Watch Dogs Legion: All Trophies and Achievements

his guide comes in handy for those looking to hit platinum in Watch Dogs Legion. There are 40 achievements in the game in total. Here’s how to get them all.

Step 1: Beat the story

Complete all story quests first. This will give you six of the achievements from the list and set the stage for the rest. In the process, pay attention to the following:

  • Pick up all the rarities, audio recordings and technology points that you come across.
  • If you get the opportunity to take quests for recruiting a Video Game Developer, Artist / Street Artist and Living Statue – do it.
  • Don’t waste money on skins for weapons and vehicles, because almost everything you collect will be needed for the New Outfit achievement.
  • Don’t put up posters, drink in bars, or play darts – it doesn’t make sense at this stage.

Step 2: Free all areas

Complete missions to liberate all districts. As a reward, you will receive two achievements and operatives, which will also be useful to you. In addition, all technology points are marked on the map in rebellious areas.

If you have any questions about completing tasks, read this guide .

Step 3: Complete side quests

As the story progresses, characters with their quest lines will appear in your shelter. They are tied to the receipt of several achievements:

  • “The one who left” – the quest “Finding Bagley” will appear in the shelter immediately after the end of the story. We wrote more about it here .
  • “At the last moment” – you need to complete the task “The concept has changed”. This is the sixth quest in Caitlin’s lineup.
  • “A roof over your head” – you need to complete the quest “Royal reception”. This is the sixth quest in the Zero line.
  • “England for All” – you need to complete the quest “Parks and Zones of Control”. This is the second quest in Hamish’s lineup.

The above quests are not the last in their quest lines. However, it is still worth doing everything to the end (for the sake of money).

  • “Dish That Is Served Cold” – to get the additional mission for “Revenge”, you need to have your operative kidnapped. This will require a character who hates DedSec. If this is not the case, create it. Find someone who already feels bad about DedSec, study him with deep analysis and sort it out with someone from his family or friends. The more people hate you and the more your team is, the sooner the enemies will kidnap your operative and the necessary additional task will appear.

Step 4: Get Agent Achievements

In Watch Dogs Legion, as many as 12 achievements are tied to agents and their professions. You need not only to collect characters of 20 different professions in a team (achievement “Human Resources” ), but also to perform certain actions with them.

If you are playing with the Final Death mode, get the achievement as soon as possible after recruiting a rare agent. Otherwise, you run the risk of greatly complicating your life. We have collected all such trophies and professions in this guide .

Step 5: collect collectibles

This part is one of the tedious. Here’s what it includes:

  • “Bull’s eye” and “Startled!” – it is important to perform them together and not switch to other characters in the process. While you go to the bars – do not forget to empty the safes. More details here .
  • “Masterpieces of resistance” – we do it as a builder, and again we don’t switch anywhere from him. Where to hang posters, see here .
  • “Maximum” and “Ready for battle” – to unlock all improvements, you will need 1300 skill points. After completing the story, you will have about 300. There are 130 technology points scattered across the map, each of which gives 10 skill points. This means you don’t have to pick everything up. If you can’t get somewhere, just skip.
  • “Oral History” and “Magpie” – most of the rarities and audio recordings should be with you after completing the plot and side quests. You can calculate how much you have collected in the “Data” section of the menu. Just pick up the missing ones, there are much more of them on the map.
  • DedSec Delivery – Complete 20 Parcel Fox delivery missions. These tasks can be taken in the boxes marked on the map with a blue icon

Step 6: finish the rest

At this point, there are very few achievements that you have not yet unlocked:

  • “First, it’s beautiful …” – buy one weapon skin (the cheapest!). To do this, go to the command bar, click “Change on character”, then “Change” on the weapon and then go to the coloring pages.
  • “In new packaging” – buy a new livery for your vehicle. Everything is the same as with a weapon – only you need an agent with his car. For example, a spy.
  • “New outfit” – after completing the previous steps, we had a little less than the required 100,000 ETO on our account. The rest was relatively easy to assemble. Before spending this money on clothes – make a copy of your save (in case something goes wrong and the trophy does not count).
  • “I want to the Premier League” – go to the location marked on the map with the soccer ball icon (for example, in Tideys Park in Southwark). To achieve this you need to reach 1 goal of an experienced player.
  • “Don’t Get Up” – most likely this achievement will already be received by you. For him, you need to kill the enemy who killed your agent. After that, a red “Enemy” mark appears on it from the screenshot below.


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