Heroes & Generals Guide: How to Earn Credits Fast

How to earn credits at Heroes & Generals. Quickly, efficiently, without additional investment.

We already know how you can successfully upgrade your soldiers’ insignia. However, in battle, you also need to earn credits, so as not to be left destitute at the very least, but at the most to buy yourself the most coveted items.

  • Play as an infantryman! The Marines are the heart of the game. Although you can fly an airplane and sit in a tank in Heroes & Generals, you first need to open the corresponding classes. Infantrymen cost nothing, and their standard weapons are cheap enough. Make sure you save credits for one hero, because the higher the rank, the more money you get.
  • Always capture everything! Just constantly. You will receive significantly more resources for a capture than for a kill. The more resources, the more credits.
  • Always take the minimum of items with you, best of all is the first submachine gun you come across. It is clear that I really want to buy as many different cool improvements as possible, but it’s better to save money and buy something really worthwhile at the very end.

Heroes & Generals

  • Try not to use grenades. And in general, do not take them with you to war. Why? They cost money. If you throw them too often, then you will go bankrupt. Of course, this also applies to conventional mines.
  • Look for Panzerfaust 60 and AA defenses. Most of the checkpoints are equipped with Panzerfaust 60 anti-tank rocket launchers, which are in boxes. If you know that the enemy is approaching on your tank, take a weapon and destroy the equipment. For each destroyed tank or other type of transport, you will receive a lot of resources. The same goes for air defense weapons – a downed plane is also expensive. But do not constantly hang around the air defense, you still need to capture points!
  • Follow orders. If your squad has a leader and he gives you the order to attack the point, then just do it. If he says to protect, then protect. This will give you extra points. However, if he tell you to jump off the bridge, then he is most likely a big joker.
  • Play Assault Mode. Assault takes a long time to win. Depending on the level of your soldier, you will earn more credits in longer matches. Plus, the longer you play, the more chances you have for capturing a point, destroying a tank, protecting something, and in general.

Heroes & Generals

  • Buy veteran status. A Veteran Membership is a great way to earn more credits as well as some other bonuses. True, we will buy membership for gold, since we save credits. Gold can be obtained by buying it for real money, for the first battle or for the eighth level of a soldier. You might also get lucky and land on a generous giveaway from the developers.
  • With your submachine gun at the ready, try to run in zigzags and constantly change your trajectory. You don’t even have to switch to aiming mode, just shoot deliriously in the chest and head. Atleast approximately.
  • Forget about paid transport! From now on, the bike is your best friend. You can also get by with your feet, because someday we want to get the coveted “gold” on the Heavy Set.

Try to bypass the “War” mode, as your actions may often not coincide with the wishes and goals of the team. In the end, we will act for our own benefit, and no one will like it if you throw the point you just captured to be torn apart by the enemy.

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