Hearthstone Guide: New Warlock Cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne Pack

An overview of the new Warlock cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set

In this add-on, the warlock received, perhaps, the strangest cards that are not immediately clear how to apply. But at the same time, there is a lot that can bring the handlock to life. Let’s talk about everything in more detail below.

Bloody hedonist

A very situational map. In the best case, it allows you to gain a foothold on your table at the beginning of the turn. But if there are no suitable creatures that can be sacrificed for an increase of 2/2, this card will become useless.


This creature has good stats for two mana. It’s just not clear how you can effectively use her ability. If you’re lucky, the Gnomsferatu can rid you of a nasty enemy card. But, most likely, these will be such cards, from which the enemy will be neither hot nor cold. Therefore, this map is not impressive yet.

Soul abduction

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Damage and healing for a hero in one person for two mana is a good option for a warlock who often has to sacrifice health for the sake of drawing cards. Of course, if the need for healing is not too great, Drain Life will not be a very effective card.


An ideal handlock card with great potential. If you’re lucky, you can overclock a very large massive damage. This card is especially effective against aggro decks.


An interesting card that can give the same handlock a couple of interesting variations. Summoning, for example, the Harbinger of Doom and passing it to the enemy is a formidable move that can return the advantage on the table. Therefore, the effectiveness of Treachery will depend on how often such combinations are productive, because you can get rid of the messenger in many ways. But in my opinion, Treachery will not go further than fan decks.

Howling creature

An excellent card for aggro play or capture the table. If you’re looking to take out your opponents quickly, Howling Beast is a great option as it looks formidable for the price.

An involuntary victim

This card looks great when you use a lot of cheap creatures, making the involuntary victim a great way to grab the table. This card is hardly suitable for handlocks.

Ugly drunk

A very formidable card that can turn the tide of a battle. Not only do we get a good creature for that price, but we also have the potential to seriously clear the opponent’s table. I think we’re going to see a lot of Warlock decks in many Warlock decks.

Queen Lana’thel

This legendary card looks rather dull. If we’re lucky, we can get a powerful creature with a life steal. Honestly, you usually expect something more from legendary cards, and not just a strong creature.

Bloodsucker Gul’dan

Hero Strength:

The best Warlock card in this expansion. This card is especially suitable for handlocks. Summoning all the dead demons will allow you to regain the advantage. The strength of the hero is also impressive. Damage and healing in three units is very powerful, which will allow warlocks to survive in the last stages.

Despite the presence of very specific cards, this expansion brought a lot of interesting things for the handlock, thanks to which this archetype has a good chance of playing in the current meta.


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