Guide to Last Day on Earth: how to kill a thug

In this article, we will tell you what weapons and equipment you need to use to kill a thug in an infected forest or on a red location.

To date, in the game Last Day On Earth: Survival, the Thug is the deadliest zombie mutant that you can meet in game locations. If you approach him naked, then he will finish you off with literally two or three blows. Also, if you are equipped with ordinary weapons with low damage, you will not be able to leave even scratches on the enemy’s body. Now you can imagine how dangerous this enemy is.

That is why many gamers believe that it is impossible to kill a thug. As it turned out, killing him, albeit VERY difficult, but POSSIBLE. You just have to properly equip your character and use a tried and tested strategy. In our new material, we’ll show you how to kill a thug in Last Day On Earth: Survival .

Bugger benefits

First of all, let’s take a look at why it is so difficult to kill a brute. Firstly, this enemy has the largest supply of health points (HP). You will find that his health level is 1000 HP, while most ordinary zombies do not even reach 1/10 of this value at all.

It deals 50 damage per hit. That is why he will quickly kill the main character if he is practically naked. Even if you have 100% health.

In addition, he has a very high running speed. Despite its seemingly large size, it can very quickly chase and attack you as if it were a Runner or a wolf. Most of the weapons that you can create in the middle levels of the game will not harm this enemy.

How to find a thug

You can find the brute by exploring various regions on the game map, the threat level of which is at least three units (red markers). These are difficult areas to explore, because perhaps the most dangerous and powerful zombies roam here, but here you can find the most valuable and rare prey.

These areas are marked with a red marker, which indicates the highest difficulty. These include the infected forest to the east of the house, from where a horde of undead is sent in your direction every day, a pine thicket (near the infected forest) and stone mountains (to the west of the house).

How to kill a brute

Now let’s take a look at the correct and, perhaps, by far the best strategy for destroying the brute. The first thing to know is that you must properly equip yourself and take all the necessary items to effectively fight him. Below you can find out about the three most important things that you must equip on yourself before facing a brute.

  1. You should have several powerful weapons including the VSS Vintorez, a shotgun, an M16 rifle, or even an AK-47. All of these options are the most effective weapons against the brute. You will need to use several types of weapons, so be prepared to buy them from the store.
  2. You will also need several sets of pants, body armor, shoes and helmets for better protection, and to reduce incoming damage. For this purpose, complete sets of special forces suit can be used. These items can be crafted after level 58. Alternatively, you can buy multiple sets from the store if you want to get them faster.
  3. Last but not least, you need a lot of first aid kits. You can buy them from the in-game store using gold coins. Five first aid kits are sold for 50 coins.

Now that you’ve collected all the gear you need, head into the infected forest. But don’t be in a hurry! Before you go there, you need to familiarize yourself with the correct strategy for dealing with the brute. Just follow the simple steps below to find out the most efficient and guaranteed way to take down a brute.

Stage 1 . Equip the SWAT kit and any of the aforementioned weapons. Also keep a few more similar weapons in your inventory. Now, the most important thing is to install 20 first aid kits in the additional slot. You should have known for a long time exactly where such a slot is located.

You can store weapons or items, including bandages and first aid kits, in such a slot so that you can switch or use them as quickly as possible. In this situation, you need to have quick access to a couple of dozen first aid kits.

Stage 2 . Now go to the infected forest and wander around for a bit. You will soon notice that the ground begins to shake, indicating that a brute is approaching you. As soon as he gets close to the character, then stop and activate the automatic shooting mode. The corresponding button is located in the lower left corner of the screen. This will cause your character to automatically shoot at the brute, without interruption.

Stage 3 . Now the most important thing is to monitor the health of your character. As soon as you notice that you are low on health, then click on the first aid kit icon in the quick access slot. This will allow you to instantly replenish the entire supply of HP. You need to keep doing this until there are only a few first aid kits left.

From time to time, check the strength of the weapon by switching to your character screen (provided that you left the automatic firing mode active). If you see that the weapon is about to break, then immediately switch it to another from the inventory.

Stage 4 . At this point, you may have dealt a lot of damage to him, but he is still alive! Even more health will be needed now, so before you run out of all your first aid kits, run to the green zone to leave the infected forest. This will return you to the global map. Now you need to buy 20 more first-aid kits and reinstall them in the quick access slot. Then click on the “Enter” button to return to the territory of the infected forest and cause even more damage to the brute. Don’t worry, his health will no longer be restored. When you meet him again, you will notice that the stock of his HP is equal to what it was at your last meeting (all the damage you caused was preserved). Just make sure not to go to another area to buy items (in this case, all the mobs in the location will be updated).

Just keep repeating the third and fourth steps until the thug is defeated.

What happens after killing a thug

You may be wondering why it is worth spending such a huge amount of coins to defeat a brute. After killing him, you will find the rarest and most exclusive Z card. Simply search his dead body to retrieve it.

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