Chapter 2: 100% Fateful Encounters in Final Fantasy VII Remake

We tell you how to overcome Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters of Final Fantasy VII Remake at 100%. Leave nothing undone in your fight against Shinra.

After the first Chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake , things are moving forward. Cloud’s first and supposedly only mission as Avalanche’s hired mercenary has gone well, but now it’s time to disperse. This is what the attacks have, you have to be careful not to be caught by the competent authorities. Follow your teammates to the streets of Sector 8 . Along the way you should see a chest with 2 potions . Go on and you will see a sequence.

From now on you can equip materials . You will also receive an ether and 2 ultra potions. In the southwest corner, near the stop sign, you will see a chest with 50 Guiles . Continue north and follow Jessie’s instructions. There is a chest with 3 grenades on your left, going up the stairs. Then continue over the “stone bridge”.


Go the only way possible until “something” happens. Go after the character . Then continue west, there is nothing on the north path, and go up the stairs of the building to the roof, to go down the other side. On Loveless Avenue , head west (you can’t go southeast for now). You will meet … “someone”. Ask for the price . You will get the yellow flower .

At the end of the sequence you will see them with a group of Sentinels . If you go south after the fight, you will have to eliminate another group of Sentinels and, next to a car you will see a purple glow. Come over to get the Sneaky Stuff . Go north to the alley to get an Ultra Potion from a chest and go back to the main street.

Keep going south until you see a detour to the west . After a handful of enemies, break some boxes and open a chest with a Bracelet of Strength . Now south to the plaza , where another platoon of Sentinels, Grenadiers and a guard dog awaits you. When finishing them , Fighters will appear , remember to switch to Offensive mode and press R1 to automatically counterattack their blows. Kill them and the reinforcements, break the boxes around the fountain and go southeast . Open the chest with 2 grenades and go up the ladder.

Go the only way possible and before going down the second ladders, take an Iron Ring from another chest. When you return to the streets a new enemy will appear , the Riot Police. Get into Offensive mode and protect yourself with R1 to hit him back. Keep going, taking out a couple more enemies . Be careful if Grenadiers and Riot Police get together, because while the latter block you, the former will throw explosives at you.

Before continuing , if you look you will see that there are two elevated paths to the left and right of the street. Go up the stairs to the east and, in the southeast corner, on the terrace of a bar, you will find a chest with an ether . Don’t forget to break boxes. Go south and go east at the junction , there is a chest with an ultra potion , and continue south until you see a sequence. You will have to get rid of a whole squad. One of them will be the second boss (rather mini boss) of the game.

  • Boss:Captain Gonga .

After the combat and the sequence, it advances by the train. You can talk to Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie on the way to the first car. Talk to Barret and Jessie. Chapter 3: The Seventh Heaven will begin .

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