Chapter 17: 100% Escape from Chaos in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We will tell you how to overcome Chapter 17: Escape from the chaos of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.

The story of Final Fantasy VII Remake has gotten a bit sinister at the end of Chapter 16 . That thing in a containment tank, Hojo’s words, Sefirot’s voice in Cloud’s head … What the hell is going on? Well, hopefully we won’t take long to find out, but now there are more important things to pay attention to.

Right from the start, next to the bed, there is a chest with the metal cane , the last of the canes for Aeris. Afterward, talk to her to hear her story and go to the screens when she’s done. When you leave the room, you can enter the first room to the north to find a chest with a frog ring . In the next one, to the south, there is another with a phoenix tail . There is a third chest with an ether before you go through the door to the hallway.


While you follow your companions, between the tanks with green liquid, you will find one more chest, in this case with 2 panaceas . Then go up the stairs to the southeast behind them. You will have to go back to the lab and take the elevator where Cloud had the visions earlier. You will face several secret Specimen , some creatures that we already know. Don’t forget that they are vulnerable to Ice, and Aeris’s Tempest casts precisely Ice + . With the combat ventilated, proceed to the elevator where the previous chapter ended. Continue down the walkway to the next sequence.

When finished, advance until you activate a lever, and continue on the only possible path. There will be some minor enemies along the way. Pay attention to the detour that you will see between the tanks, and that leads you to a toxic matter . If after going up the first flight of stairs after meeting with Red XIII you go north, you will find a chest with a phoenix tail . Then continue southwest and follow the instructions for your partner to activate a lever .

You have a safe room, with a bank and a store on your right, as soon as you cross. Shortly after, you will meet Barret : you must defeat the group of Ocelodradoras II that he faces. Remember that if you hit, they become immune to physical damage and you must use magic to break the barrier. Then you will be faced with several secret Specimens and a Slasher, a new mecca-type enemy . It is vulnerable to lightning and wind, but its Vulnerable bar fills up only after it hits, which is when its blades stop.

Leave the room and before going upstairs , you will see a purple chest next to it. Contains
the twin blade , the last of Cloud’s swords. If you’ve followed the guide up to this point, you already have all the weapons in the game , by the way.

When climbing, you will have to reuse Red XIII to advance. As you cross, to your right, there is a small room with 3,000 Guiles in a chest. You will find an intercom on the other side of the force field. When the sequence ends, he agrees to change groups . Go the only way possible to a closed door and, a little further north, a lever that you must use to be able to cross to the other side. You will find a chest with an ether . Now turn around and, next to the safe room, you will see another PHS to change groups .

Back with Cloud, Barret, and Red XIII, cross the tanks to the north. You should find an Exterminating Cannon and a Stun Cannon, take them out of the way and pull the lever . You will deploy a bridge to the central area, where, in the southeast sector, you will see a temporary matter .

Activate lever 03 and change groups with the PHS next to the machine. Do not experiment with the others , it is useless right now. Don’t worry, we won’t leave them unused before moving on. Back with Tifa and Aeris, you can go through the door you just opened and activate the lever in the room at the end of the hall. This will raise a metal shutter, behind which there will be a group of secret Specimens to take down before continuing. In the warehouse there is a detour to the east, you will find a chest with an omnipoción .

Of course, it won’t take long to take on a group of Bloodhounds , so be prepared. When exiting the second warehouse, go southeast to find a chest with 5,000 Guiles , then continue northwest. You will be faced with a Zenene , a new type of normal enemy that can grab you easily, but falls quite quickly using magic. Activate another lever in the next room to be able to continue down the hall.

You will have to eliminate two other Zenenes a little later. When you’re done with them, go northeast. You will see a lever that, when you lift the blind, will reveal a chest in a cage from the previous hall , with a power bracelet . Then continue southwest. You can go up the ladder to the chest you saw above the pipe, which contains an omnipoción , and then go under the next metal shutter, next to the ladder. You will soon be back in the center section of the doors.

If you go down the southwest staircase , you will come to a chest with an ether , and one of those walls that only Red XIII can cross. Go back up and go northeast to climb a ladder (after defeating some turrets). Activate the lever that you will see shortly after and switch teams with the PHS . Now you must activate lever 02 and continue through that door.

In the first room of the corridor you will see two Zenenes . When you leave the room and return to the hall, go northeast . Among the boxes at the bottom is a chest with a mystical ring . Then continue to the southwest. You will have to defeat another Slasher , remember to throw lightning at him and wait for him to use the Shock to hit with melee attacks. You will still have to overcome another room with a combat, where three Pumpers will appear .

These enemies are tremendously annoying : they can cause you Stoppage, they appear and disappear through the “holes” in the ground to volunteer, they throw rays, they give powerful hammer blows … They are mechs, so the lightning affects them , and once they suffer X damage, they begin to fail like fairground shotguns, reducing their threat level.

If you go northeast after meeting with Red XIII , in the last room, next to the door, you will see a chest with 2 panaceas . Then go to the southwest, to a room with stairs. Before going up, in the lower left corner of this room there is another chest, in this case with a chained ring . Now yes, we go upstairs. It won’t take long for you to deal with the Brain Holder , which we didn’t want to mark as a boss because it’s extremely simple: when it splits, use Skewing Coil or Shockwave to quickly ventilate all 12 enemies, before the poison kills you.

Back in the central area, go up to a safe area, and go down another set of stairs. You can send Red XIII to activate a lever, and then watch out: act fast . Cross the tanks, switch to Tifa and Aeris and cross another set of tanks. You will have to deal with two Pumpers . Going down the stairs there will be two Sonic Fighters , who you can take down faster with Aeris, since their ranged attacks have some tracking.

As soon as you go under the pipe you will reach Red XIII, you should not have problems with the enemies. When finished, go down the stairs, to that lattice that you could not cross before. Now you can go to the other side and activate the lever next to the railing. After taking out some Stun Cannons, flip lever 04 and use the PHS to return to Cloud and Barret. Go to door 04 above and enter the pipe. If you go east, you will come to a chest with 2 omnipociones . Then go to the other end of the tunnel. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that such a large area implies boss .

  • Boss:Cienfilos .

Get on the elevator when the fight is over. With the team assembled, go back to the elevator (you have to press the button next to the door). Go the only way possible and, when you reach the office on the next floor, exit through the east door. You will see a store and a bank. Afterward, walk up to the railing to watch a sequence.

  • Boss:Jénova alpha .

When you’re done with the boss, go back out onto the terrace. You have to go all the way to another bank, a store and some ladders to climb. Then go in the direction of the helicopter.

  • Boss:Rufus and Tiniebla .

After the next sequence, we continue with the boss battery .

  • Boss:Hectocanonero .

After this fight, it’s time to fight the boss … IT’S A JOKE . At last we come to Chapter 18: Wherever Destiny Leads .


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