Hearthstone Guide: New Rogue Cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne Pack

An overview of the new Rogue cards from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set

One of the Rogue’s problems is the rapidly losing health due to the use of many weapons. It is much easier for the same warrior with his increase in his armor. Among the new cards of this class, those that will help save the life of your hero prevail. We ‘ll talk about what Blizzard gave the robbers later.


An excellent one mana spell that has the potential to deal really serious damage. Of course, if your deck doesn’t have a lot of weapons, then perhaps this card will become useless.

Life Stealing Poison

This card is good in cases where your hero’s health is in trouble. Since the rogue often has difficulty with this, I think this spell will play in many decks of this class.

Roll the dice

For Deathrattle decks, this card is a great solution. Potentially, Roll the Dice can give you a large number of cards. Even if his ability triggers once at least 50% of the time, it will already become a very effective move for two mana.

Shadow Blade

An excellent weapon that gives you one hit painlessly. And if you need to finish off someone strong, the Shadow Blade will come in very handy.

Plague Researcher

If you can manage to use the explorer series of tricks frequently , you can seriously gain a foothold on the table. The main thing is that the poison really turns out to be useful, and then the researcher will become very effective.

Rune ghoul

This card is very good for getting ahead of the enemy at a pace, as you will be able to use your weapon without losing durability. If this creature lasts until its next turn, the Rune Ghoul will pay for itself in full.

Lillian Voss

Not an impressive legendary card at all. Replacing the necessary spells is not known for what is not the best idea. Perhaps one of the worst legendary cards in the expansion.

Lord of the Bones

Good card for deathrattle decks. Potentially, we get creatures for five mana, whose characteristics in the end will be 7/7. Not bad for table control.

Thieving spirit

This card is not bad in the later stages of the game when you can play a lot of cards. If from this creature there is one or two points of damage, it is unlikely that it will become too effective.

Valeera the Withered

Hero Strength:

An impressive enough legendary card. On the ninth turn, you get a disguise for the hero, thanks to which you can survive the turn, and on the next, use the Mortal darkness . This Hero Power grants a Dark Reflection card for free , which automatically copies the first card you use. If the copy is not used during the turn, it will disappear. But even getting an extra card for one move means a lot. In the last stages, it will not be easy to fight with Valeera the Withered . The main thing is to live up to ninth mana, and other cards of the expansion can help you with this.

As we can see, the new Rogue cards are mainly aimed at the survival of the hero, thanks to which they will find application in many decks.

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