Chapter 1: A 100% Mercenary Among Insurgents in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We tell you how to overcome Chapter 1: A mercenary among insurgents of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.When you close your mouth and wipe off the slime, start with the first Chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake . Advance a bit and you will be faced with two Sentinels . Man, if you have problems in this fight, it is that you are meaner than dog meat. Go ahead and you will meet another pair of soldiers. Soldiers, not SOLDIERS. Now you understand me. There is another couple more after passing over the turnstiles.

Go up the stairs and open the chest with 2 potions . In the opposite corner, just above the stairs, there is another with 2 grenades . Then, if you break the boxes along the railing, you should get several items, including a Moguri Medal . Follow the only possible path.


After the sequence, go right and talk to Barret to advance. Going down the stairs, you will be faced with a Sentinel and a Guard Dog . The second is vulnerable to fire, why don’t you try your Pyro magic? In the next room, under the catwalk, there are more boxes to break . Apart from recovering MP, you should get another Moguri Medal before going up in the elevator. Follow your teammates over the broken fence after defeating two other Sentinels and a Guard Dog .

After the next pair of enemies there is a chest with 2 potions . Follow the bridge to see a sequence. Talk to Biggs and you will have to defeat more Sentinels. Talk to Jessie to open the next door. There will be more boxes and a chest with a phoenix tail . Then talk to Jessie again and hit the elevator switch.

When you get to the top, they’ll show you how to play with Barret and how to switch characters , so do it to eliminate the turrets and the two Ocelotors that stand in your way. A little later you will have to advance carefully so as not to burn yourself with the lasers . It’s a simple matter of patience and not running like an idiot, really. At the end of the lower floor, before Jessie, you will see a chest with 2 potions . Then go downstairs with her.

You will deal with an Annihilator , a fairly strong enemy. You have to defend yourself from the shots and when it falls to the ground, throw Pyro to maximize the damage. Do not forget that you have several potions in objects to heal you , because surely the bug has made you quite pupa.

Advance to the next area. You can break several boxes while descending, and there is a chest with a phoenix tail on the catwalk. Three Ocelot Drills and a Laser Turret will attack you as you go down the second ladder. Before descending through the third, go to the bottom to defeat more Ocelorder and open a chest with an ether . When you reach the lowest part of the reactor, set the timer with the countdown you want. Then you have your first boss fight .

  • Boss:Guardian Scorpion .

After the fight, run. Run as if you were fleeing from a bomb blast. All you have to do is retrace the path you have followed to go down. Go left when the ground collapses. Follow Jessie, opening a chest with two potions before heading up the ladder. There will still be a couple of enemies to defeat on the way back, nothing to worry about beyond an Annihilator.

Before going up the ladder after the Annihilator , look at the bottom, behind said ladder, and you should see a chest with an ether . Now yes, just go back the way you came, defeating several lesser enemies. When you reach the upper areas, you will meet the enemy Fighter . Use Cloud, switch to Offensive mode and hold R1 so that when they try to hit you, you will make a devastating counterattack.

It will not take long for you to see several sequences that end this part. We turn to Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters .

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