the yellow marker). Make your way to the ctOS server, hack it and switch between cameras to see the patient. Hack the terminal nearby, and then hold down the mouse wheel and C to download the data from the doctor. Get out of here and meet Jackson. To do this, return to Rench’s hideout. Then leave the hideout. Geordie will contact you again.

Reward : Improvement “Sonic Charge”, 750 credits.

Rempart in a rage

Follow the tower “Nexus”, make your way inside and use the terminal. Control a combat drone, visit several places and destroy the marked targets. If there are enemy drones, blow them up first. Use RMB to lock on targets, and then launch homing missiles at LMB. In the end, you will need to perform a hack. Posca loading data, kill enemies and blow up drones. Upon completion of the mission, you will learn about the Eliminators and receive side quests that can only be performed by Rench. These are discussed below.

Red Queen

You will be contacted by Sky Larsen, head of Brock-Tek. Drive to the right place, go inside the house and examine the tablet on the table. After the cut-scene, drive along the marker and wait for the drone to drop the container. Pick it up and get the Broca Bridge. Go to Broca-Tech. It is pointless to act covertly, since you still need to destroy all enemies, including two robots. Having done this, break the lock on the door and go through the complex, killing opponents. In the end, you will clear the building, and your main enemy will escape. Give Sky Larsen access to the control system, then watch the video.

Bury the dead

Move forward to the house, go around it on the right and talk to Aiden. Go inside and inspect all rooms. One of them will have a telephone. Take it to Aiden. Go to the house again. When the location looks like a maze with several doors, do not go through the doors if it is dark behind them. If you see an open door and darkness, look for another. Eventually, you will find a cap. Take it to Aiden. Enter the house a third time. Pull the lever and jump over the pit. Further there will be four levers at once. If you haven’t pulled anything yet, pull the second and third levers (numbered from left to right), and then jump over the raised blocks. Follow on, inspect the rooms until you see Aiden killing some person. Swap places with the person sitting on your lap. Pick up the cloak and take it to Aiden.

One on one

Chat with Jackson, follow the marker and talk to the boat captain. You will find yourself on a barge. Move to its end to find the wheelhouse. In front of her, in one of the containers is the key to the door. Load it without attracting attention. If you cannot, do not despair, as the alarm will still be raised. After you get the key, go inside and take control. Request Sergey’s drone and use it to destroy four engines. Each must be hit 3-4 times from a grenade launcher. Then connect to the main engine. While the hack is in progress, you can jump from the drone and destroy enemies with ordinary weapons.

After the victory, go down to the cargo hold, where you will fight with the Mark-2 robot. To begin with, don’t even attack the robot, but fight off other enemies, including Mark-1. After Jackson and Aiden have finished hacking, you can hack the robot. Look at him and click on Q. You will expose four vulnerable spots – on the arms and legs. Shoot them, remembering to deal with regular soldiers and Mark-1 robots. When all four vulnerabilities are destroyed, the last one will open. The robot will start throwing more grenades. Accordingly, more red spots and enemies will appear on the location. It is not necessary to kill all opponents, since they appear non-stop and there is no end to them. The main thing is to defeat the Mark-2 robot. After that, the task will end. So is the storyline. At any time you can open the game menu, go to the “Team” tab and select another agent. Press G to confirm switching to Aiden or Rench.

Aiden Pierce side quests

Oath of a hypocrite

Meet with Claire and hear the details of the mission. Follow the marker to Carcani Medical and get inside the building. There will be a lot of robots and drones here, so it is advisable to have at least the ability to hack hound drones. That is, to complete the side quest “Bloody Fists”. Then distract the desired enemy by looking at him through the glass and using the Q key. And then neutralize and load the necessary data. Then leave this area.

Claire will tell you where to look for the NHS task force. Get to the indicated place, open the gate and examine the body of Dr. Ibrahim. Then get behind the wheel of the car and move it out of place. Right underneath is the tablet you need to jailbreak. You learn that people from the special group were taken to the market. Go to the coordinates, find the gate and open it. Behind her will be three bandits from the Kelly gang. You can neutralize them in any convenient way, and then free the two hostages and leave the selected area.

Reward : hack “Blocking weapons”, 1000 credits.

Hostile takeover

Claire Waters’ next task, which is activated immediately after the previous mission. go to the meeting place and listen to the girl. Penetrate a closed object through any door and take three photographs of the indicated locations. To get through the door on the second floor, use your scout drone and make your way through the hole to the right of the door. When you have taken three pictures, go down and try to delete the data, but it will not be on the computer.

Go to a new location. I will immediately inform you that here, as soon as the deletion of data begins, the alarm will be raised, and everyone will attack you. Therefore, stun targets as much as possible, and then get ready for a fight. By the way, about robots: you can destroy the battery from any, even non-lethal, weapon. Then leave the area.

Reward : hack “Attract attention”, 1000 credits.

All-seeing eye

This will be the last assignment from Claire Waters. Talk to her and then to Miles Fletcher, who represents Albion but helps Claire. Follow the marker, use deep analysis to identify Cora Taylor. He is wearing a white jacket, talking on the phone and standing near a white car. Chase her (there is a motorcycle nearby) and download her daily routine along the way. Aiden will suspect that things are not so clean with Miles. Move to the indicated point, near the Viaduct station, go to the courtyard, climb the annexes and hack the ctOS server. Examine the tablet on the table, switch between cameras to look around the next room. It turns out that Miles is obsessed with Cora Taylor, who simply does not want to have a relationship with him. So he is following her. Examine another tablet, and then leave this place.

Claire will hide, and you will have to deal with Miles. Go to the indicated location. Walk to the right of the gate and you will find the hills along which you can climb to the roof. Disable the police officer at the blocked passage and with an alarm camera. Go even further along the roof and you will see another enemy. Stun him and climb over the fence with the camera. Between the two cameras, there is a panel on the wall that turns them off. Disarm, eliminate opponents and Miles. This can be done secretly. And then use the mouse wheel to download his documents. Leave the area. Claire Waters’ questline has been completed.

Reward : Dart weapon, 1000 credits.

Bloody fists

Chat with Angel at the indicated location. Move to Euston station, try to get to the gym, but nothing comes of it. Climb higher along the pipe on the left, run across to the other side and climb up the other pipe. It is easy to get to the ctOS terminal from here. Hack it, and then go to the place of fist fights. Go inside and fight in fist fights. Dodge opponents’ attacks on “Space” and immediately attack on LMB. This is the surest tactic. After you defeat three opponents, including Sonya, you will win the championship in the Scene arena. Talk to Sonya, and then visit the forbidden territory and free the three hostages. There will be a lot of enemies there, so act stealthily to the maximum. Two enemies are sitting in a cell, and the third is behind a closed door. The panel from it is on the second floor.

Reward : Hacking Hound Drones, 1000 credits.

Fire, buy

Angel’s next assignment. Move to the meeting point and talk to the man. Move to the building, climb the annexes to the roof, where the ctOS terminal is located. Hack it (after eliminating two enemies, and preferably silently), switch between three cameras and download data from a tablet. Leave the area, and then go to a new point. Despite the fact that the territory is rather big, there are few enemies here. About 6-7, so try to eliminate them stealthily, and you can finish off the latter in open combat. Hack the server from above, and then blow up the two servers from the bottom (shoot from the weapon).

Reward : “Hacking HE drones”, 1000 credits.


Angel’s third assignment. Follow the marker where Angel’s friends are. Get into the territory in any way. Then get to the building, stunning enemies along the way. Eliminate opponents who are walking around the perimeter, and then get to the laptop that you need to hack. There will be two more soldiers near him. By doing this, you will free all the captives. Get to the next marker, clear the courtyard and open the garage to reveal the corpses. Take a picture of the bodies and send it to Angel. Leave the area.

Go to Claire Waters to give her the evidence. In this case, you will not liquidate Dansk, but instead hand over the dirt to Claire and he will be arrested. Or go to another place where you will have to eliminate Dansk. It’s up to you to decide, but it won’t affect the plot in any way.

Reward : 1000 credits.

Guardian angel

The last task from Angel. Go to the meeting point, Angela will not be there. Move to the Albion stronghold in Kennington for information on the arrests. Get to the police station, go up the steps and see the main entrance. There are slopes to the right and left of it. Climb the slope to the right and enter the restricted area. Get to the indicated point and on the top floor and download the data. Go to CEM. If you can’t find the entrance, hack any cargo drone and fly over the roof. Examine the CEM, chat with four people. One of the characters will tell you where to find Angel. Enter the old clinic and talk to him. Make your way to the forbidden territory, go upstairs and eliminate targets. There is a key in the first room on the left. Download it and then open the door to the laptop you want. Load data. While the break-in is going on, fight off the soldiers. Then leave this place. Move to the Brixton Gallery and talk to Connie to complete the quest.

Reward : AK-47, 1000 credits.

Resistance matters

Follow the meeting point with Connie. Talk to the woman, then follow to the indicated location. Get into the territory. You can get inside through the roofs. A pipe leads there. In any case, it will be more convenient to download the key from one of the guards. Shoot both boxes and the truck in the garage. All objects are marked with markers. Then move to Camden Town, where one of the resistance squads was ambushed. Go to the courtyard. Try to covertly eliminate two targets, and then free the hostages. Next, you will need to neutralize one checkpoint. But keep in mind that the chase will begin. Try to orient yourself on the map and leave the area so as not to wind circles and increase the wanted stars. When you drop the tail, the task is complete.

Reward : Hack “Interference”, 3000 credits.

Punks against

Connie’s next assignment. After that, move to the indicated location to download the bank details of Kadven. You can get inside through the side door. There will be one enemy. Next is the detector, but you can turn it off using the camera. But you still have to make some noise, since there are many guards inside. However, you can try to enter the desired room from the very beginning. Activate your drone and escort it to the desired location through the ventilation. After hacking the terminal, leave the area.

Go to the City Hall. Using in-depth analysis, find the person who talks to Cadven on the phone. I had a dark-skinned girl in a strict suit. Eavesdrop on the conversation through the deep analysis menu (C – download), and then go down to the water and go into the tunnel. Drop the drone and move through the ventilation. Hack the terminal to open your way. Disarm one enemy and load 5 Khadwen’s Talk. You can leave this place to complete the task.

Reward : 1000 credits.

Ghost of london

This will be the last assignment from Connie. She will ask you to explore the places where the Ghost visited. There are three points. I found the clue I needed at the point at the bottom left. Therefore, if you wish, first visit the other two. For example, the top of the three. Get into the territory, hack the terminal to open the gate. Go to the courtyard and go up to the roof using the containers on the left. Download data. You can also hack a cargo drone and climb on it to the roof. Then visit the point on the left. Clear the area and download the data from the tablet in the center.

Go inside the building. Try to be secretive. Look for an invisible corpse between the shelves. Use deep analysis to uncover it, then search the body and leave the area. Connie’s questline is complete.

Reward : 1000 credits, improvement “Closer: Shroud”.

Sparks are falling

Meet Freddie at the marked location. After that, move to Chinatown, clear a small area from Kelly and climb onto the side buildings. Open the door with the terminal on top and then climb to the other side and hack the ctOS server. After that, you will need to hack three servers. Every time you will be surrounded by people from the Kelly gang. And finally, you need to finish off the leader of the local group.

Reward : M-590 shotgun, 1000 credits.

Delivery service

Chat with Freddie at Lambeth Station. Get behind the wheel of the van and follow the marker. When the chase begins, hide from the Albion. Use F to look behind and pick up poles and other obstacles, or hack enemy vehicles directly. When the chase stops, get to the next point, talk to the informant and kill three enemies. And then follow to the shelter, where the mission will end.

Reward : Hacking Turrets, 1000 credits.

Live cargo

Talk to Freddie again, go to the New Market and find Violet Thorn. There will be cops in the alley. You can hack one of them, or deal with all of them, and then load the data through deep analysis. Follow the hospital of St. Thomas, move to the side of the building and hack the lift. Drop it down, climb inside and go upstairs. Pick up the moment and clear the yard from enemies. After freeing Violet, go down to the main entrance, turn off the turret and run outside. Get into the ambulance and follow the marker. When the chase begins, drop your tail as usual, and then get to the end point and talk to Freddie.

Reward : Negev machine gun, 1000 credits.

Rencha (Reggie) side quests

Ghost car from London

You need to find a ghost car that moves around the city. The distance to the target will be shown. Move in the direction in which this distance will decrease. In fact, the marker will lead you to the square. Look for a transparent bench along the trail. Hold down the mouse wheel and C to unmask it. Travel to the next location and then explore the alley. There is a poster of a black man on one of the buildings. To the right of it is a roadblock, and even to the right, at the corner of the building, is an invisible object. Remove the disguise from him and go to the third point. A ghost car is parked right in the middle of the street. Place your car next to it in advance, and then try to remove your disguise. The chase will begin. If you have time, then stop the wheelbarrow. If not, you will have to move to a new place and again look for the ghost car. But every time she will stand on the road or on the side of the road. As soon as you break into the car, sit inside and drive to the indicated point to complete the mission.

Reward : automatic non-lethal light machine gun “Senpai Chopper” (you will receive the first reward in the storyline for the task “Rempart in a rage”), 1500 credits.


Move to the object “Albion”, get inside and hack the server to take over control of the robot. Move along the corridors, eliminating enemies, climb the stairs and destroy the terminal. And then get out on the marker where the combat drone is. On the way, you will have to fight off enemies. Fly to the marker and shoot back from opponents. There will be drones and transport. Use RMB to grab targets and launch homing missiles. In the end, you will need to deliver the robot to the alley, and the task will be completed.

Reward : hack “Intercept robots” (allows you to intercept robots, forcing them to attack allies, 1500 credits.

At the speed of light

Follow the marker, check the results and start the race. You will need to drive through a dedicated gate. First you will control the boat, then the car, and then the drone. Some cars will lose control, but as far as I could see, they all turn exclusively to the left.

Reward : “Hacking CT drones” (allows you to disable / deactivate CT drones, gain control over them and turn allies against them, 1500 credits.

Devon & Devin: London Selection

The quest will only be available after you have completed the three previous eliminators quests. Follow the marker and steal the car. Chat with Markus and get to the first set. When you are switched to the drone, end the conversation with Marcus, then use the mouse wheel to make the car go forward and jump from the springboard.

Follow to the second set. Move deeper past the explosives until you find a terminal marked with a yellow marker. Hack it. When you turn the first knot, the countdown starts. This will be a familiar puzzle. Move along the red lines and rotate the nodes so that they turn blue. First, follow the left branch (as you move away from the terminal) and customize it completely. Then move to the middle and rotate the knot so that it is directed to the left. Break open the knot with the lock and direct the second stream to the central platform. Set up the right branch and head towards the central platform inside the building. Activate it if energy is supplied from all three routes. And do not forget that here you need to constantly jump over obstacles. So, the last knot is fenced off with a fence, over which you can easily jump over.

Move to the third set. Fly to the roof on Sergey’s cargo drone and destroy two robots. The task will end.

Reward : a compact non-lethal grenade launcher “Captain Boom-Boom”, when it explodes, breaking open devices nearby, 1500 credits.


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