Guide to Heroes & Generals: how to play for the USSR

A guide for those who chose the USSR “out of habit” but don’t know where to start.

Many start playing for the USSR just out of habit. In any case, he also has enough both positive and negative sides, and you need to know what to avoid and what to take a closer look at.

Primary weapon

The USSR has one interesting feature – three submachine guns at once, there is clearly plenty to choose from. However, almost all of these submachine guns have a huge supply of ammunition, a high rate of fire, but low accuracy. The exception is the PPS-43, a powerful and accurate submachine gun with a 35-round magazine. However, the only machine gun of the USSR will face the same fate as most submachine guns – a huge spread, but a roomy store. Try to neutralize the disadvantages of these types of weapons as often as possible with improvements – do not increase the rate of fire for no reason, otherwise you will get low accuracy. Instead, it is better to increase range and accuracy by lowering the rate of fire. This way you can get a well-balanced weapon that will come in handy in almost any situation.

The USSR also has a unique anti-tank gun PTRD. It is huge, takes a long time to reload, and it is almost impossible for them to shoot from the hip. You need to sit down somewhere and try to carry out several aimed shots at the vehicle as quickly as possible. The car will “swing back” with one shot, tanks, of course, will not behave so helpful. Any soldier will also die from being hit in the heel, but don’t waste precious cannon shots for sparrows.

Heroes & Generals

Of course, don’t forget about the AVS-36, a powerful automatic rifle that has long proven itself in combat. The only limitation is the modest magazine, so it’s best to speed up reloading by all means. Of course, the USSR also has a sniper rifle, but this side of the conflict stands out most due to the AVS-36 and a wide selection of submachine guns.

Secondary weapon

First of all, you need the TT-33 and the Nagant M1895. The TT-33 has a very high rate of fire, the highest bullet speed and extremely modest damage, but sufficient accuracy when firing from the hip. With this pistol, you can successfully bring confusion in battles for buildings, when the main weapon runs out of ammo or when there is no time to reload. You just need to shoot as often as possible, trying to hit the chest. It will be just fine if you have already managed to touch the enemy before.

Heroes & Generals

The Nagant M1895 is a rather strange revolver. First, there is no way it can be upgraded to a two-round kill. Nevertheless, he kills from three straight “off the assembly line”. In addition, the Nagant M1895 is very accurate and allows you to kill in the head with one hit at any effective distance. It will be difficult for them to manage in a crowd, but as an alternative to a neat sniper or a skillful tanker, who can no longer afford anything due to the limited number of free slots – that’s it.

Close combat

The Vulcan Stalin shovel will kill anyone with two hits and one to the head. However, it is best to get an AVS-36 Bayonet or NR-40. The AVS-36 Bayonet hits very hard and far, but slower than the shorter NR-40. In any case, as usual, try to get in from behind and kill a lot, a lot. It all depends on what is more convenient for you to chop.


Pomegranates are expensive, and everyone knows this very well. In hot situations, it is better to do with the PMK-40, covering the rear with this antipersonnel mine. This is more reliable and allows you to focus on real goals. Also, in addition to the most common anti-tank guns and anti-tank grenades, the PTRD can be used. But be careful and don’t rely on this monster completely.

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