Heroes & Generals Guide: City Map Review

General guide to the map “City” in Heroes & Generals

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A “city” is a point on the map that replenishes resources for the revival of assault groups.

Map layout

City Map

With five possible attack routes into the city center, this map often turns into a swarm of chaotic battles. Those who attack must capture the church (O2) and the police station (O1) to capture the city, while the defenders do their best to defend the points by any means possible. There are a total of nine anti-aircraft guns on the map that can be used to shoot down enemy aircraft, and many bicycles near each capture point. There are also civilian vehicles in some areas. The city center is surrounded by water on each side, except for line A. To cross the river, you can dare and swim or use one of the bridges or hidden fords (E3-E4 and B3-B4).

City is a great map for any class. The tank team needs to be careful when entering the city, as there are many hidden places where the infantry has every chance to approach and attack. There are thirteen Panzerfaust 60 crates on the map, one on each starting line, two in the church, two in the police station, one at D3, C3, C4 and one near A4. It all depends on how many access points to the city and from which directions the generals send their troops to attack. Also line A can become – and so on. This guide is written for one specific case. Please note that it may be different depending on which city you are attacking.

Heroes & Generals

Line A

Line A revives players in a large house with two garages, one Panzerfaust 60 crate and one anti-aircraft gun. Nearby there is a forest and an open road that you can use towards A2. At the start of the game, it should be fairly safe to get to A2 without any resistance, but always beware of planes. The closest spawn point for defense is O2, which is used to capture A4, B4 and E4. For defenders who have successfully pushed back and attacked back to A1, it is not so difficult to capture this moment as you wander from the forest to the river and back. Note that you need to be on the ground floor of the house next to the radio to pick it up. The top floor is not a capture point.

A small shack on A2 gives you good cover when capturing, but beware of flanking out of the thicket. Try to capture this target as quickly as possible and travel to A3. If the defending team is slow, you should be able to reach A3 before the defense captures A4. There is a road from A2 to A3 between two small forests. It is highly advisable to use the forest in the direction of A3 to get to the point unnoticed. If you go along the road to the defenders who managed to A3 earlier, then you will be easily noticed. For defenders who have successfully pushed the attackers back to A2, the shack provides a good defense. If you find yourself inside, then easily capture the point. This is due to the location of the shack and the presence of cover from the side and towards the attackers.

The first normal fight begins on the A3. Enter the building from the north entrance as quickly as possible and do not wander, as the defenders will be approaching from the south. There is one entrance on the north side of the house, one on the east side and a staircase to the open roof on the south side (as seen from the map). Make sure there are no defenders near the house as you head towards A4. Try to leave one or two soldiers behind after you have captured the A3 from the attacking side. Remember to use the jungle on the left to flank A4. Using the road or hill to the right of the house is dangerous as it spawns a spawn point for defenders spawning on O2 next to it. There is one ammo resupply crate in the ruins north of the house.

With two garages and one small hut, the A4 opens up one of two main targets – the church (O2). The radio is located in an open garage that can be easily protected by tanks. In turn, it is advisable to first destroy the tanks before capturing. Inside the empty crate for anti-aircraft guns north of A4 there is one crate of Panzerfaust 60. Defenders will spawn close if they are O2. From here, the attackers can either attack the church (O2), or first take the E4 spawn point from the defenders, if it is available for capture. Do not forget to leave someone to defend point A4, as if you lose it and gape, you can be thrown back to A3 or even to A2 in the worst case, and you have to start all over again. The A4 also has one civilian transport vehicle and one rifle box.

Heroes & Generals

Line B

B1 is located on a hill. Nearby there is a house, one garage, one anti-aircraft gun and one crate with Panzerfaust 60. You can use the main road to B2 or the forest to the left and right of it. Check the map first and make sure the defenders are not fully holding the C-line, otherwise they will probably use C3 for a quick transition to B2 or B3. Therefore, it is quite possible that you will meet resistance and find yourself trapped. However, your tanks can go to the C line to help capture C3 if available. Later, tanks can help defend the bridge and cross it. The radio is located on the ground floor and can be accessed from a staircase or two side entrances.

There are two small shacks on B2, one with a radio. There is also a destroyed building, which is good for snipers. You are well protected from the inside, but be careful and watch out for the grenades that are thrown in through the windows. Remember that you can be surrounded on the left if the C line is captured by the defenders. Try to capture B2 as quickly as possible and move a little towards B3. You can move unnoticed through the forest. But be careful, as there may be an ambush in the forest area.

There is a small house on the B3 located by the banks of the river, with a front entrance, back entrance and stairs leading to the roof. The house also has a small hut nearby, which can be used as a hideout. The radio is located on the ground floor in the main room. There are two doorways that usually need to be protected. The attackers will come from the forest side, while the defenders will use the destroyed bridge to cross the river and reach B3. It is also possible, as stated above, that you will have defenders coming from C3 if they have captured the full C line. Also, tanks will be located next to B4 and shoot at B3. Either use the broken bridge to get to B4, or use C3 to cross the bridge leading to the city center. You will be vulnerable while moving, so be sure to pay attention to enemy tanks and snipers.

Point B4 is located on the other side of the river and is quite difficult to capture from the attacking side. The radio is located on the ground floor, there is also a roof with two open windows that you can use for shooting. There is one anti-aircraft gun nearby. It is easier for the defenders, as this place is full of various buildings, and it is always easier to defend across the river than to attack. But capturing this target is an ideal opportunity for a skydiver who can land next to it instead of crossing the river. Communicate with your team and launch direct attacks from different directions to have the best chance of success. From B4 you can capture one of the main targets – the church (O2).

Heroes & Generals

Line C

Point C1 is on an open field. There is one anti-aircraft gun and one crate of Panzerfaust 60. There is a house with a radio nearby, as well as three small hovels and one garage for additional protection. Moving quickly from C1 to C2 is key again, as the goal is to reach C3 before the defenders get to it. Move to C2 using the road or fields. At the start of the game, you shouldn’t have a problem when heading towards C2 as there are no defenders nearby. But be careful and watch out for enemy planes.

There are two shacks on C2, one with a radio and the other with civilian transport. Try to capture C2 as quickly as possible and have someone go to C3 right away. From here, you can take the C3 along the road, through the forest on the left, or across the field north and right.

At C3 there are two houses, one bunker, a pair of anti-aircraft guns, one Panzerfaust 60 crate and an ammunition crate. In addition, there is also a rifle crate located in a small bunker near the bridge. Defenders can also find this weapon on the other side of the bridge. This is where the first real combat contact usually takes place. Be sure to use cover when approaching C3, as enemy defenders move across the bridge. You can also be flanked if the defenders are in full control of that lane. The attackers must try to capture the other side of the bridge, while the defenders do their best to cross the bridge and stop the attackers. The radio is in the house to the right of the attackers. This house has two entrances, one from the south, one from the northeast side, and one staircase leading to the open roof, located next to the road in front of the bridge. Defender tanks will most likely be located inside the city or on the bridge to C4. Destroy them before you decide to move forward. Remember that there is also a transition at B3. If you feel that crossing the bridge is impossible, then use it. You can also swim and walk under the bridge to keep out of sight and get close to C4. Again, it’s easier to defend than attack a bridge, but with good teamwork, anything is possible. to stay out of sight and get close to C4. Again, it’s easier to defend than attack a bridge, but with good teamwork, anything is possible. to stay out of sight and get close to C4. Again, it’s easier to defend than attack a bridge, but with good teamwork, anything is possible.

So C4. One tall building surrounded by other buildings and a main road to the city center. There are three entrances, one at the front, one at the side and the last entrance at the back. The main room has shelving and a small corner corridor. Two staircases lead to the first floor where the radio is located. Above is the attic where there are two open windows. As with the B4, this point is difficult to capture, but it can be done with parachutists or surprise attacks from different directions. To the right of the main building, besides the wooden fence, there is one crate with Panzerfaust 60. There are also two anti-aircraft guns and a bunker. After capturing this target, the attackers will unlock one of the main capture points – the police station (O1). With the C4, you can use small areas between houses to get to the police station. Or you can just drive something fast down the road.

Heroes & Generals

Line D

At D1 there are two large houses and a garage in front of a forest near open fields. The radio is in the house with a garage. It has five possible entrances: one from the garage, two from the front, one from the side on the ground floor and one from the back. There is also one Panzerfaust 60 crate and one anti-aircraft gun. The transition to D2 can be done either by moving through open fields or by using the forest near the river bank. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to reach D2 without any danger. But then again, if the defenders are in control of the E line, they may try to flank you. If the defenders successfully push the attackers back to D1, they will have to cross the open squares again or flank them.

There are three small shacks on D2, one of which contains a radio. A wall with an open window is located towards line E, a hole in the other wall is located towards the forest opposite. Again, try to capture the point as quickly as possible, and immediately send someone to D3. Move carefully towards D3, try to walk either through the forest or along its edge. If the defenders are not in control of the E line, move towards D3 from the left, not the right. This is because most of the time snipers, infantry or tanks are ready to kill you on your way out of the forest to target D3.

On D3 there is one shack with two destroyed buildings, one of them contains a radio. There is also one ammo crate and one Panzerfaust 60 crate. The target is surrounded by forests and has a road leading to the bridge to D4 and to the city center. When moving away from this target, always beware of snipers and tanks. It is best to use the forest and not give yourself away. If you feel that it is too difficult to cross the bridge to D4, try to get around from the side and approach D4 by water. You can even use line E, as there is another hidden move there. Sometimes the E line does not appear on the map at all, but that does not mean that the hidden intersection has also disappeared. It is often safer to use the E crossing than the bridge to enter the city. Also remember that,

Objective D4 is located at the top of the bridge leading to the city center. D4 can be reached by parachutists, across a bridge or by water. Inside there is a radio, one entrance at the bridge level, one from the roof, which has one rifle box, and two entrances to the radio room. On the other side of the bridge over D4, you will find one anti-aircraft cannon and one ammo crate. Don’t attack from one side, try to attack from the flanks. After capturing D4, you will unlock one of the main objectives – the police station (O1). You can either go straight to that target or you can help capture E4 if possible. This will give you another spawn point nearby and take it away from the defenders. If you are defending yourself, remember that defending the police station (O1) is more important than defending E4.

Heroes & Generals

Line E

E1 has two houses and a small hut on a hill in an open field with one anti-aircraft gun and one crate of Panzerfaust 60. Move to E2 as quickly as possible, but watch out for an attack from the D3 side if the defenders are in control of the D line. You can either follow the road , or use open fields with tall grass for cover.

There is one shack near E2 with a radio and three haystacks nearby. There are two more shacks and some haystacks on the hill to the right. The walls of the shack should give you good cover, but remember that each shack has an open window where enemies can throw grenades. From here you can travel by road or use the fields towards E3. Remember to capture E2 as quickly as possible and get to E3 before the enemy. Two other shacks and haystacks provide excellent hiding places.

One shack is located in the woods next to a small road leading to the river with transport to E3. Inside, you should lock onto the target without any problems, unless someone throws a grenade inside or the parachutist lands on the roof. Also beware of potential enemies lurking in the nearby woods. The forest is the perfect spot for camouflage and a great ambush spot. Also remember that the lane is very close, and you can be attacked from the flank. Don’t go straight ahead without checking what’s going on to the sides. E4 can be reached via a hidden river crossing. You can also use the bridge, but this is not recommended as the defenders will be waiting for you.

Two shacks are located along the banks of the river at E4. After crossing the river, watch out for attacks from the side of the bridge and the hill. There is a radio in the shack on the right, as well as a good hiding place. But be careful with an open window opening in the wall where tanks or soldiers can shoot. It is important to cross the river as quickly as possible and not stop halfway. You will be an easy target and river traffic will leave you vulnerable. Try to be secretive and move as fast as possible. Defenders can defend E4 from a bridge, near houses on the upper floors, or from the riverbank to the left of E4, where there are several trees. After capturing E4, you will unlock one of the main objectives – the church (O2). You can now help capture A4, go straight to O2, or help capture the bridge on D4.

Heroes & Generals

Point O1

The police station is located near the middle of the map, next to the stone bridge where D4 is located. The police station has one ammo box and two Panzerfaust 60 boxes. O1 also has one garage for reviving tanks. The police station can be entered from four different directions. Two platoons in the front (one in the middle and one on the left), one in the backyard and two rooftop seats that can be used by paratroopers. The radio is located in a small room on the ground floor with a staircase leading to the roof. Again, the more people inside, the faster the capture of the point goes. Capturing the police station will unlock the church (O2) if you haven’t already captured it. You must capture both O1 and O2 in order to successfully capture or defend the city.

Point O2

The church is in the center of the map. The roof is open to skydivers, there are three towers, three broken walls to enter, and one main entrance. On the east side of the church, there is one ammo crate, one rifle crate in the middle of the church, two Panzerfaust 60 crates atop the tallest tower, and one inside the right tower at the main entrance. There is also one anti-aircraft gun on the north side, and the tombstones at the main entrance will work as cover. Inside the church is a fairly open space, but the pillars and boxes provide good protection too. There are also planks and corridors on the upper level. Beware of the surroundings, as you can be attacked from any direction. Remember that the more people you have inside, the faster the seizure happens. After capturing this main objective, you will unlock another main objective,


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