Chapter 6: The neighborhood sun at 100% in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We tell you how to overcome Chapter 6: The neighborhood sun of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.In Chapter 5: Stamp, the guide dog in Final Fantasy VII Remake, we saw how Avalanche’s plans have gone awry. Not quite, but enough to have had to eliminate enemies and machines on the train tracks . Now, we have to go ahead with plan E, one of the possible scenarios that Biggs had foreseen in the development of the operation. It’s too flat.

You have some breakable boxes and a machine to buy things next to it. Go down the stairs and, before continuing with your companions, open a chest on the west side with an ultra potion . Before going through the next door, go up the stairs to the north of where your allies are. There is a chest with 3 potions , and a lever (not working yet). Talk to your companions, and then go after them to the west-southwest.

After interacting with the console, return to the lever that we just showed you. Now you can open the door and move forward … but you will see that there is an area with Toximantis . Go ahead, there are only a couple of breakable boxes as you continue a bit. If instead of going down the stairs you go around them, you will find a chest with a can of toxic waste . Now yes, throw down. To the west you will have breakable boxes, then continue south. If you try to go to the extreme south , you will find that you cannot reach the blue matter. Don’t worry, we’ll get it.

Go west and don’t go up the stairs . Instead, keep going west to the next platform with Toximantis . Kill them, break more boxes, and now yes, go upstairs to see a short sequence with your companions. Before continuing west, open a chest in the northeast corner of this platform. It contains two antidotes . Then cross in the direction of G-06.

Apart from Toximantis, you will find Pompeces, a new type of enemy . It is obviously vulnerable to lightning, and it is not particularly dangerous. Follow the only possible path, breaking a few boxes along the way, until you cross a pipe . You will see that another Find is activated , deactivate the fans . Don’t worry, we won’t leave it undone. For now, continue with your companions to the objective to the south and you will see a sequence. Okay, let’s get down to business.

At the moment you do not have freedom of exploration , because you have to restore energy. Go east and you will see an elevator that is also not working yet. Follow north-northeast towards the target, but remember this elevator. Already, the turrets are a bad sign considering that we are going to reactivate the power, I know it too without putting on the Captain Obvious uniform. You go north and go up the stairs .

It won’t take long for you to find three Toximantis . Go north, go around the platform and open a chest with a phoenix tail before turning off the current. As you go back you will have to destroy several laser turrets . Then, without going down the stairs, use the console on the south railing to move the bridge to the west end (the second door, not the first) and cross. Break some boxes and, at the bottom, open a chest with a turbosetter . Move the walkway again to open the other bridge and go east .

You will encounter Laser Turrets and Hipotanks, a new enemy with a distinct aquatic nature, but vulnerable to ice, not lightning . Go north then east and disable the second generator . Now, instead of going back the way you came, go down the stairs next to you . Don’t worry about the purple stuff for now, you take the forklift next to you to cross west. There will be Prototors to destroy.

Now we are going to go southeast, through that elevator that we told you about a while ago in Light Generator 1 in section H (that’s what it’s called on the map). Now it will have current and you will be able to reach the other side, like the hen when it crossed the road. Go the only way possible and open the chest with a moguri medal, and go down the ladder next to it .

On the platform to the north of this lower section you will see no less than two queen Toximantis , watch your life bar and kill them. Then use the console in the northeast corner to fully lower the bridge . In this way you will be able to catch an ethereal matter , the abode that you have seen before, in the switch of the second generator. Reposition the bridge so that you can cross to the northeast. This way you will get to the blue matter of the Finding from before. It is about elemental matter (the Basic Element of the original, we will tell you how it works in the Matters section).

Turn around and head up the ladders you came down to the Queen Toximantis. We’re going east, heading for the target. You will have to move another walkway to cross. You’ll find more Prototors and Hipotanks to eliminate before climbing to the last switch, as well as grabbing an anti-magic ring from a chest .

Retrace all the way to H-01, the objective, but don’t get on the freight elevator. Do you remember the red stuff from the fans? Let’s go for it . Instead of riding the elevator, go for the west elevator .

You will arrive at a break room, with a store where you can buy 18. Chocobo Electric , plus invigorating materials if you have enough guiles. One per character would be ideal … but they are expensive, of course. You also have a console to disable the fan . In this way you can open a door, and, if you are able to eliminate the enemies and activate the console next to the north door , get to the fan. Enemies change with every attempt, so keep an eye on what comes out. If you succeed, you will get the Summoning Materia Chocobo and Moguri , and the Horseman and Mount Trophy .

Well, now we are going for the main forklift . What a little trip we have had! It will not take long to find a lot of turrets of all kinds . Go up the ladder and continue, there is only one path so you cannot get lost. Watch out for the chest with a moguri medal after climbing the second ladder and little else. We turn to Chapter 7: Infiltration in reactor # 5 .

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