Hearthstone Mini-Guide: Control Warlock by StanCifka

StanCifka’s Control Warlock deck at a glance: deck description, starting hand tips and strategy

Control Warlock is one of the oldest archetypes in Hearthstone . Previously, it had other names: “Handlock”, which was based on a large number of cards in hand; Reno the Warlock, who played one copy of every card in the deck and relied on Reno Jackson’s ability to heal the character up to 30 health. Currently, the archetype is a control deck that relies on a large number of cards to destroy opponents’ threats, as well as demons and the new Death Knight Warlock card, Blood Drinkers of Gul’dan.

Today we are reviewing a deck from the Czech player Stanislav “StanCifka” Tsifka , with which he reached the rank of legend. His account was 24 wins and 8 defeats.

About the deck

StanCifka’s deck relies primarily on spells. In the arsenal of the Warlock there is a huge variety of removals of all kinds: “Drain Soul”, “Face of Corruption”, “Siphon Soul” which act on the selected target; and also cards with a massive AoE effect: Hellfire, Twisting Nether, and Desecration, which are great with Blood Mage Thalnos or Unholy Fanatic.


Deck code : AAECAcn1AgTtBc / HAqDOApfTAg0w2wa2B8QIzAibwgLKwwLexALfxALnywKizQL3zQKX6AIA


The choice of cards for your starting hand is very important when playing this deck. You need to adapt to your opponent and know exactly what archetype he is playing in order to most accurately weed out unnecessary cards. In most match-ups, the following cards will come in handy:

  • “Master of Potions”. Strong creature for one mana crystal with good deathrattle, which allows you to use the hero’s power twice without losing health.
  • “Face of Corruption”. A very important card when dealing with aggressive decks, which have a lot of cheap creatures with one health unit.
  • “Desecration”. Incredibly powerful massive AoE spell with amazing effect. The card is capable of destroying an entire board at its cost if used correctly. Try to also combine it with a spell damage boosting creature for more benefit.
  • “Demon of the Abyss”. The most standard creature, however, it suits very well against aggressive opponents.
  • “Abduction of the Soul”. It can help you deal with creatures early on in the game, as well as heal a little.
  • “Unclean fanatic.” It should be left in hand only if there is “Desecration” in order to get more damage from it and surely clear the opponent’s board.
  • Hellfire. It is worth leaving only if you have a coin to destroy the opponent’s table until the middle of the fight.
  • Defender of the Hills. Leave in your starting hand against control decks for a smoother mana curve and continuation of your actions.

How to play

Control Warlock is a slow deck. It is very difficult to manage it. You need to not only focus on your opponent, but also choose the right starting hand. You must know your opponent thoroughly: what class archetype prevails in ranked games, what cards he plays, and know popular builds. In any match-up, the warlock will sit on the defensive most of the time, destroying the opponent’s creatures as they enter the table. Also, do not forget to monitor your health reserve, although there are enough cards in the deck to heal the hero, but still do not overdo it with the strength of the hero and cards that deal damage. You need to calculate your moves several steps ahead, anticipating your opponent. At some point, Control Warlock can take over the attacker’s initiative, for example, “Nasty nathrezim” clear the opponent’s table and cause a lot of inconvenience to the opponent. Basically, you will be able to seize the initiative on the table with the release of Blood Drinkers of Gul’dan, which will resurrect all of your dead demons in a game, which will create a lot of pressure and provide you with considerable opportunities to control the table.


Thanks for reading this guide. In this article, you learned the basics of playing the Warlock Control deck, as well as tips for choosing your starting hand. If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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