Hearthstone Guide: Knights of the Ice Throne Community Cards

Overview of cards of the “general” type of the “Knights of the Frozen Throne” expansion

Radiant Val’kyr

A card that looks good in summon-oriented midrange decks, especially those using taunt. Perhaps it will play great in Druid decks. The only drawback is the need to have two exposed creatures, otherwise this card will most likely become a burden.

Snow jumper

A map made more for fun than practical use. Unless, with some probability, hunters will find a use for it.

Bone rogue

A very dubious card. For four mana, we get two creatures, the characteristics of which are 7/7 in total. In this case, the death of a rogue will entail a call to the side of the enemy creature 5/5. On the one hand, at a certain moment, the Bone Rogue is able to give an advantage on its turn. On the other hand, the risk is also great. The enemy can destroy the rogue with a cheap spell, and get a 5/5 creature on his side, and then use something else for the remaining mana. Of course, you can use the silence on the rogue, but this is not the best waste of such cards. Therefore, the impressions of the Bone Rogue are very mixed.

Grim Necromancer

For four mana, we get creatures, the characteristics of which are 4/6 in total. Not bad, especially in decks focused on a lot of creatures. One drawback – the summoned skeletons are very flimsy: often they will be destroyed before they have time to do something.

Bone dragon

At first glance, the potential of this card is quite large. The Bone Dragon is very similar to the Piloted Shredder , especially in the price / performance ratio. This card is a very good choice for a set of cards, and in decks with dragons it will be especially effective. Plus , the Bone Dragon is a pretty decent creature for the price. I think this is one of the best cards in the expansion.

Crouching Ghoul

A very interesting map. Suitable for decks that hardly use magic. The effectiveness of this card will depend on how many decks use cheap magic. True, at sixth mana, many spells for one mana can already be played. But, as a last resort, we get a creature 4/6, which for such a price is not so bad.

Cheerful ghoul

Not a bad card in decks where there is really a lot of healing. For example, priests. In the early stages of the game, when there is a battle for control of the table, the Laughing Ghoul can turn the tide of battle. The main thing is that its feature is activated as often as possible, otherwise it will become a burden.

Cobalt Bane

A card focused on midrange decks. If there is any creature on our table, the Cobalt Bane will pay for itself immediately. In addition, due to its good characteristics, the destroyer has a chance to hold out until the next turn. The card is good, but far from the best.

Grave digger

This card is perfect for decks that use the death rattle . It can be a good option for other decks as well, because it provides additional cards, which are appreciated by many.

Bone mare

A very good card for the seventh turn, since if you have another creature on the table, you get the opportunity to deal as much as four points of damage, which sometimes allows you to win. In addition, the selected creature’s health increases and a provocation appears, which also sometimes means a lot.

Nerubian Network Master

Not a very impressive card, which is only suitable for those decks in which there is very little magic.

Tuskarr Angler

A card good for mages. 2/3 for two mana is pretty good. And being able to use enhanced magic can help a lot.

Fallen Sin’dorei

A cheaper variant of the Sin’dorei Priest , allowing you to overtake at a pace early on. One drawback – the creature will not always be on the table on the second mana, which is why the Fallen Sin’dorei can be idle.

Veteran of Acherus

For one unit of mana, immediately get a creature and an attack bonus that can be used in the same turn – it costs a lot in some decks. Veteran Acherus is a very good card for tempo and aggro decks.

Grave giant

Suitable for those decks with a lot of weapons. But, it is worth agreeing that the weapon can not break so often. As a result, the Grave Huge may not always be able to realize its full potential. Of course, if you call him at the moment when your weapon is about to break, then a 5/5 creature for four mana will look very good, but this will not always work. I think, for such a cost, you can find more worthy options.

Ticking abomination

A very controversial card, which is suitable only for those decks in which little use of creatures, but even then, even in such, there is likely to be something more interesting than the Ticking Abomination that can do more harm than good.

Grave lurker

Not a bad option for drawing cards. The main thing is that the creature returned to your hand covers the lack of the characteristics of the lurker.

Resurrector of the Dead

This card will be very useful if applied on good enough creatures. If it is often used on creatures for one or two mana, it is unlikely to be effective.


A rather controversial map. On the one hand, we get a creature, which, most likely, will be ignored by other players, which will make it harder for the enemy to use mass magic. But silence can be used on the skelemant, or he is simply ignored, because of which the waste of five units of mana may be ineffective, and this can sometimes lead to a loss.

Meat wagon

A very interesting map. Firstly, if there is a very useful creature with zero attack in the deck, the van will allow you to pull it out of the deck. Secondly, if you increase the attack of the van, then he will be able to summon a good creature. True, if there are problems with increasing the van attack, then this card can become a burden.

Phantom Corsair

Picture caption

A card with very good potential. If the hero has a good weapon, then for four mana you can get a very powerful creature.

Punisher with an ax

Not a very impressive card that requires a large number of life- draining creatures to be used most effectively . But if such decks appear, the Punisher bonus will be a great addition if the buff affects a creature that can attack in the same turn.

Crucible Colossus

A very controversial card. We can get a very powerful creature. But, Hearthstone has long learned to fight the giants. And the loss of all weapons in hand can be a very disastrous outcome. Therefore, the colossus can be useful in very extreme cases.

Corpse thief

If the deck has at least three bonuses from the description of this card, you can get a very strong creature for four mana. Corpse Thief will be one of the best cards for decks that use all four bonuses.

Wailing Banshee

Good stats for a four mana creature. But you don’t get anything else, and you have to sacrifice three cards. Therefore, chances are you will find a lot better than the Wailing Banshee .

Unholy fanatic

Not a bad card for magicians, which can be called a tenacious spell buff that will help you quickly overtake the enemy at a pace. However, the extra mana for +1 spell damage can be slightly overpriced.

Knight of the stillborn

In a deck based on murlocs, it can be a good additional healing. May also work with life steal decks .

Death Herald

Perhaps one of the best cards in this expansion, as the potential of the Herald is really huge. The ability to save one of your creatures can turn the tide of an entire battle. Roughly speaking, by saving a friendly creature, we seem to call a new fighter. And imagine if in this way we get rid of the enemy heavyweight with our dear creature. I think in the tempo decks ‘s messenger of death will play perfectly.


A very specific card, the potential of which is very difficult to reveal. The enemy can put up a creature with a provocation, and then the Vrydalak will either stand idle or be killed on this creature and simply will not pay off. I think you can find much more useful cards for three mana.

Drakkari Enchantress

A card suitable for decks where most cards will have an end-of-turn effect. If such a deck can be assembled, then the Drakkari Enchantress will be very useful in it.

Cursed Farmer

A very good card for aggro decks, because the farmer is able to deal three points of damage to an enemy hero at once. One serious drawback of this card is that it does not act immediately on its turn, and getting rid of a creature with one unit of health is usually not difficult.

Draenei Convicts

Powerful enough card. In fact, for four units of mana, we get 4/6 and a provocation. In medium to heavy decks, this card will come in handy. Draenei convicts will play great in taunt decks .

Enchant Spinner

For six mana, getting a 4/4 creature is somehow rather weak. And the magic damage buff somehow does not cover the lack of characteristics of this creature. Therefore, it is unlikely that this card will find use anywhere among the top decks.

Mind crusher

In decks where Hero Power is rarely used, this card can be used. In addition, we get a fairly strong creature for three mana. Five health points are not easy to get rid of. But, if this is not a problem for the enemy, then the Mind Crusher can become a completely useless card.

Prince Kelset

For Prince Kelseth , as well as for Reno Jackson , you will have to adapt your entire deck. But Kelseth’s ability is clearly worth it, because there is an opportunity to incredibly increase your entire pace. If you manage to summon Kelset on the second or first move, then such a deck will be very difficult to stop.

Prince Taldaram

Unlike Kelseth, Taldaram is somehow not at all impressive. Yes, sometimes a copy of some creatures can change the whole outcome of a battle. But, you will have to adjust the entire deck for Taldaram. Plus, you will have to wait for that very necessary creature to come into your hands. Therefore, it will not be easy to play on Taldaram and, most likely, no one will pay attention to this card.


Such cards have never been popular, as opponents often found ways to quickly get rid of them. And besides, you can get rid of many creatures in much cheaper and faster ways.

Bloody worm

A good one healed for five mana. But it is not a fact that this creature will be able to fully use its ability. Therefore, the impressions of this card are very contradictory.


This card works well with deathrattle decks. A 2/2 creature for four mana is not the best move, but we have the opportunity to receive one of the death knight cards after the death of Psartas . You can get something powerful, or something that is not too suitable for you at certain times. Therefore, this map still looks quite contradictory. But if you play as a hunter and have False Death , then Psartas can be a very effective card.

Evil skeleton

A very situational map. If there was a mass slaughter on the table, then on the fourth turn you can put up a very powerful creature and overtake the enemy in pace. But if this does not happen, the Evil Skeleton can become a burden. In decks where there is a high probability of causing mass deaths on the table, the Evil Skeleton can play very well.

Night howler

Not a bad card for warriors who often suffer from their own creatures. At the right moment, the Howler can build up quite a lot of damage. If the Howl will often increase his damage at least once, then it can become quite effective to control the table, especially if the enemy is abusing powerful creatures.

Prince Valanar

In my opinion, one of the worst legendary cards in this expansion. The abilities of this card are already not too strong for legendary status, but sacrificing a card for four mana for the sake of it seems too high a cost. Most likely, Valanar will not find its use.

The Lich King

Blizzard clearly did not want the Lich King to be in the shadows, and made one of the best maps of this expansion. An 8/8 taunt creature is already good for eight mana. But we still get guaranteed one of the death knight cards. In addition, if the Lich King holds out until the next turn, then you have a huge advantage. I think this card will have to be seen very often.

Hildic Horsewoman

Judging by the new mage cards, Blizzard wants to make a new archetype of freeze-based decks. And if such decks play well, then the Hildian Horsewoman in their composition will play great, since we will receive not only bonuses from freezing for other cards, but also a fairly strong creature for three mana. In addition, the rider can be a good addition to those decks where not too many creatures are summoned.

Necrotic Ghoul

Not a very impressive six mana card. In order for it to use its full potential, you must at least kill one creature on its turn. If this happens often enough, then the Necrotic Ghoul can give a good advantage.


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