Eternal Card Game Decks: Crown of Opportunity

Killer deck with cockroaches: how to play it and against it

Decks on Crown of Possibilities (in our version – the Crown of Possibilities), aka “Oh my God, these cockroaches”, can combine different colors of cards, but necessarily yellow and blue, the directly required influence for the card. This is a fairly strong deck and not very cheap (you need at least four legendaries and four rare ones, which is very difficult to afford at the start), but you can safely conquer the rating with it. The arrival of the second set of Ancient Omens cards has added even more options to the deck, and it becomes almost invincible. Why? Because you will have an almost limitless number of units at your disposal, with a good set of combat abilities.

Deck composition

This is because the Crown of Possibilities is a relic that gives a random attribute to the creature you pick up. This can be Echo, Revenge, Aegis, Ambush, Dash, Deadly Poison, Doom, Double Damage, Combat Readiness, Flying, Hunting, Life Steal, Suppression, Lightning Attack, Stealth and Battle Cry (Echo, Revenge, Aegis, Ambush, Charge, Deadly, Destiny, Double Damage, Endurance, Flying, Killer, Lifesteal, Overwhelm, Quickdraw, Unblockable, Warcry). Perhaps something else is missing from the list, but it’s already impressive, isn’t it?

To take in hand does not mean only to “pull out of the deck”. This is also to take from the discard and get a copy of the creature through Echo or Twinning Ritual. With these actions, the Circlet is also triggered, so, given the huge number of cards for a quick set of hands and the possibilities of putting cards back into the deck (for example, through Clairvoyance and Revenge), it is possible to stack properties for a very long time, resulting in real monsters.

In this guide, we’ll look at a mix of three factions by adding purple. In addition to the new units, it has the good old Ominous Return and Annihilation.


  • Crown of Possibilities: The main card around which the deck is built. Someone will say that the cost of only three runes and one influence of time and elements is too low, which makes the card too imbib. Even if the Crown did not fall to you at the early stage of the game, the bugs are strong in themselves and will allow you to drag out the game until the moment when the party is guaranteed to be yours. It is important that bonuses from Wreaths stack. As a result, by driving units with Echo back and forth, you can give them five or six attributes. Yes, even a bunch of some Double Damage and Stealth already allows you to win the game once or twice.
  • Permafrost (Eternal Ice Shackle): One of the means of controlling nasty creatures.


It may seem that there are too few units in the deck, but this is not the case. Through Echo and Revenge, plus the buffing properties of the Crown and Bugs, you will end up with a very strong army. Unless, of course, your combinations are allowed to unfold.

  • Tock Tick: 1/1, Revenge. Unremarkable unit, if it did not belong to the class of Bugs. So he will receive a buff from Clockroach, and as a result, you can easily get a 5/5 unit, for example, for just one rune cost. Also, the low price allows you to play it early and pull the game while you wait for the Crown.
  • Piercing Grief: 3/1 Life Steal, Dash, and Revenge. A great card from Ancient Signs for this deck.
  • Clockroach (bug): basic 2/2, when entering the field, buffs all your bugs in hand and deck. Thanks to Clairvoyance, you can easily multiply these units.

The deck does not include the useful Nesting Aviasaur unit, which also allows you to play with duplication of properties. You can add it if there are not enough creatures, but this one is available. An interesting combo with Copper Conduit will be, which can be pulled out of the discard and given even more bonuses (even with the last card nerf).

Too many bugs


  • Dark Return: Excellent spell that costs only one rune, returns the unit from the discard to your hand and gives it + 1 / + 1. The properties set by the Crown remain on the unit, and the Hunt will also be reset when you pull the creature out of the Abyss.
  • Swear Vengeance (Oath of revenge): no less excellent and at the same time fast spell costing only one rune. Gives the unit a Revenge. Buff on a creature that is about to die, and instead of discarding it will go to the deck, and this is a potential stacking of bonuses.
  • Sabotage: You choose a spell or item into your opponent’s hand and discard it.
  • Annihilate: Destroys a one-faction creature. Fast spell.
  • Second Sight: You draw two cards, then you must put one of the cards in your hand on top of the deck. Perfect combination with Echo, which allows you to draw an extra unit and, if you have a Crown, earn even more bonuses.
  • Trailblaze: You look at the top card in the deck and can draw it, or place it at the end and draw the next card.
  • Twinning Ritual (Gemini): You take a copy of the selected creature in hand and give it + 1 / + 1. Also works well with Echo.
  • Wisdom of the Elders: You draw two cards.
  • Celestial Omen: You draw a card from the deck of your choice. In fact, it was added to the deck due to the lack of crowns to compensate for this shortcoming. The high cost makes this card not very convenient, but since this deck is initially not fast and is designed to wear out the opponent, in principle it fits well.

Nice bonuses, right? But this is not the limit

Power cards

Four Runes of time, five Runes of elements, four Runes of shadow, four Thrones of wisdom, four Thrones of deceit. You can experiment with diplomatic seals or the Seek the Power spell.

What if you are playing against Wentz? The deck, although powerful, can be defeated. True, you should either be very lucky on the cards (for example, when playing through nightmares ) or your deck should be with an emphasis on aggro and quick damage (like purple-green or red ). In addition, Wreath will suffer a lot from the sideboard with an emphasis on the destruction of relics and silence – but this is already a purely tournament feature, although I managed to accidentally draw two units in the ranking immediately after two Wentz opponents. If the enemy has a Harsh Rule and knows how to use it competently, then you may have problems, but after clearing the table, you are much more likely to catch up faster.

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